The PANCAKE ART Challenge | Kamri Noel & Kenni

The PANCAKE ART Challenge | Kamri Noel & Kenni

oh it’s like a shower okay this is gonna be bad hey guys it’s Camry from the camera no Channel and today I’m here with Kenny I also play danger Dan on some of the other videos so make sure you go check those out whoa today we’re going to be doing the pancake art challenge it’s gonna be pretty intense because we both ain’t got your eyes before we go into the video make sure you subscribe to this channel and check out my musically now onto the video so Bailey has picked out pictures of pancake art and we have to recreate them with all these colors that we have and on the pancake griddle and then we’re gonna have to like it should be pretty obvious but we’re going to decide whose is better at the Naked point remember eyes the most points at the end quick oh one of my heart is bigger than the other ones or what it’s very less proportional you think very disproportionate all right mine is too big to flip so I have to use two specials there any final reveal burnt but okay okay I think you won that one it is really very proportionate but [Music] fan [Music] okay I think I’m ready okay wait I gotta use – oh we need it mine’s like yeah okay my 101 on well this is one to one with rain boots okay this is gonna get interesting the community [Music] my looks like a burden spikes and yours looks like it looks like a teddy bear yours looks like a bunny like a bunny on its side you know I’m saying without ears and that ears I’m out that’s what you hear just like a mouse you know it could be like a dragon into dragon oh it’s a mouse free me from mouths a mouth from mouth oh that looks like Reza turned out she broke it so she tried skipping with a spatula and she broke it in half might see it a little bit see your throat – well you didn’t I think I won outside input Bailey okay we need a plate thank you okay this is gonna be bad Jeff saying how much was to do this hand is we got this we can do this we should meet Smalley you ready one two okay there we go we need to judge on this one because there looks pretty good much better – more actual oh look at that wood just to care oh my like oh my my see I told you it did leak through a little bit since this is a tie we have like a fast round where we have to create your own arch and the judge will come in and they will judge chooses better and then they don’t decide they would only have two minutes to make art [Music] that funny great I made TP what what’s what’s it say YouTube play button oh well you know – mine’s the emoji crying face cuz I’ll be my face by win or lose because I made Texas Texas is also that I may need to play like to do – oh I’m awesome and I made that watch me flip now watch me pancake lets me flip flip watch me pancake push me my first one I’m ripped but it still looks Oh see look at emoji and all right ones for creativity so if I were to judge it off of the Texas see the Texas kind of looks like the United States hello blob right now right here I get that I get that but still like anyways I’m gonna have to say Kennedy yes least you on your own channel I can actually tell you I can actually tell what hers is I don’t see those tears of joy can anyone oh it’s a pizza peace offering thank you that’s your birthday flowers smell okay turn up think I congratulate you thank you thank you thanks for watching even though I didn’t win oh you still enjoyed it cause you saw my awesome skills out of it make it up scrap to the channel by clicking down here you can see more videos with danger Dan AYK a meet by clicking up here and you can watch run to child’s videos by clicking right here make sure you follow me on musically you soon bye [Music]

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100 thoughts on “The PANCAKE ART Challenge | Kamri Noel & Kenni

  1. Kamri Noel says:

    If you loved this video, be sure to watch our hilarious Family Gymnastics Challenge on BrooklynAndBailey's channel, HERE! I promise you won't regret it! 😘's -Kamri

  2. fianta Charles says:

    kenni sucks at pankake art

  3. Maya says:


  4. ECKG0610 says:

    I Love the unicorn round because I love unicorn 🦄

  5. Sophia Patti says:

    i think kenny won all the rounds besides the pony one

  6. Kitty Queen says:

    These are all my opinions on who won each round (They may not be right):
    Round 1: Kenni
    Round 2: Kamri
    Round 3: Kamri
    Round 4: Kamri (Although it was an orange unicorn!)
    Round 5: Kamri (It was a close one, but I just had to give it to her with her YouTube. Like if you agree!

  7. Addisyn Cain says:

    I suck drawling

  8. Addisyn Cain says:

    I loved kidneys heart I emoji but Cameron’s rain rainbow

  9. Addisyn Cain says:

    I vote Kenny’s dragon

  10. no name says:

    Sous titres français?

  11. Zeenat Nisa says:

    So who won?

  12. Jazyl Gorembalem says:

    How old are you kamri??

  13. Erica Cummings says:

    Kamri is such a good sport

  14. Happy Damaris says:


  15. Elle and em Freisthler says:

    I have watched the family gymnastics challenge. So funny. I loved it.

  16. Mariam and yasmeen Al Aradi and Al Wazaan says:

    I love your you and your family 🌹🏡🌈👋❤️🌼🌺🌷🌸🔮💄👱🏽‍♀️🥀🧡💙👱🏽‍♀️💚💚💜😛😘😘😍

  17. Dog Garden says:

    Yay! I loved i

  18. manoharan.p. kodan says:

    Kenny is so mean

  19. slayer forever says:

    That was not fair

  20. TTVXenoh says:

    My name is Kennedy and I'm 11 years old and I want to meet your family so bad

  21. Abbie Hooker says:


  22. Rogers Khan says:

    Art challenge is so fabulous and creative…. I'm also so creative

  23. Heart Horses says:

    I think Kamri won

  24. Tanya Richard says:

    Round 4 is my favorite because I am absased with UNICORNS AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A PET UNICORN and i have huge one but it is not real i think kamri is the winner

  25. cheryl lascola says:

    I’m so confused it her name spelt Kenny or Kenni!

  26. LAC gang says:


  27. Aria Jae says:

    Kenny has bad sportsmanship

  28. Dog Garden says:

    Can I eat the pancakes after!!!

  29. Gracy Giammarco says:

    that girl kenny was so annoying

  30. Dogs Rule says:

    Tbh I think Kamri won the first round

  31. Eva Slone says:

    Kami won!

  32. e w says:

    Kamri she was kinda begin mean I think kamri won most of the rounds 💋love you kamri

  33. Dog Garden says:

    Do more pancake art videos! I watch yours all the time kamri!!!

  34. Robyn Schultze says:

    is she sisters with Brooklyn and Bailey??

  35. Nadia El says:

    That dance was LIT

  36. Genevieve Alcock says:

    Hey ik I’m like a year late but does kamri not look exactly like Rachel from friends
    Like if you agree 😂😂😂😂
    If you haven’t watched friends then do and it’s on Netflix so…… have a good day

  37. Sam Arefin says:

    Kenny and kamri

  38. Samantha Vlogs says:

    Looking back omg kennedy is such a bihh (no offense to anyone who likes her, well if someone likes her)

  39. Ruby Deeth says:

    U spelt kenni with and i in the title and then in the score board it was a y

  40. Karen Geddie says:

    No nnn

  41. username says:

    This was posted on my birthday

  42. Kyleetho says:

    Kennedy is a sore loser then when she wins she rubs it in kamris face

  43. Daniel Ream says:

    kennedy is so rude to kamri

  44. Sanarya Aldulaimi says:

    I think at first Kamri the winner

  45. Samarah Archer says:

    Kenni is sounds annoying

  46. Anoymous Unicorn says:

    3:57 #injusticetounicorns😜😜

  47. Phaedra Swan says:

    Did you take a pic with a girl named taytum mondragon she had 2 twin sister's named Reese and Ellie and a brother named beck

  48. Phaedra Swan says:

    Kenny is so mean she's like ohh ahh ohh I won and she's like I'm gonna win and in the end she's like even tho I diddnt win that's ok and Kenny just like uhh oh Hi and waving her hands

  49. AIDEN LE says:

    Do fall themed

  50. Jamilah_xo says:

    I hate kenni shes so rude

  51. RainG says:

    What is the heatingthing called?



  53. Marcy Gregory says:

    The title says kamri and kenni but the challange points says kamri and Kenny why

  54. Hannah Calder says:

    Kenny don,t eat the batter you know that you are acting like a 5 year old

  55. Natalie Hubert says:

    I'm sorry if this is kind of rude, but Kenny is kind of annoying. Sorry Kenny, I don't mean it in a bad way, personally, so am I.

  56. Gabrielle Balderas says:

    I think Kamri won

  57. •V V• says:

    No offense but yeah Kenny was rude

  58. Selina Danso says:


  59. lilly nordfelt says:

    kenni is kind of mean, she keeps laughing at kamri, bragging, and saying she's better….. I mean it's supposed to be a fun video you don't have to be so competitive!!

  60. Drlila 136 says:

    is Brooklyn and Bailey your sisters

  61. Amelia Bleeze says:

    Why does your channel name have noel in it?

  62. ayye its me says:

    1st round kamri
    2 kenni
    3 kamri
    4 kenni
    5 kamri Waz for me so
    For me kamri wins #kamriisthepancakequeen👑👸

  63. Melia Russell says:

    the girls a guest but tat does not matter she still is being a sore winner to Kamri. Also all of the rounds Kamri should have won because hers were way better than miss sore winner. (this is my personal opinion so no hate please)

  64. Antonio Reens - Gmail says:

    Kamri total won that girl is annoying

  65. ML vlogs says:

    Snot a fan of friend

  66. Lila Wolf says:

    They spelt “Kenni” in the title and “Kenny” for the score.

  67. Daphne Reeves says:

    i hate kinndi

  68. Alysha Thomas says:

    Like if kamri is really good at pancake art

  69. Oscar Casasola says:

    Both of them won

  70. Anna Silver says:

    That Texas pancake…
    Why am I proud to be a Texan?😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Kayla Aiken 2017 says:

    I hate Kennedy

  72. Roxpuff Lollipops11 says:

    Musically is now Tik Tok

  73. Nishi Nichi says:

    Kamri is the artist not that weird Kenny

  74. Nishi Nichi says:

    Kamri is the artist not that weird Kenny

  75. Dariana Blas says:


  76. Sarah_is_someone says:

    Comment section

    1. Kamri won
    2. Kenny is being annoying and mean
    3.just the same thing as 1 and two

  77. 1 5 says:

    Kenny is kinda mean to you… i get she's your friend and all but she should be nicer

  78. Dance Moms Videos says:

    1. Kenni
    2. Kamri

  79. justbelen says:

    Wow a lot of comments say Kenni was being rude and annoying!… I agree she was being rude and at the end she’s like “I WON” and Kamri was just having fun! 😃 i think kamri shou,d of won!

  80. Catty Laguindab says:

    I dont like kennyyyy

  81. Aby Anton says:

    I love this video😄

  82. Everything by me says:

    Anyone 2018?…

  83. Mohammad Akhtar says:

    I think Kamri should have won

  84. Lillysings 123 says:


  85. Alasdair Kilpatrick says:

    How dare they assault our precious unicorns with that

  86. Watermelon says:

    Tell me why Kamri looks like Bailey from Brooklyn & Bailey!? And her "sis?" looks like Brooklyn..

  87. Jamilah_xo says:

    That kennedy girl needs to die



  89. Sai Ram says:

    Bailey is a good judge 😂

  90. Matilda.J says:

    Why is every one hating kenny she’s kamri s best friend and everyone who commented something mean about kenny then that’s horrible kamri can easily see these comments there both good at pancake art

  91. Abel Dominguez says:

    2019 yes queen 2018 the video feels like it was yesterday

  92. holo.its.meee. _. says:

    1- kenni
    2- kamri
    3- kamri
    4- kamri
    5- kamri

    sorry kenni (not really though cuz it’s my opinion)

  93. Meccaroni says:

    Yeahhhhh no I don’t like Kenny 💀

  94. 2006Heart says:

    its spelled kenni in the title but the point board thing is spelled kenny

  95. 2006Heart says:

    i dont like kenny

  96. Anna Fedorova says:

    Kenny is kinda rude but maybe that's just her.

  97. Brookylyn&Bailey fan says:

    It was an amazing video!

  98. Blu Angel says:


  99. Blu Angel says:


  100. Rebecca Sherrell says:

    On the 4th round I think Kamri won because hers was more colorful but no offense to kenny

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