Time Circus: Landschip

Time Circus: Landschip

Dereck Turner

3 thoughts on “Time Circus: Landschip

  1. kristinaF54 says:

    looks dangerous.

  2. F MAHO says:

    It has a touch of the ancient tsar tank.

  3. Maks Dampf says:

    No pedals, no oars?
    Kinda pointless when the "rowing slaves" walk outside of the landship… in my opinion that destroys the whole image, the propulsion should be on the main deck or at least a lower deck. How about a medieval crane with a walking wheel, like this one in denmark? https://youtu.be/MqqJ4IjOOT4?t=6
    It is pretty dangerous getting in and out of the wheels, as the spokes and the main bearing support will cut you in half when you try getting out while the wheel moves. But it should be possible to build a wheel with one open side without any spokes or bearing supports…

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