This Abstract Painting is made with Markers, Stencils and Masking Tape!

This Abstract Painting is made with Markers, Stencils and Masking Tape!

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Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “This Abstract Painting is made with Markers, Stencils and Masking Tape!

  1. Greg Gotham says:

    Another great piece! You always have the best stencils. I can’t find them in the US. Where do you get yours?

  2. Nicolas LACOMBE says:

    Bravo John, c'est magnifique, j'adore le mélange des couleurs ! Bonne continuation !

  3. The Swede Indeed says:

    The pink tool, what dos it cal??

  4. adam sidibe says:

    tres belle video

  5. Johannes wacht auf says:

    Great! You hit the bullseye again. 🎯
    The video looks very good an the music is good for relaxation.
    Not to mention this picture! Its a kiss for the eyes. 😍 Like orderly Chaos.
    Keep it up! 💪🏻 Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪👋🏻

  6. nugget2930 says:

    Bravo! Love the change in video editing, really get a good feel for how you apply your techniques. Seriously a major improvement in editing!

  7. Aesthetic Lover says:

    This is so nice art and I truly adore your abstract paintings the comfort is smoothing. 💯 I like the music too.

  8. LD says:

    Beautiful. Will you make another piece using the twisty masking tape?

  9. John Peacher says:

    Could you explain to me what you are splashing on the painting with the eye dropper?

  10. Mike Sevilla says:

    Another amazing work looks awesome

  11. Cara Krzyzanowski says:

    Oh my gosh! I love your work. Could you please possibly do a few videos without the music? I love the sounds of your brushes and the tape. Perfect for an ASMR experience. 🙂

  12. samia noor says:

    Amazing! You inspire me so much! Thank you John

  13. Tasha Woods says:

    💖fantastic job John😎😘very bright. Is there a certain way you come up with the names of your pieces? 🤔

  14. Chemical XR says:

    I want this painting

  15. Snow-wlkr7 Xplorer says:

    I know I heard a cat's meoww at 6:58.😀Lol

  16. jorge luis Bringas says:

    Bacan, como obtengo el disco ?? Gracias

  17. Josée Robitaille says:

    Héhé, belle vidéo John! Rythme plus lent, cadrage des prises de vue wow! C'est super de voir l'oeuvre pendant ton petit speech de clôture. J'aime beaucoup =)

  18. Linda Kelley says:

    LOVE the pink swirl! You make it look so effortless. Your steps always look effortless. I think, “that doesn’t look so hard”. Then I try it and it’s hard. I’m going to keep trying, though.

  19. Ömer Demirel says:

    i like it very much, super work

  20. Márcia Valéria gradim Rodrigues says:

    Tento te segir. Amo sua arte!

  21. Hannelore Trachte says:

    Sind Marker denn lichtbeständig, oder verblasen sie mit der Zeit?

  22. Ronald Gillaspy says:

    You make that seem so easy that I want to try it 👍

  23. Sue Falls says:


  24. DaBearNDN Sucks says:

    I see linkin park symbol 😂😆

  25. Marion Perrin says:

    Bonjour et merci pour vos vidéos.
    Je débute l'acrylique et j'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites. Je voulais savoir si vous diluez tjrs votre peinture, je me retrouve avec des "traces" et il est souvent trop tard pour les atténuer car déjà sèches. Merci

  26. julien garcia says:

    T un tueur

  27. Vicki Withers says:

    Hi John
    Fabulous video. Thanks for making the extra effort with your videos. Of course, I love the painting as well.

  28. MrTrollbaby says:

    those wide markers are dope! can someone let me know what they're called plz!!!

  29. DeBorah Beatty says:

    I'd just like to know more about the brush you use in the beginning of this video to apply the pink. You use these sometimes but I can never see them clearly. Are they silicone?

  30. Rod Gorrie says:

    John this is a big improvement in camera angles, editing and also sound mixing. Balance of background music and canvas sound effects seems just right. Could you please do a piece on the tool you use to create the pink and black swirls in your training program and where this tool can be purchased? Thanks as always for another inspiring video.


  31. Shannon Ford says:

    What's the name of the marker tool used to make the bold black streak?

  32. Enzo Flores says:


  33. oldtree13 says:

    Lovely piece of work.

  34. TRAC ATAK says:

    Love your channel! The dvd I bought is amazing too! If anyone hasn’t bought his dvd yet I recommend !! I am having problems with my stencils they don’t look nice when I peal them off . What am I doing wrong? Thank you

  35. Jon Foreman says:

    Love the real time speed this time around!

  36. Maxi says:

    Each time you just paint it is a genius outcome. I admire you more and more. You are a constant surprise. Thank you for sharing.

  37. Hina Nui OLIVAIN BREMOND says:

    Superbe vidéo, très agréable à visionner 😉

  38. Michele Bourriez says:

    Bonjour 🙂 je suis déjà abonnée à votre formation et j'ai le DVD !;) Pour cette vidéo ci j'aimerai savoir quels sont les marqueurs que vous employez et où vous trouvez vos pochoirs ? Je n'ai pas réussi à en trouver de semblables !
    Merci pour votre formation et vos superbes tableaux
    Michèle B

  39. Idaho Made says:

    The videos are absolutely an art all to themselves. Well said

  40. Alain Verly says:

    comment s'appelle le tampon que vous utiliser pour faire les spirales. Une grande admiration pour votre travail
    Merci d'avance

  41. Perrine Poirier says:

    Whaou, on est une nouvelle fois scotché par la qualité de cette peinture !! J'adore ces associations de couleurs et quand tu fais tes toiles avec des formes géométriques comme ça (je pense toujours à une pochette d'album de Pink Floyd ^^). Et puis… la vidéo… mais carrément, c'est ta plus belle vidéo visuellement parlant et au niveau du montage 🙂 On a l'impression d'être à côté, cette vidéo est vraiment "vivante" (même si les autres sont excellentes bien sûr !!). Un grand bravo John, tu épates à chaque fois 🙂 Perrine

  42. Hagru Draw says:

    Very wonderful art! Awesome illustration. Thanks for sharing. 🎨✨✨

  43. Kitty Mervine says:

    oh good I missed the triangle after the yellow paint splatter, was glad it went back in.

  44. Present Mic says:

    Thank you for the art John! It's beautiful!

  45. Christine Lacomme says:

    Bonjour Où peut-on trouver ce pinceau Celui que t’as travaillé avec avec le rose Merci je te suis tous les jours et je suis fan de ton travail

  46. visual A101 says:

    This really impressive so beautiful colours, I liked your style🥰🥰

  47. Callie Reed says:

    Hey, John, what brand of paint do you use?

  48. Lola Al says:

    Hola,te sigo ya un tiempo y me encantan tus trabajos,son muy motivadores,algunos de ellos los he reproducido y me han quedado muy chulos,este último me encanta,muy sutil y suave,muchas gracias por tu dedicación y adelante

  49. Classically Modern says:

    My fellow artist, this is stenciling and drafting, not art…..shi$ go watch some old masters videos, infuriating

  50. IDU17 says:

    J'adore. Super progrès en montage vidéo tout en équilibre (comme ta toile). Le rythme est bon, le cadrage, la lumière… bref c'est hyper agréable à regarder.
    Sinon alors que je cherchais des pochoirs, j'ai regardé sur ton guide du matériel et il y a un couac (surement un mauvais copié/collé). Au niveau du vernis Liquitex mat tu as mis dans ton avis le commentaire de la peinture Amsterdam 😉
    A très vite au prochain chef d'oeuvre !


  51. Interesting says:

    Fantastic as always!

  52. Kaytee Esser says:

    That is really nice, great video!

  53. mainsou says:

    DVD bien reçu, et très rapidement ! merci beaucoup ! Hâte de le regarder !! Et c'est toujours envoûtant vos vidéos !

  54. scubapony01 says:

    Pink Floyd comes to mind 🤔

  55. Aram Papazian says:

    Pretty interesting, and cool.

  56. Linda Moore says:

    Loved the video and the painting is very nice also! : D

  57. Denise Hardy says:

    Love your work as usual and the video and the music is greatly executed. It is so much better now that the video is played more slowly – Great work. Would love to know exactly what the pink brush is and where to purchase it?

  58. kavita yadav says:

    It's totally, amazingggg, wonderfull and beyond my abilities to do the great work like yu

  59. Diane Ings says:

    I can't believe there are 100 dislikes.

  60. Zimri Rivera says:

    I absolutely love your work! Do you sell any of your work by any chance? I would love to purchase some for my home!

  61. Jerry Howard says:

    What is the mix ratio for your small bottles. I can't get mine right. I'm using paint and a dab of water

  62. Nicolas Renaud says:

    Bonjour. Alors là celui-ci je le trouve magique….
    Bravo l'artiste !!!
    Et depuis que j'ai votre DVD
    Et bien il m'a aidé à comprendre et apprendre beaucoup de choses…
    Mon seul problème c'est que je n'arrive pas à lâcher et le jour où je serai en paix pour peindre ça donnera tellement mieux.
    Merci pour votre travail. Je vous souhaite le meilleur

  63. Nicolas Renaud says:

    J'en rajoute ce tableau me fait …
    Je le trouve génial

  64. P.F Fine Art says:

    Hello John…bravo et merci pour cette nouvelle vidéo très inspirante 😉.A+ Pascal

  65. Serious sAm says:

    Super cool art..! Wich markers you use??

  66. Jenna Rose Chloe says:

    I saw this the other day & love it!
    The softness & the focal points slay!
    I see a lot of Artists on You Tube copying your style, but not giving you credit for inspiring them. That said, You are an Enigma, & there's only 1 YOU!!
    I've learned so much from your E-course & have encouraged many others to enroll. 👍🎨🖌✔😌

  67. Diane Frappier says:

    John, this video is excellent!!! It is like being in your studio seeing you paint. The close up camera angles show the details of your process.

  68. Rocco Rid says:

    I like this "regular speed" style… Makes me understand and appreciate the technique better. Don't mind if its longer format.

  69. maud WILLEMS says:

    merci John pour cette nouvelle vidéo motivante et la nouvelle technique qui apporte énormément de qualité à l'image

  70. Gaenor bailey says:

    WOW!…just wow!…
    The colours the vibrancy the energy and the flow in this piece is just amazing…
    You truly inspire me and im sure many many others that watch & love your beautiful artwork…
    I hope you have a wonderfully creative week ahead my lovely…

  71. Amma's Art says:

    Just amazing, as always.

  72. Yvette Genoux says:

    MERCI POUR LE LIEN. belle video. jolies prise de vue . j'aime baucoup ce nouveau tableau

  73. Jocelyne C says:

    Splendide John, du grand art comme toujours rehaussé par une vidéo magnifique, très pro avec une vitesse normale, du coup plus besoin de ralentir la vidéo! musique du coup nickel! Tu as raison, les formations lorsqu'elles sont bien suivies peuvent nous apprendre énormément et relativement rapidement. Bravo, tu es genial!😘 MERCI pour ce magique moment

  74. Rage Age says:

    Hey John! I have a question. Where do you buy your paint, brushes, stencils, and canvases at? Can you provide a link? Thank you and nice work as always!

  75. fatima oumellouk says:

    Superbe bravo 👏 et merci 👍 👍

  76. Wagner says:

    Illuminati John 🙂 👍🏻

  77. Francisca Cabral Aguilera says:


  78. abelero riverista alboranista carajero sena says:

    Perfect for ASMR

  79. victor macedo says:

    Me gustan tus pinturas, ojala subieras más videos

  80. Del Urquiza says:

    Ese logo de linkin park si se puede veeer!!!

  81. Everything Bagels says:

    Very nice peice. I was wondering how much planning you put into your pieces and if you learned realism before abstract or did u jump straight into abstract

  82. Venus says:

    Your work is truly inspiring!

  83. Michael Macleod says:

    Controlled chaos 🧐I love it!

  84. Iilililil ilililili says:



    To be Honest he was done after the yellow taped line.

  86. DoubleHelix11 says:

    John, you amaze us all. Thank you. Your videos are excellent. We see every move you make. That gives me hope!! 🍀💚

  87. Deja Vu says:

    Za dużo

  88. Rose Lee Cal says:

    Muito lindo! !!!

  89. Bec Brewis-Miskell says:

    Amazing as always!!! 💜
    Can anyone tell me the name of the wide markers like the black that it used?
    Thank you in advance.

  90. myient x says:

    watching your videos gives me a good feeling. thanks.

  91. libellule says:

    Bonjour John BRAVO BRAVO 👏 Dis moi stp quel est le nom de l'outil que tu utilises à 0:08s stp ? Pour faire le rose, merci 👍

  92. Daniel Hubertus says:

    What is the name of the black pen or brush? Thx for the Information✌🏻

  93. Kre8iv Minds says:

    I have to say amazing video, me and my partner have recently started this YouTube channel so decided to follow you as this is our one for creative things, although we have been watching you on my private account for along time.

    I have to ask though, do you have any tips as our next project will be an abstract canvas? Thank you in advance from Ashley and lucia

  94. Donna Beem says:

    Trying to pants prank paint similar to what you do on a 8 x 10 canvas take it from me honey it is not easy wow you make it look so easy if not I would love to see you do an 8 by 10 canvas just to see how you do it on a smaller scale

  95. leni Koestler says:

    Hi John, this is some great artwork! I wonder how do you make the splashes with the diluted color? It looks like you’re throwing the color with your hand? I tried something like that but it didn’t work. Would love to hear your advice 🙂

  96. 사루비 says:

    어쨋던 느낌만 표한거네

  97. Francisco Mood says:


  98. S. D. says:

    Nice colors but emotionally dead.

  99. J Ford says:

    What is the pink sponge marker you use in the beginning called?

  100. Elizabeth Susan Carter DrWatson349 says:

    Would LOVE to see more of your work like this, especially the markers/Stenciling!

    Great Channel ~ Even Better Art 🙂

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