These Incredible Photos Were Taken With A Phone!

These Incredible Photos Were Taken With A Phone!

Well, welcome back to Think Tank. Hannah and Joey Helms here. Joey is a photographer. You’re a videographer, you have the coolest videos on your YouTube. H-E-L-M-S. Can you tell us about some of the latest videos that you’ve done. So, I got really into aerial photography as well. I have a drone, I’m flying it around, and just taking breathtaking photos. It’s just different.>>I watched one of your videos before, and they are breathtaking.>>It gives you a different angle on things, right?>>Yeah.>>So that’s, just because it’s different, that’s I guess why it’s selling.>>Yeah. No, it’s awesome. You guys should all go check it out. But he uses cameras that are a little fancier than the rest of us may have. Some of us are just left with this. And I do most of my pictures on here. Do you do most of your pictures on there? Most of your pictures on a camera, would you say?>>So the beauty is, you have that always with you.>>Yeah.>>Right, so, because sometimes, carrying a DSLR or a video camera with you is just so clumsy->>Tedious, yeah.>>Tedious, yeah, you can just not get around easily. So, having this amazing technology in your pocket just allows you to shoot actually photos you wouldn’t have shot before, because you don’t carry your camera with you all the time.>>Yeah, exactly.>>And it’s just you’re in the moment and can take it right away. Or like many photographers, they can take it with their phones first. Then just come back and take it with a proper camera.>>And cameras on your phones are getting more and more advanced, as well. And that’s actually why they started the iPhone Photography Awards, or the IPP Awards. This is the ninth annual one, and we’re going to go through some of the most amazing winners of this contest, like this one. I mean, that’s just incredible. I watched, what was it called, it was the version, now see, this, this is what happens. As I’m getting old, and I’m starting to remember. Losing to memory. Human Planet, have you seen that?>>The show?>>The show, yeah.>>Yeah.>>Human Planet, where they train these hawks. It’s incredible.>>They train hawks to catch drones by now.>>Really?>>I think in Belgium, yeah.>>And I think they’ve don it in, Dubai or something like that.>>Yeah.>>It’s just incredible. But it’s amazing what they can do with these hawks, and obviously they develop this very close relationship with them. And I think this is in Mongolia. So, that’s just an amazing image.>>Yeah, they have a thing going on there.>>They have a beautiful thing going on, a beautiful thing.>>It’s a connection. Maybe it was like a selfie.>>[LAUGH]>>Maybe he just took a selfie, him and the bird. I don’t know.>>On vacation.>>They’re looking super fly. [LAUGH] Okay, the next one here, this is sort of abstract using lights and shadows and different angles and stuff like that. This is what you’re really into, right, with the photography?>>Yeah. Yeah, I think the abstract, the appeal of abstract photography is to understand what’s going on there. Why, what, how did you take this photo?>>Right.>>What is it? The mystery around, I think is really cool. And that’s the beauty of these cameras. For that, you don’t need a high profile camera because it’s a simplified photo, and many artists, painters, have been successful by creating something abstract, and you just like it from a cultural perspective.>>Yeah, completely, and I think that’s one of the coolest things about going through these pictures here. It’s like a lot of the time with our phone, we are taking selfies or taking pictures of friends or cool things we see out, but I don’t think we think a lot, and maybe I’m just speaking for myself. Maybe you have a different way of how you look at the world. But I don’t think about taking I like the way that that is crossing, that and the shadows, and stuff like that. And so, I think going through these pictures, it can make you look at the world around a little bit different, and maybe appreciate some of the art that is literally surrounding you on a daily basis, depending on how the light’s hitting ,and depending on where you are, and stuff like that.>>And I think that’s what I would do as well. A tip is try to when you have your camera all times around you, try not to just take photos of everything, but appreciate the situation and then think about the shot you want to get. And take a minute or two to get it done right, because just one extra minute or two will get you an amazing photo for Instagram, for Flickr, for whatever platform. And your friends will->>Or just for keeps.>>Just for keeps.>>[LAUGH]>>You know->>Old school style?>>Yeah, print it out, give it to your mom. And just, yeah.>>Put a little Popsicle frame around it. [LAUGH]>>That’s really interesting, because I don’t really think about that. Obviously with digital cameras and with our phones, you take a thousand pictures because you can.>>Yeah.>>But as a photographer, you say maybe take a step back and maybe take not as many and treat it like you’re shooting with film.>>Yeah, absolutely, because maybe just read into your photography basics, which the golden cut. And then your phones actually allow you to divide the frame in thirds, so you can easily frame your picture then following these basics rules, and it makes it look automatically some more professional. So, just to be into that and go out and take your time and frame it up properly and then got it.>>I love that advice. Another picture here of some architecture. This one’s kind of crazy. They obviously used a picture with also some elements of graphic design. Looks very ominous, but you wouldn’t believe that this was just taken on an iPhone. Yeah, and I think that I can’t believe that that was taken from an analogue point of view. There must be some post processing.>>Yeah.>>There are so many apps out there. Instagram comes with tons of filters. Snapseed is amazing.>>There is that new Prism one. Have you seen that? I’ll show it to you after.>>Show me it, yeah. There are so many apps out there that can make your photos, can basically replicate some certain effects which you’ve done in the past analog, in an analog way. And it just makes it like look very interesting like in this one.>>Yeah, this is looks crazy. This one. I love this one because I just imagine like this guy or this girl in the middle of all these birds and with their phone, like-.>>And that’s the thing, you never know, these maybe attack you.>>Yeah, right, those are geese or something like that, those are mean motherfuckers.>>Yeah, and the cameras are generally wide angle, so you must get actually quite close, and that’s the beauty of it because sometimes in these situation, that may not happen to you again ever in your life that you see those animals, these birds in that formation. So, just getting out your phone and taking that photo. Just perfect.>>Yeah. This is really magical. Here a kid in the floods. This is crazy, because I can imagine taking this picture. Right? Because you’re in this flooded area. Right? And this kid is in the mud, I don’t know if he fell off his bike or whatever. And you’re literally having to be standing over him, just being–>>Must be almost on a ladder. That’s the interesting piece about it. You can make your photos look cool if you just take them from a different angle than people are used to. Usually people like taking photos from eye level.>>No, you need it a little up, just like this.>>A little up. [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>But yeah, this is a different perspective.>>Right, right.>>And it’s from top down. That’s what drone photos make look very interesting as well, top down, because it’s not something you as a human person generally see.>>Could see, right.>>And here again is the framing, as well. The boy’s hat is->>I just feel like that would be awkward. Whether it was a camera or your cellphone.>>Wait, stay there. Stay there in the mud, that looks awesome.>>Sorry, yeah.>>But that’s what you have to go through as a photographer as well. Stay there, don’t move and Maybe you should get in the mud mister.>>[LAUGH]>>Here is a picture above the clouds on a flight over Portugal. This is just very eerie, because you can kind of see the top of a bridge, you can kind of see the top of a cross, and then everything else is just clouds. I think this is really cool. I always think that almost. When people take pictures from outside, the plane or from the plane window, not outside of the plane. [LAUGH] They’re not like the colonial woman on the wings.>>You’ve never done that?>>Never gotten outside of a plane? Not yet. Not yet. One day, one day. But this is obviously a really cool image. Here, I thought this was like magical, right?>>I love that.>>It’s just sunset, he’s casting his net.>>This is what I love,>>Yeah.>>About photography, I like this. That’s my kind of photography. Because it’s nature, it’s culture, it’s just beautiful. And it’s perfect timing there.>>Yeah.>>I believe in China, I know these hills. I would love to go there because it’s just surreal, with the formation as well. And then just the perfect timing with the net flying there. It’s just amazing.>>Yeah, this is a very magical picture.>>Magical.>>If you guys want to see more magical footage, you can head over to Joey’s YouTube at>>And we’ll see you guys later. [MUSIC]

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