THESE Are The Most Incredible Images Ever Captured Of North America

THESE Are The Most Incredible Images Ever Captured Of North America

Welcome back, everybody. I think that we’re all aware that the world is filled with a lot of natural beauty. But I’m going to admit, in the history of ThinkTank, we have been more likely to highlight the beauty of countries other than our own. Perhaps it’s because we’re more used to it, so we’ve seen more of it.>>I want to explore.>>Exactly. Let’s explore our own country. Well, we’re not going to but we know Diana did, an Instagrammer at Dutchy’s life, which you can follow. Recently took a massive three month tour through North America, through the US for purposes of this.>>And Canada for the purposes of this.>>And Canada. And so, here are some of the most amazing photos that this Instagrammer took. And by the way you should check out their Instagram because there’s a ton more. Currently traveling through Iceland, I believe it is. And, very beautiful photos. So, here you’re seeing a Cypress tree tunnel in California.>>Amazing! When you->>Cool symmetry.>>Think of all the nature Nature is so cool>>How did it know to put a road there?>>No I’m not talking about the road.>>But the trees, like the way they come together.>>They’re touching.>>That canopy is beautiful.>>By the way, a short, sad note. You know the stereotypical redwood tree with the tunnel for a car to go through?>>Mm-hm.>>It was knocked over in a storm. Might end up being fake news, but that’s what I read. Anyway, very sad.>>Oddly enough if it hadn’t had that tunnel carved in it, it might have withstood the storm.>>[LAUGH]>>Anyway, the Athabasca Falls in Canada. Very beautiful there. Very dangerous photo.>>Look at the water!>>Yes.>>Amazing!>>I fear for [INAUDIBLE] But yeah, very beautiful. You see that one tree’s just hanging in there on the edge!>>I mean the fact that nature itself can just->>Yeah.>>Produce that is->>Also I love the vertical framing of the photo, really plays up how high they are. Emerald Lake in Canada.>>Another beautiful lake.>>Nice foreground elements there, and cool use of lighting.>>Mm-hm.>>Very beautiful Horseshoe Bend, Arizona. I’ve seen this before, but that is very cool. Very wide-angle lens used there, you can see, the fish eye look.>>And just way the sky looks like ominous, and the colors, I mean just really well done.>>Looks like God’s about to smite the horseshoe. And then there’s some greenery too. That’s cool. In five years there’ll be no water in that spot. The Subway, Utah.>>Very cool rock formation.>>Doesn’t look like it’s running though. Also a pack of Russian dogs, anyways, that’s a thing from another video.>>A joke from a different video.>>Yeah, but very beautiful there, and I believe this is a long exposure photo, it looks like there’s water flowing in the beginning. That’s been like blurred out. And also, I see the reason I did that is because probably pitch black in all of that photo normally. Last Dollar Road, Colorado.>>Again, look at those colors like nature just produces that. That’s amazing. That’s incredible.>>What I like about this one is that some of them are just these natural formations that you’re not gonna see in a lot of places. America’s filled with roads like this. You can take this sort of photo. I’m from the northeast, and people would come to the northeast in the fall to see the leaves change, and start to fall and everything. Lot of natural beauty that doesn’t require unique geological formations. However, Bryce Canyon, Utah.>>Yeah. I’ve been there. It’s amazing.>>It’ looks like a parade of rocks walking. Like one and then three coming, it’s like three women like how long together. But very beautiful there using the snow but also the evergreens.>>Nature just made that.>>It did.>>How?>>It made it for us.>>It’s amazing.>>So, look very beautiful, ha. One of my resolutions is to take more photos. And I do find this to be inspiring.>>Yeah.>>And so I want to do this. I can’t travel around.>>I think it’s really inspiring, too. For a lot of people in the US, right or in Canada. Who, I think there’s just people who get upset, right? Maybe they don’t have the finances for travel and things like that but there’s so many places you can travel in your own>>That aren’t far.>>Country that aren’t far, that don’t cost a lot of money, you know, national parks don’t cost a lot of money to go to, that are just really astoundingly beautiful, right? And so that should encourage you to do some traveling within your own neck of the woods.>>Totally.>>Or go into the woods.>>I plan to myself. Go into the woods, they did. So if you would like to see more of these photos as goes through Iceland. You can to to, that’s D-U-T-C-H-I-E-S-L-I-F-E, so amazing landscape photography there. Thanks for joining us guys. [MUSIC]

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