Timothée Chalamet Reacts to Being Photoshopped into Artwork Memes

Timothée Chalamet Reacts to Being Photoshopped into Artwork Memes

-Last time you were here
was just right before you got nominated for the Oscar,
and you went to the Oscars. -That is so weird
to hear out loud. Man, I thought this was
gonna be easier this time. Not easier at all.
-Really? Are you freaking out right now?
-No, no, no. It’s all good. It’s all good.
[ Laughter ] -Was I your first talk show,
or no? -That was my first.
-It was your first appearance. -I figured if I wore this
crazy jacket I would be, like, assured or something,
but I feel — -You still feel the lack
of confidence, really? -No, I-I, um…
-[ Chuckles ] It’s not normal for you.
It doesn’t feel normal. -No, no.
-It doesn’t. Yeah, but didn’t you —
You performed on stage before. -I performed on stage. I’m just going to lock into you
to feel less… [ Laughter ] -I don’t think you — You’re so dreamy.
[ Laughter ] What happened?
What was Oscar night? Did you get all excited?
Did bring the family? -Man, it was nuts.
I went with the family. -Aww, you’re a good kid.
-It was the most surreal — Yeah, it was the weirdest
night of my life. -And who did you go with?
Your sister? -I went with my sister,
went with my mom, my dad, and my mom was next to me. My sister and my mom got
in a fight about, like, during the commercial break —
-You weren’t sitting together? -No, my mom and I
were sitting together. My sister wanted to come closer
during, which is normal. [ Laughter ] And I was like, “Mom,
can you give her the seat for like one commercial break?” My mom was like…
-“No.” -“All right,” like… I was like, “It’s one
commercial break.” -Guys, don’t make it
about you, please. I’m nominated for a…
-No, no. That’s not it all. -I know. I know. I know.
I know. But still… -Mom, sister, all right.
Love you guys. -No, I know.
I know you do. But then did you get to go home
and relax after the Oscars? -I literally stayed in
my parents’ place for a week, which, like, in New York, which
is like 13 blocks from here, and the first night, I was like,
“Ah, this is so charming. I’m back home, whatever.” But by end of the week,
I was like, “What am I doing here? -I got get out of here.
-Yeah, I got to get out of here. -So you were you
in your own bedroom? -Yeah, I was in my bedroom. My parents were, like,
telling me, “Don’t cancel our DVRs.” [ Laughter ] I’m like,
“Why did I do all this work?!” -I love it. I love it. All this work, still
the same kid in this house. -Yeah, but do you have your,
like, awards that you won? -They’re all weirdly, like —
They’re my mom’s now. [ Laughter ] And they’re like with all
my childhood taekwondo trophies. So, it’s like
a very weird thing. How have you been, man?
Everything’s cool? -Oh, stop it. No, no.
-No. No, man, seriously. -You’re so nice.
You don’t have to talk about me. I have you on
so I can talk about you. -Okay.
-Yeah. People see enough of me here. Oh, you know what —
Let’s talk about this thing. There is an Instagram account —
I don’t know if you saw this — where people take your face,
and put it on art. I don’t know if you —
Have you ever seen this? -[ Laughing ] Yes. -It’s not me. I wish I was
the person doing it, but it’s works of art, but then they
put your face on it, and they do a pretty good job. [ Cheers and applause ] It’s beautiful. -Statue of David right there. -That is so weird. -[ Laughs ] I love it, though.
-But it’s cool. It’s cool. And I’m grateful
to whoever is doing that. Thank you, and thank you
for working on that. -Are you doing that?
Could you do Photoshop? Do you know how to do that?
-I can’t do Photoshop for sh… [ Laughter ] -For Chalamet.
-[ Laughs ] That would be so bad
if I walked into that. -Dude, I — [ Laughs ]
-So preferential. That’d be like–
-I know. Oh, my God. “There he goes.
He’s now referencing himself.” -No. I would not do that.
-I couldn’t do it for Chalamet. -Man, wouldn’t it be bad
if I came back out here, and I was like…
-A different dude. -You know that guy, you know?
-You ignore me, yeah. -With the eyebrows raised?
-No, don’t ever change. -Man. Never, man.
-Please, don’t change. -How could I change, man?
-You’re great the way you are. -All right, I’ll just stay —
-Perfect. Just stay, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
That’s perfect. Just do that. -Can we talk about — Talk about your movie,
“Beautiful Boy.” -Sure.
-Man, once again, another great role for you. I mean, you just nail it.
-Thank you. -You made me laugh, cry. It was an emotional
roller coaster, dude. -Man, and thank you
for actually seeing it, because, like…
-I do. That’s my job. -No, no, but we’ve been — ‘Cause Steve Carell is
in this movie, too, and we’ve been going around,
and sometimes you can really tell when someone has
not seen the movie, cause they’ll be like tell —
you know, “How was it?” -How about the scene
with the car accident? “Well, that was great,”
and they go, “There was no scene with
a car accident, man.” -[ Chuckles ]
So, yeah, but no. -It’s tricky, and,
you know, it’s rough, ’cause it’s about addiction.
-Yes, exactly. So not to segue unnaturally, but I do want to be… not too serious about this,
but this is a serious thing. Like, a lot of people,
and a lot of young people, are going through
an addiction crisis in this country right now,
and for whatever reason, there is a bit of trepidation
to talk about it. And that’s what this movie,
I think, hopes to address in some ways. And Steve Carell
plays my father. I played Nic Sheff,
who is a real person. He’s alive and well today.
He’s sober. He was a methamphetamine
and heroin addict throughout his youth,
and he made it, and he’s good. -He made it through.
He made it. [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s so tricky.
-Yeah. -And so scary,
because it happens, and you don’t know — Steve does a great job. Having you as a son,
and you went to college, and then now his boy is now,
like, addicted to drugs, and just, like,
that’s his life now. And he’s like,
“We got to get you back.” -And I think that’s
the point of the movie. That’s the point of the books,
as well — They’re based on two books — is that addiction is not
a recognizable face. This affects everyone. There shouldn’t be
a moral taboo around it. There shouldn’t be a shame. That’s how we get past it.
That’s how we deal with it. -Talk about it, talk to people.
-Talk about it. Yeah, exactly. And that’s way out, man. And again, I’m not
being facetious, thank you for bringing us
on this show. Thanks for letting us
talk about this, ’cause it’s not the most commercial of movies
or whatever, but thank you for letting us
be here and talk about it. -Absolutely.
[ Cheers and applause ] It’s great movie.
Great job. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Timothée Chalamet
and Steve Carell in “Beautiful Boy.” -I got to see this one through. This is kind of working out
for me right now. I got five days sober. -It doesn’t look
like it’s working out, Nic. -Oh, it doesn’t look
like it’s working out? So, what, then? Therapy, huh?
-No, you can come home. -No, that wou–
-Make it work, please. Nic? Please. I’ve been doing some research.
-You’ve been doing research? You got to be kidding me, Dad. -You think that you have this
under control. And I understand
how scared you are. -I understand why I do things. It doesn’t make me
any different, all right? I’m attracted to craziness,
and you’re just embarrassed, because I was, like, you know — I was like this amazing thing, like your special creation
or something, and you don’t like who I am now.
-Yeah? Who are you, Nic? -This is me, Dad, here.
This is who I am. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Timothée Chalamet, everybody!

Dereck Turner

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