These Photos Prove Freckles Are Amazing

These Photos Prove Freckles Are Amazing

Hey, guys welcome back to Think Tank, Hannah and John here. So as somebody who has freckles themselves, it’s covered by make up right now. I used to be very>>Low.>>I used to be very self conscious of them and I know a lot of people who have freckles that are very self conscious of them.>>True.>>And today we’re gonna prove why you should should not be. Firstly, freckles are something that happens to people a lot of the times. It is inherited, right? But it also comes from the sun.>>Sometimes it represents a lack of moral fiber, that they’ll just develop them.>>Freckles come from the sun and the way that that happens is when you have UV ray radiation, your body produces melanocytes and so sometimes for some people it comes out uneven and it comes out in the form of freckles. That’s why during the summer they get a little bit darker, in winter they’re a little bit lighter.>>I’ve always suspected that it’s partially genetic.>>It is.>>I’m right.>>Okay, I said that too.>>I know.>>Okay.>>What do you got?>>All right great, so there’s some beautiful people freckles we want to show you to prove that freckles are frickin’ awesome. Like this beautiful girl here. I love this look with the red and the blue and the freckles. She’s beautiful.>>[LAUGH] The red and the blue? Yeah she has very vibrant eyes, the red eyebrows are always interesting for me. That’s the thing that’s most disjointed to me, I think red hair in general is perfectly fine, I think it’s underrated actually. And I think that we’re starting to see more redheaded celebrities, they’re known for being attractive.>>More people are, yeah, more people are letting their natural red hair come up. I don’t think Emma Stone is a natural redhead.>>She isn’t?>>I bet there are people that dyed their hair to be red.>>But she has all those freckles. Okay, wow.>>This girl here, another beauty and so I like that red hair and I do think we do need to appreciate more red hair and is it dying.>>No.>>Did you know that?>>Well then what’s the solution?>>And it’s slowly being like reading out. So, this is number, the next one here, where I love this because it’s like freckles everywhere all over her lips and everything like that.>>Yeah, that’s interesting, yo don’t know why you see that? And then this one, you know, a lot of times we think about like very fair skin, red hair but obviously a lot of people have freckles and the way that those melanocytes form, also look->>[CROSSTALK], interesting.>>Yeah, I do. I love that.>>Alice Eve, one of my favorite celebrities has that.>>Really?>>Green and blue, I think.>>Interesting. Who was the girl that was in Blue Crush, she had that I’m not familiar>>You guys know what I’m talking about.>>[LAUGH] I haven’t seen her. It sounds delightful, though.>>Yes it is. And then this girl here with more freckles, which I love. It’s just a cool facial feature that we love, right? And so I think that a lot of people don’t->>What, appreciate it?>>Yeah, appreciate it.>>I bet, because the distribution of the freckles is so random, I bet for people with freckles, you could use it as like a code to unlock something instead of fingerprints. Game changer. It’s so unique.>>The next one here you can.>>Nobody has to say in distribution.>>This is true.>>You’re missing the technological implication.>>This here you can see on the body as well.>>Damn.>>I don’t know she kinda looks like Emma Watson to me.>>Yes, [LAUGH] she does a little bit, I didn’t realized that at first.>>Yes, I pick that, and I pick that for you.>>But I appreciate it.>>And then this guy here, this guy is covered in freckles.>>Jesus. He also looks like he’s about to cut my head off with two axes at the same time.>>It might happen. He looks like the guy from Game of Thrones.>>Yeah he does. Tormund, I think?>>Yes. And then lastly here, freckles as you age. And you start to develop bright colored glasses.>>Yeah. You know, I had a friend who was covered in freckles in high school. And I would be- I was so jealous because… So I have freckles right here, you can’t really see them. But I get freckles here. But she had them like everywhere. And I was so jealous, because when she would get like, a little pimple, you couldn’t really tell because there was so many freckles.>>I never thought of it as camouflage>>It might actually, it’s weird that it’s being weeded out then, it has all these advantages.>>No, freckles aren’t being weeded out, red hair is. Red hair is slowly being, it’s like sort of recessive trait and it’s slowly being weeded out.>>Well then you know what you needed to do to fix that>>Have more sex with redheads.>>Had bunch of sex with redheads.>>Yeah>>Probably kids too, not just the sex, although that would be a consolation prize.>>If that you say, I didn’t have sex with the redheads, and you said, Yeah probably kids too. [LAUGH]>>No, have the kids with them.>>No sex with kids. Kids can’t conceive, in general.>>Okay, guys. Let us know what you think about freckles and if you have freckles, let us know what you think about your freckles in the coming soon below, I’ll see you soon. [MUSIC]

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100 thoughts on “These Photos Prove Freckles Are Amazing

  1. JJPHILLYLG says:

    When with read hair and freckles are so damn sexy

  2. MC Hallman says:

    That woman with the Bantu knots is so pretty!! Damn!!

  3. Dutchik says:

    red hair will never die out.
    even if people with red hair wouldn't get kids.
    it's a really recessive trait
    we can only breed out brown/black hair and brown eyes.

    there have always been less red heads. that doesn't mean they are dieing out.

  4. Dutchik says:

    john. I like the way how you think, yet the frevkle distribution changes like every time they come in. more sun, more pop up. no sun they dissapear. so in the winter you wouldn't be able to access it. and in the summer it wouldn't recognize you

  5. Nicole Sheeran says:

    In highschool I would try covering my freckles with makeup, but as I got older I realized how ridiculous it looked! Although I keep getting more freckles instead of less I've learned to expect them. I think I'd still prefer not having them, but that's not going to happen

  6. Dubheasa McMullan says:

    honestly the highlight of #4 is the heterochromia

  7. Ariane Marsalis says:

    I have some freckles on my face, but mostly they´re on my arms and a little bit down my legs. I hate it. Its super cute on your face, but it looks weird because I only have it on my arms. Also I have dark brown hair, so that just makes weirder.

  8. P M says:

    I have freckles all over. I used to be really self conscious of them in elementary and middle school. In high school I would catch myself sometimes being self conscious about them, now I'm in college and I honestly forget I even have freckles sometimes because I'm just so used to them being on my body.

  9. TheDeathTheory says:

    I love freckles, red hair, and blue eyes.

  10. The Weird Kids says:

    Red hair isn't going anywhere. It's a recessive trait so while it'll fluctuate between more and less common, depending on who's having babies with who, it's not actually going to die out unless we kill everyone with that gene, or everyone with that gene decides "I'm not gonna have kids ever"

  11. jscheetz03 says:

    I have always been a HUGE fan of girls with freckles. No idea but I just find it very attractive lol

  12. mrklin99 says:

    Freckles and green eyes, combo is killer and will jawdrop me every time, seeeexyyyy

  13. SomethingWicked says:

    Freckles are sexy?

    Shit, next you'll be telling me people like butts and nipples and taught tummies.

  14. GreenDayfreak717 says:

    Red hair isn't dying… don't be stupid. if it was dying that would mean people who have red hair would have to stop reproducing.

  15. Pierce Whitney says:

    I hated my red hair and freckles when I was younger because I always got made fun of for having them and it made me really self-conscious. I thought I was gonna have to deal with that for my whole life, but when I got to Jr high I realized that little kids are assholes.

  16. Noname Needed says:

    The claim she makes before each video discussion starts that she's gone through it or had it is just plain annoying just stop already, but yet again for this particular video claims freckles are beautiful and is obsessed with then yet comes in with make up on to cover them. Girl you need to practise what you preach.

  17. cathal kennedy says:

    Hannah im just wondering would you make a video without make up so we can see the freckels

  18. MotherTouching-Ninjas says:

    2:06 holy shit he looks messed up

  19. Grey Alien says:

    "Amazing" is an opinion. Some people may think these pictures are simply, "ok".

  20. Kawabxl says:

    wait wait wait….the first 2 pictures are the same person…why are they it has different ?

  21. Cole Phares says:

    red hairs dying out = myth…

  22. NS012 says:

    I wish more people with with freckles would learn to love it , I know a lot of people that has them but are highly insecure about it… Its so pretty

  23. Stella Annie says:

    I'd love to have freckles. 🙂

  24. Old Enough says:

    For some reason I associate freckles with STDs

  25. Amanda Mon says:

    I have freckles and most of the time I feel very insecure about them. My whole face is covered in them.

  26. Andrew Price says:

    I love women with freckles, as well as, redheads!!!

  27. Black Jesus says:

    Freckles just make you a lot less attractive. Spots all over your skin just ruins beauty.

  28. Ethan Reinsch says:

    2:06 watch John's eyes. They get big as if he is thinking "Holy Shit! I thought these are supposed to be beautiful women!?!"

  29. Eric Pomeroy says:

    red hair and freckles are the hottest ever

  30. Sarah Hattie says:

    Ive got natural red hair but my eyebrows are brown and lots of people feel the need to point that out to me and claim that i dyed my hair and how im lying etc… I also have freckles on my face, arms, and legs and some people are disgusted by that, what really drives me crazy is that freckles are a new fad and people get them tattooed on nowadays and its usually the same people who bullied kids with freckles when they were younger. Just lip big lips and thick thighs

  31. S Woods says:

    I have freckles and I hate them believe me, your lucky if you don't have them

  32. BL4CK KN1G8T says:

    If you are beautiful you are beautiful, having freckles or not make little bearing on it.

    Some of these people look good some really don't

  33. BL4CK KN1G8T says:

    How the fuck can redheads have the recessive gene when one parent is a redhead the kid is a redhead.

    And two parent have not had red hair yet the kid has.

  34. Adrian D says:

    My favorite superduo, Hannah and John! This is what I wake up looking forward to heheh. Love ya guys and your channel xøöóo

  35. Adrian D says:

    Red-heads aren't actually going extinct, nugget. There will always be that recessive gene that allows for red-headed children to just pop up out of nowhere. Thus, red-heads will never die out. :o)

  36. David Miller says:

    You and I have very different definitions of amazing.

    The first two girls are attractive in spite of the freckles, and everyone else is rather unsightly because of them.

    I'll certainly agree that it's possible for light freckles to enhance looks, but these are not examples of that. Photoshop the freckles out and every one of these people will look better.

  37. Shelby Weber says:

    Everyone thinks I'm a natural redhead because I've got so many freckles but I'm a box dye lady. I've got them covering my arms and in the summer my face and chest explodes with them (if I go outside…..)

  38. Alex Foster says:

    I have freckles, and gonna dye my hair red at some point.
    Freckles and red hair are a winning combo.

  39. sergio says:

    im sorry hannah but the whole pretending (hoping) to be smart thing aint workin out for ya.. the redheads dying out thing was a hoax put out by a hair dye company. if only you look into some of the oh so sure things coming out of your mouth. and those looks you give john likes hes the fucken doorknob… ugh

  40. TheMadJucier says:

    Hello, My name is Jack, and I need to some fucking Bleach, be kind and share," I cup of bleach a day keeps the cancer away"

  41. Mitch Burns says:

    I don't mind freckles. I do find red hair attractive though. I've done some research on it, and it seems that pretty much only Irish people have red hair, at least the vibrant red hair like you see in those pictures. From what I found 13% of people in Scotland are considered redheads, but I suspect most of this is more the auburn red. 10% of people in Ireland are considered redheads, 3% of people in England, and 1% of people in the USA. No other country has significant numbers per capita. Those in England probably just moved from Scotland or Ireland considering that they are all part of the British Isles. There are also a large number of people of Irish and Scottish descent in the US, so that would explain why 1% of our population has the hair color. I have heard my Grandma was a redhead before it went grey, but I have yet to see a color photo of it. No one else in my family has red hair though. Anyway, red hair is super attractive. Also John, the eyebrows are how you know it is her natural hair color. When women dye their hair they usually forget to dye their eyebrows, but the eyebrows normally match the natural hair color. On a side note, strawberry blond hair is super attractive too.

  42. Ellie white says:

    I have light freckles over my nose and cheeks also a few dodged on my forehead and I was scared I was getting more around age 8-10 and now I love them!☺️

  43. Epyrian says:

    No, Hannah… red hair is not dying out. That's not scientifically possible unless a major extinction event occurs only to people who have the red hair/freckles genes. I haven't heard of such a bottle-necking effect taking place.

  44. Julie Bree says:

    I have freckles all over my body and I have a lot of acne on my face and especially my nose, but not a single person can tell cuz it's hidden in my freckles!!!!!

  45. Stephen Wesley says:

    i have freckles and i think i am ugly as fuck cause i have freckles. have great day peace 💘 John and Hannah

  46. Jessica Ham says:

    I have red hair and freckles and i was made fun of it all throughout school

  47. GhostDragon94 says:

    i dont have freckles on my face a few beauty marks. i think i have them on my arms tho unless its a buncha beauty marks.. alot of them are kinda bumpy and not like a color of the skin yet its not like they are moles either lol.

  48. GhostDragon94 says:

    i do see the point of why you would think red heads are dying out. weather they would be or not idk i havent done no studies.. but you dont see to to many red heads like that least around america. although i have come across a good bit and im in PA.
    i think alot of the freckles, pale skin, red hair, and green eyes (even tho some can be blue) come from Ireland if I was to guess. But I've seen least 1 mixed person with a buncha freckles.. so i guess not always lol. And i'm not and i have them on my arms

  49. Wren says:

    I love my freckles look wise, but there's a lot of danger if you get too many or if there's an odd one.

  50. jdogsful says:

    Its like i got dirt on my face.

  51. Brandon Foster says:

    its not dying out….that's a myth

  52. ghost reader says:

    John's dry humor was on spot in this vid.

  53. Le Huy-Anh says:

    @4:18: The problem with that is that it still wouldn't help redheads.
    Since red hair is an exclusively recessive trait, redheads can only mix with one another in order to keep more redheads.
    Because as soon as a redhead mixes with a non-redhead, the children and grandchildren will not inherit it, and it will just disappear.
    The only way to help redheads from going extinct is to organise meet-greet-and "mate" events exclusively for them.

  54. Stonemansteve II says:

    That's a myth, Hannah!

  55. TheScholar74 says:

    Some of these people look like Narns.

  56. crazyglennw says:

    Hannah should not have worn makeup for this episode

  57. Brett Slater says:

    Hahah The first 2 photos are the same people 🙂

  58. Jarl Stagocious says:

    I got freckles on my nuts

  59. Theman says:

    Lol John is funny

  60. Walker Browning says:

    "Covered by makeup right now. I USED to be very self conscious of them." Used to? You literally just said you're hiding them with makeup

  61. Wurst König says:

    since this show is now advocating soulless ginger spawns of satan i unsubbed.

  62. Nadi Nat says:

    i have freckles and everyone loves them because i am a person of mixed race. i heard when you have two different colored eyes it comes from absorbing your twin while being the womb. i knew a girl that had it thats what she told me it was from. im not sure if this is true, but i found it interesting

  63. Ryan Watts says:

    ever feel like Hannah really hates John?

  64. bxcinderella says:

    I love John! 😊

  65. Bob Mcnamar says:

    love freckles, they give beauty and uniqueness there is a thing called beauty marks, and that it what this is

  66. Jason Is Awesome! says:

    Freckles are the best thing ever. It pisses me off when people try to cover them

  67. Dave says:

    Hannah has freckles on her labia majora.

  68. Hanice Gutierrez says:

    Oh wow.. god this woman is so annoying with John. She needs to get a sense of humor ffs

  69. Hanice Gutierrez says:

    She loves freckles so much that she covers them, stupid feminist lol
    Has nothing to do with it but I felt like throwing it out there
    John, you're the chiz

  70. JSMMOVIE says:

    fun fact: Freckles are called Sommersprossen (Summer sprouts) in german

  71. JSMMOVIE says:

    I only get freckles in Summer

  72. okay riggio says:

    hannah said "pero" around 1:40 minutes… or i'm bugging? 😍😍

  73. okay riggio says:

    hannah said "pero"!!! between minute 1:30 and 1:40

  74. okay riggio says:

    I want to see hannah's freckles!!!

  75. Necrocide says:

    The first girl was pretty, and from there it was all down hill…

  76. tawonga munyanduri says:

    they just proved that freckles are not amazing

  77. Rochelle Roach says:

    What are you guys talking about men LOVE red heads lol Like 80% of guys love red heads, they are not under appreciated. Red headed men are, not a lot of women are into red headed men. So lol

    And contrary to believe red heads are not being "weeded out" they are not going extinct

  78. Emmchen says:

    John looks awesome today. I love your hair. <3

  79. rafardzrba says:

    We want to see the frekels HananaHa.

  80. Kyle Johnson says:

    yeah don't have sex with kids because they can't conceive

  81. Kyle Ritchie says:

    Talk about a Freudian slip.

  82. _Magenta Arrow_ says:

    I have red hair, blue eyes and guess what FRECKLES!! 😊

  83. Demon Reaper says:

    I've always been a frecklefan 😄

  84. John Shek says:

    I LOVE FRECKLES, AND REDHEADS, AND FRECKLES. so good in bed as well 😉

  85. Joe W. says:

    If I'm completely honest, and like call me an asshole if I am but I honestly thought the second picture was the only one that was pretty imo

  86. Phillip Nunes says:

    I've noticed that this lady is always in a BAD mood when she is hosting with this guy. Somebody please separate them until they can get along without it being noticeable that she hates him. It's making good-content videos on this station sad for me to watch. I'm sorry if that sounds rude, but it is very obvious that she isn't nice to him at all.

  87. Mari says:

    I'm half Japanese and I get freckles mostly during the summer. Some years, I do get more than others. The older I get, I think I don't mind them as much, but I used to hate it when people would point them out to me. I wish I looked as nice with them as those people in the pictures, they are beautiful!

  88. Rephrase-then-Erase says:

    But freckles ARE awesome. We don't need proof that they're awesome. Don't have any freckles myself btw.

  89. ihartevil says:

    i never gave a shit and if people dont like them and get them removed i dont fault them they just dont like them and you can wear makeup and enhance them not hide them

    i never wear make up so mine always show

    thx for this ha bisky vid on how people are just so fucking stupid

  90. azbaer123 says:

    I actually love freckles. I don't know why people dislike them, but then again I don't have them myself.

  91. 1ponsford says:

    Hannah has been in such a bad mood lately. I understand that having a co-host who is constantly goofing off unless the video is on one of his topics would get seriously annoying. Maybe the two of you shouldn't work together anymore. You are ruining your channel.

  92. kettlemagic says:

    More superficial topics ughhh what happened to the science and technology videos???

  93. Zay Inked says:

    Fact check please. Redheads are NOT "going extinct" or being "weeded out". kthxbye

  94. V T says:

    this guy is so annoying

  95. HonkYourChomp says:

    I love my freckles. But sometimes I feel like I'm not normal and perfect like other girls are…. I mean I guess freckles are more unique

  96. britany underwood says:

    I didnt like my freckles untill now thank you and now I am more confident to take photos.

  97. Amber-Sky Wright says:

    i love freckles personaly i only have a few so i sometimes use henna to create a few more because i fing themso beautiful and in my family everyone has freckels accept me!!!!!!

  98. ChucksAreForShmucks says:

    Yes, but imagine how everyone would look without them. Just as good? Better?

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY looks better with them than without them. Even skin is more beautiful and flawless m

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