This Pasta is a Work of Art

This Pasta is a Work of Art

(joyful tune) – [Linda] Hey guys I’m
Linda with Salty Seattle and today I’m gonna teach you how to make pasta handkerchiefs. The really cool thing, is if it makes you weep
tears of joy like it does me, you’ll have your little
pasta hanky to dab away. So we’re making the red puree. These are frozen beets. I love to use frozen beets
because they flash freeze them as soon as they pick them, and so there’s not a lot
of excess moisture content. I want to achieve a
little bit more red, red. So, I’m going to add a harissa to it, which is a North African spice paste. I use harissa to make the orange pigment. One of the questions I get.. Did you see that egg?
Did you see what it did? (laughs) That was kind of amazing. A nice big dollop of that. Isn’t that pretty? We’re making yellow. Yellow comes from a root called tumeric. We just chop the fresh tumeric root. The beauty of green is that you can make
it from so many things ’cause in nature green is one
of the more common colors. I’m gonna use parsley ’cause
I like the really vibrant sort of brilliance of it. Just a bunch of parsley, literally. (blender grinding) We are making the rainbow today. Those butterfly pea flowers that we used, we’re steeping in this
water for about 45 minutes and now it’s nice and brilliant blue. I’m just gonna mix them with one egg. Isn’t that a beautiful shade of blue? It’s so pretty! There we go, we almost have our rainbow. Purple is a really
great example of a dough that flexes your color
theory muscles a little bit. When I was developing purple, my first thought was
blueberries are purple. I’ll try blueberries. When you’re going for
Prince, Purple Rain purple, and this is the color that comes out, you just go crying in
to your glass of wine. So, I either add beets or in this case, dragon fruit powder and it
really amps up the purple. There we have the completed rainbow. (delightful music) We are now moving on to
the pasta dough making portion of the day. So you don’t want your
pasta dough to be too tacky, so you see I am just
textually touching it, and I got a little bit
of orange on my finger so I know it needs a
little bit more flour. If it’s too stiff and firm, it’s gonna be really
difficult to work with. Essentially you’re looking for a texture that is right in the middle of those two. Pasta dough’s, very forgiving
and it will be fine. You may have noticed that
I’m not actually washing the food processor out every time, and the reason for that is because I’m going
in that rainbow order, so every color that I add is
just gonna add a little bit of deposit into the next color, and they’re right next to
each other on the color wheel so it doesn’t really matter. With the exception of between
the blue and the green. This is usually the point that
I will take a little pause and just do some light cleaning. Now, these pasta doughs
will rest for a half an hour just to enable them to get
a little bit more malleable and easy to work with. I’ll just cover them in plastic wrap and rest them at room
temperature for 30 minutes, or if you want to make them ahead, they’ll live in the refrigerator
for a couple of days. Badoo! We’re making argyle pasta
handkerchiefs right now. Argyle has a lot going on,
lots of different colors and the face is gonna
be green in this case, and we’ll make diamonds
out of red and blue. Okay, so for argyle, we need to have some
of these diamonds made. So I’m just gonna kind of cut
them and make ’em as I go. I was inspired to start
making colorful pasta when my son went through
kind of a picky phase and didn’t want to eat his vegetables. I chose to use vegetables,
herbs and super foods to color my pasta rather
than using food coloring, because it has a nutrient benefit. But now for me there’s also a
big artistic component to it. I still haven’t mastered paisley. There’s a curl thing
that happens with paisley that is very difficult
to recreate in pasta. So if we’re looking for my shortcomings, I’ve just given you my
kryptonite, paisley. I’m gonna use a little bit of water to make sure that I
have something to adhere to the pasta strands to top the argyle to. (fun tune) All of the pasta that we’ve made today should be boiled for a very short time, like 60 seconds, maybe two minutes tops. That way the color stays nice and vibrant and they’re so fresh, they don’t need to be
cooked for a long time. I love to serve these in
brown butter and sage sauce. They’re also lovely to drape over a warm bowl of buratta. I had so much fun making
pasta with you guys today. I hope it brings you as
much joy as it brings me. I’m Salty Seattle. (foreign language)

Dereck Turner

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  1. fredy quiñones says:

    Hermoso….me encanta tu trabajo…saludos desde Perú!

  2. hellowhitepeople says:

    this bitch…

  3. Madi Han says:

    What the hell is this? My mom always told me not to play with my food.

  4. Francesco Piantedosi says:

    That's amazing! I can't wait to try that!

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