The Painting Elephant: Tricia Creates $1000 Artwork With Her Trunk

COMM: Elephant at Perth Zoo have been showing their artistic side, and are even selling
their work with some large paintings fetching sums of over one thousand Australian dollars. 00:22
COMM: Painting is just one of the activities the elephants take part in to keep them mentally
and physically stimulated. 00:31
COMM: First, some exercise. 00:38
COMM: Then a bit of a kick about. 00:55
COMM: Next, it’s time to get clean. 01:02
KEEPER: Good girl. 01:10
COMM: But after bath time, the elephants are picking up a very different type of brush. 01:17
COMM: 58-year-old Asian elephant Trisha is the matriarch of Perth Zoo. And something
of a local celebrity. 01:28
COMM: She loves painting and either uses a brush, or blows the paint out of her truck
as Australian TV presenter David Whitehill discovered. 01:38
DAVID: Wonderful. 01:39
COMM: According to the zoo, elephants are natural artists and have been known to draw
in the dirt with sticks. 01:47
COMM: If you want to get your hands on an elephant original, the artwork is available
to buy, and pieces can cost from forty five Australian dollars to well over a thousand,
depending on size. 01:59
COMM: However, one hundred percent of the funds raised from the sale of the paintings
goes to help threatened species in the wild.

Dereck Turner

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