Three ways: How to update and upcycle picture frames

Three ways: How to update and upcycle picture frames

DIY Three ways to up cycle picture frames Sand each frame to create a smooth surface Stick on dot stickers in randomly spaced places over the whole frame Spray the whole of the frame with spray paint until covered Once dry, peel of the stickers Second frame. using masking tape, secure one end of a ball of wool to the back of the frame. Wrap the wool continuously around the frame until reaching the beginning again. Tape the edges to keep them in place Cut and tape the end of the wool. Third frame. Staple the edges to the back of the frame. Follow us. Cut from the centre out towards the edges Wrap these pieces around the frame and staple Cut off the excess

Dereck Turner

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  2. Hobzy says:

    😀 Thank you. I found it through Instagram. Lovely tutorials and pictures

  3. Upcycled World says:

    Hi, thank you for making this video, it's really clear and easy to follow and I love the ideas!  I hope you don't mind that I added this to my site – (with full credit to you).  I'm on a mission to educate the world in the ways of upcycling and your video was just what I was looking for!  Keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Colin John says:

    Great video and thank you for sharing. I've subscribed 🙂 

  5. Kimmy N says:

    I liked it. I especially liked the material on the frame. Looks easy when you do it. lol

  6. Маша Арсентьева says:

    I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

  7. Bernadette Husch says:

    im sure you'll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

  8. L.K. Brown says:

    What is the name of the song and artist?

  9. Nannette Battista says:

    I made it by myself 🙂 I used fot that woodprix woodworking plans.

  10. Toby Wigley says:

    Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'woodprix' website:)

  11. JasmynJade Bauer says:

    Those are nice, but the glass won't fit back in. xx

  12. Romelia Polly says:

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    I am sure that you will find good way to make it on woodprix Webpage.

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    Very pretty, thank you for sharing.

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    I’d just like to say. Great video and even more so great music choice!

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