Thieves steal precious artwork from local doctor

a local doctor says thieves broke into his home and stole precious paintings his news for two songs Erik Fink reports there’s now a reward out for the artworks safe return it’s new at 5:30 step into James Bennett’s house and you feel like you’re walking into an exhibit so long ago era Salvador Dali paintings lined the walls dinosaur bones stand in the living room and elephants teeth on the kitchen table I’m trying to create my own little home Museum of things that I enjoy looking at I love things from the dinosaur period I love artwork a few weeks ago Bennett’s home was broken into this doctor coming home from work only to find a broken window and four pieces of art stolen three of them the work of a child prodigy from England well it’s violating to have somebody come into your house and steal from you go through your house feel very violated the Pima County Sheriff’s Department is on the case three paintings were recently recovered then it says there’s a thousand dollar reward if someone can help him get back this precious painting Bennett admits the morning of the break-in he was in a rush to get out the door get an alarm on your house I have an alarm I forgot to turn it on made a mistake was in a hurry out the door real fast and they got ya got home one time I don’t really mind someone’s broken in this doctor says he’s confident the thief wasn’t after the paintings because Bennett says after walking inside the person went to his bathroom and scoped out the medicine cabinet I believe they came here looking for drugs and I believe the AXI cotton craze is the epidemic is fueling some of these break-ins if you have any information that can help detectives in this case call the Pima County Sheriff’s Department or 88 crime

Dereck Turner

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