We’ve reached 100.000 subscribers in our
channel, we are so happy, thanks for watching us! Soon, we’ll be holding a raffle to celebrate
it, so be on the lookout for it! During 1692, in the city of Salem, a little
colony in Massachusetts, US, a horrifying trial started against several neighbors accused
of witchcraft. What’s the real story behind the Witches
of Salem? It all started during winter that year, when
two girls of 9 and 11 years old, Betty Parris and Abigail Williams, daughter and niece of
Samuel Parris, the new reverend of the village, got sick. The little girls suffered terrible convulsions,
spasms, high fever… we’ve even heard stories that say they would walk around the house
on 4 legs, and bark like furious dogs. Nobody knew what was going on. The Parris cousins said they had been bewitched
by some women in the village, who, at night, made doubles of themselves. Little after, more young girls fell ill, and
they complained they felt bites on their skin. They contorted and screamed inconsistencies. Since nobody was able to explain those strange
symptoms, nor cure them, there was only one explanation at the time… it had to do with
the devil! There must have been witches in town! They found the answer in the book “Memorable
Providences”, written by reverend Cotton Mather (Máder). It tells the story of a witchcraft case in
Boston, of an Irish laundry woman with the same symptoms. People believed it and they started an investigation
that had all of Salem in an atmosphere of collective craziness. The first accused was Tituba, the Parris family’s
slave. She had indian origins or, perhaps, she had
been born in Barbados. Following Tituba, more possessed and accused
people started appearing. The paranoia became bigger and bigger, and
different men and women from nearby towns were accused of witchcraft, put under arrest
and judged. People in town were denouncing each other,
blaming their mothers, wives and daughters. Hundreds of people were reported for serving
the Devil, with no evidence. In court, judges got carried along by the
hysterical reaction of the puritan community of salem, turning rumors into actual facts. Despite the common belief, these supposed
witches were not burnt at the stake. According to the English law at the time (back
then, the US wasnt independent yet), those accused of witchcraft were punished with the
gallows. The extermination of the witches took place
between June and September 1962. Out of all the accused, 20 of them were executed,
and some died in prison. 14 women, 5 men and 2 dogs were found guilty
of witchcraft, and hung. One of the men, more than 80 years old, was
condemned and died under piles of rocks because he refused to plead. Dogs were considered agents of the witches,
and thought to follow their evil orders. This process went on for another year without
executions, and most of the accused were absolved. Years after the trial, the judges who had
passed sentence blamed their action on the fear and obsession of the people back in the
day. Some researchers believe that what happened
to the population of Salem was the consequence of ergotism, an illness caused by the ergot
in the rye, a fungus historically related to witchcraft and all kinds of mysteries and
legends. The Salem Witch Trials became more famous
thanks to the author Arthur Miller and his work “The Crucible”, released in 1952
as a metaphor of the Witch Hunt promoted by the House Un-American Activities Committee. This committee made accusations without foundations,
denunciations, interrogations, irregular processes and black lists against suspects of being
communists. Those segments of society that were against
these irregular methods denounced senator Mc Carthy’s processes. He based his undercover communist processes
in constant suspicion, same as with the Salem Trials. The story of the Salem Witches has been used
in many books, songs, series and movies. One of the most recent adaptations is American
Horror Story: Coven. They devoted this third season to tell the
story of the Salem Witches and their fight for survival in today’s world. The Salem witch trials are a dark period in
history, a sign of what mass hysteria based on rumors can do to people. A shameful másacre that we should avoid nowadays. There’s nothing more dangerous than confusion
and ignorance mixed together.

Dereck Turner

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  9. •Its Ellie!• :3 says:

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