The Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel

The Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel

– [Narrator] These
paintings, they aren’t done with acrylic, oil, or watercolor. – [Narrator] Microsoft
Excel, the computer program. This is a story about Tatsuo,
the Microsoft Excel Artist. (bouncy electronic music) – [Narrator] When Tatsuo
retired, he decided he wanted to paint, but there
was one problem: he was cheap. – [Narrator] He didn’t even
want to pay for an art program, so he used what was
already on his computer. – [Narrator] So, how do you paint in Excel? The line tool, it’s usually
used for spreadsheet graphs, that you can make trees
with, and the bucket tool, it helps with subtle
shading on, for example, the crest of a volcano. (bell dinging)

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel

  1. one says:

    Someone should make him a new website

  2. cvci says:

    Wait… What?

  3. Mo says:

    This is all plot of the government to make us be frugalll.. be aware!

  4. IRON PAINTING says:

    He excels at art for sure

  5. Nick Sadler says:

    They kind of look like South Park backgrounds, in the best way possible haha. What a legend

  6. Justin Law says:

    Who needs adobe illustrator when you have excel XD

  7. Giovanni Marques says:

    Omfg this senior is extremely talented

  8. The GovNer says:

    Boss: What are you doing?
    Me: Drawing the friggin mona lisa on Excel
    Boss: Yeeeeeaaaaa if I got that TPS report that would be greeeeeaaaatt

  9. Cao Tuan Vo says:

    I thought he would paint by filling each cell with colour. Not by adding vectors 😂😂

  10. Ariss says:

    “Yes, I am a fool”
    I love how lighthearted this man is

  11. Enkh-Od Ganbold says:


  12. Enkh-Od Ganbold says:


  13. Pavor says:

    Poor guys mind would be blown if someone sent him Adobe.

  14. mahmut123456 says:

    I think Microsoft has already bought all the paintings 😜

  15. Rad Con says:

    A cheap Asian? what a shocker..

  16. Spanish John says:


  17. Spanish John says:

    you need to put a link to where we can purchase his art i would like one thanks

  18. Jk957 says:

    What’s a great job. Well done sir.

  19. Huzaifa Patel says:

    the japanese just love innovating man xD

  20. Alfie Bones says:

    I’ll buy one!!!!!!!

  21. HerrXenon says:

    Finally, a fellow abuser of Microsoft Office!

  22. Kevin García says:

    que maldito !

  23. Rio Gunadi says:

    When you're an office worker trying to switch job as an artist.

  24. juanperezpe says:

    1:50 I like that ruler.

  25. Sudarshan Lokhande says:

    I draw paintings on MS Exel.

    MS Paint : Am I joke to you ??

  26. Hyon D says:

    He could also use illustrator

  27. Schizoid Cynical says:

    Men us Photoshops,
    Legends use Microsoft Word,

    But Gods use Microsoft Excel

  28. Laszlo Official says:

    Link that guy up with Action Bronson

  29. Chingiz Zhylkybayev says:

    When I clicked on this video, I expected to see a man painting by literally coloring individual Excel cells with. When I realized he was Japanese that expectation was cemented. I was sorely disappointed.

  30. Yasue Al-Masih says:

    Wow. Extraordinary. He deserves the title of World of Records

  31. gyro rodes says:

    Otherwise there is Inkscape

  32. blkcandywarez says:

    This guy def reminds me of Michelangelo. My fave ninja turtle.

  33. Aluk3S says:

    And here I am not knowing how to make a table in Excel…

  34. Manpreet Singh says:

    No matter how good you are there is always an Asian who would ‘excel’ at things!

  35. S. B says:

    They're just giving him silly limelight.
    Just the same thing can be done with Word and PowerPoint too.
    It's just that he takes a printout of it and calls his random experiments Art.
    But his opportunistic mind surely has to be appreciated.

  36. Vectorveen says:

    Adobe has left the chat

  37. FarSouth says:

    I thought he went for vlookup

  38. Win Ro says:

    Wait, what?

  39. Encanto India says:

    I am planning to start painting using MS Word.

  40. Nenad Kitanović says:

    Tell'im about Inkscape. It's free, more powerful and easier.

  41. Joel Horstman says:

    It’s true i had sex with him

  42. Yolanda G says:

    I love this so much. He’s got a vibrant and unique style, and so much detail! Taking digital art to the next level.

  43. Poetic Observation says:

    I want to dance but I dont want to pay for classes, so Ill use excel

  44. Pedro Charola says:

    Great inspiration. The art wirk is incredible

  45. MAKnificent TheGreat says:

    Where can I buy one!?

  46. justdiditwithurgirl says:

    Link to purchase paintings? Tf you showing the world this yet no direction to go buy 1 twats.

  47. M S says:

    Spends 10 hours making Excel masterpiece.

    Printing website: “Please upload your file (.png, .jpg, .bmp)

    This guy: “oh bollocks”

  48. StarFox85 says:

    exueru 👍👍

  49. De Cnijf Kris says:


  50. E63AMG says:

    So he’s Cheap to buy paint but not ink cartridges lol

  51. Tea God says:

    No shit, this was the first thing i ever did on a computer, back when i was five.

  52. Grzegorz Napkine says:

    It's funny because MS paint is free and pre-installed with windows operating system, and excel is not.

  53. Denis Poli says:

    Asians again!

  54. Jesse Arias says:

    There is World Level, then there is Asian Level lol. Awesome!!

  55. Phoenixspin says:

    Mind blown.

  56. Hugo Bernardes says:


  57. ABC EFG says:

    He really "excelled".
    What's amazed me most is he learned something after retirement. Some would just drink coffee and watch drama. 😊

  58. nick says:

    Excel has better detail than Paint huh

  59. Norman Mai says:

    Sounds like he excels at Excel.

  60. Cold Shadow says:

    I dont know about him being like Michaelangelo, there's not enough dicks in his paintings. ;]

  61. Zankar Sanghvi says:

  62. Anand Vp says:

    I just read called ikigai,which is about long life span in japanese region of Okinawa. It's one of the blue zones in the world. One of the reasons for the same, found out by author is that every one works on their ikigai-the Japanese word that approximately means true purpose of your life.there is no concept of retirement there. I just can imagine this guy spend his life among spreadsheet a used the same to pursue his artistic aspirations. What a great culture. Kudos to this man and all the japanese.

  63. Anime Club PH says:

    No excuses🔥just do it!!

  64. Mishel Fayad says:

    I actually thought he was using weird formulas to somehow produce the shapes and colours!

  65. Avinash Raj says:

    Even #Bill_Gates would be aw

  66. Jose Manuel says:

    So why not powerpoint?

  67. Pixel Wasted says:

    I can't even do that great in photoshop.
    Absolute savage !

  68. NJV Artimations says:

    How da WHAT

  69. SuperWheatley says:

    Most of these look like garbage.

  70. Carl Johnson says:

    That’s awesome! Those are beautiful.

  71. Rik de Naam says:

    I still prefer the wrong side of the brush.

  72. Tango Mike says:

    Someone just show him mspaint.

  73. Manuel Camelo says:

    In the meanwhile.. I can't draw a circle in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.

  74. Dark Knight says:

    Japan is so beautiful man

  75. ibieiniid says:

    god damn somebody set this man up with Blender, please.

  76. Mark Langenkamp says:

    My dad "painted" one pixel at a time using Microsoft Paint. I have two lighthouse scenes hanging on my wall that nobody believes were created in Paint. They look like photographs. He died in 2010. They are all I have of his art.

  77. justadrummervienna says:

    he uses photoshop for music making and word as a calculator. skills > tools.

  78. Mouldy CPU says:

    This 'fool' is clever af.

  79. porgkblod5243beio says:

    ExcellArt Session will be held on the first and the 3rd Tuesday (No A Group),

    and on the 2nd 4th Tuesday (NoB Group)

    of each month from 13:30 to 15:30 at JonumaKominkan, Tatebayashi-shi

    When you want join these sessions ,please come at JonumaKominkan on the day of the session held with your PC, on wich Excel or Spreadsheet installed.

  80. Akbar Ramadhan says:

    While I'm still figuring out how to make a table in Excel

  81. Louise K says:

    Asians can do everything

  82. Lavabear120 says:

    whomst retired MD

  83. Walter White says:

    f**ng legendary.

  84. Mundi says:

    I guess you could say he excels at what he does

  85. Hugh Vera says:

    He uses vertical lines RGV idem to tv sony trinitron

  86. Feder Giard says:

    yes, im fool.

  87. stealthballer says:

    I feel like my college computer science class failed me.

  88. TwistedSouL says:

    Interviewer: “So what’s your favourite function in Excel?”

    Horiuchi-San: “Yes.”

  89. NDot Games says:

    Him: In 10 years, I want to paint something decent

    Me: in a month I want to make $65,000 a month

  90. Justin Time says:

    Whoever created MS Paint is probably crying right now

  91. adopevision says:

    want to support this oldy, can't find any information where to buy his Art …

  92. Андрей КУЗНЕЦОВ says:

    И зачем тут нужен эксель?

  93. FiVE ZER0 says:

    I thought he painted by coloring in individual pixels

  94. EsotericOccultist says:


  95. Ro Man says:

    I guess he excels in painting.

  96. ssnarashi says:

    Artist's website:
    Email: [email protected]

  97. Marid Khairullah says:

    I thought he was painting by typing formulas !lol

  98. Patricia Lim says:

    This is me when I have absolutely nothing to do at work 😂

  99. Chorus says:

    cool af

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