The Making Of 36 Crazyfists “Lanterns” Artwork

The Making Of 36 Crazyfists “Lanterns” Artwork

Hola me amigos. So today’s vlog is going to be a little bit different. Mostly because I filmed it all the way back
in March. Let me explain really quick. Earlier this year – 36 Crazyfists approached
me about doing the artwork for their new album Lanterns – which will be about September 29th. It’s so good. But last Thursday they released the first
single off that album along with new artwork which means I can finally share with you guys…this…vlog. Now why is that? First off – I wanted to wait for them to release
anything and secondly I want to give you guys a glimpse into the process of creating the
artwork. Now during this time I also went on a trip
to Seattle with some friends to see a show, and I worked on a lot of the artwork there
– and I took the camera along with me for most of it. So basically what this is – it’s my…first…vlog. First one I’ve ever done. So… Could be a little bit interesting. We’ll see. But without further adieu – let’s get into
it – here we go! Alright – so – what’s happening right now
is I’m gonna go meet my buddy Adam. So Adam’s a photographer – I asked him to
help out with the photoshoot for 36 Crazyfists album artwork. So now we’re gonna meet up and talk about
it and talk about the shots that we’re looking for. And…figure out a good game plan to do the
photoshoot on Saturday. Right now it’s Thursday – so I’m headed out
there right now we’re gonna meet at a place called Odd Man Rush Brewery. Alright so – really quick – let’s just run
through this and then we can talk ideas. So he’s far away – concept – and then getting
closer. Getting closer. If you imagine like a video camera – getting
closer and closer and closer and then starts to swoop down towards the lantern mostly. Basically – good meeting sesh with Adam – we
kind of figured out a gameplan of what we’re gonna do on Saturday for the photoshoot. I’m just excited to see the end result – I
know Adam is a phenomenal photographer – and I’m just really excited to see what he does
and how the photos turn out. Yea…let’s get it done! On to the photoshoot. Alright todays the day. We’re gonna do some shootin. Today. Here’s Mason…he’s the star of the photoshoot. Yep. He’s the model. There’s the man of the hour. And we back. Aight…so…let’s talk gameplan really quick. So you think…I’m bringin the sex appeal. Adam’s bringing the technical prowess. Steven’s bringing the creative vision. Alright so change of plans – we’re going to
a different location – which is totally fine. We’re going to the Eagle River Nature Center. I’ve never been there. So…we’ll see. But I’m excited man. This is gonna be really cool. Yea…lugging out boys. K. Let’s go do this. Alright here we are on location. So basically this is the shot. Got the beautiful mountains in the background. Yea that looks actually pretty dope with those
boots. Alright so…uh…here’s what we’re thinking. Just kind of pretend like you’re walking – so
maybe take like one footstep in front of the other. Like you’re working towards those mountains. And then hold the lantern out just a little… Closer. Yea. That’s good. I like that. We’re getting some really good shots. Really stoked on how it’s turning out. Got to hand it to Adam – Adam had the location
and it’s working out really really good. I mean look at this. Just quiet. We can only hear running water and birds chirping. And cracking ice. So yea the ice is cracking right now under
Mason. So that’s why he’s not too far out there. But it’s still working really really well. That’s a rap boys. 36 Crazyfists – album art – photoshoot – step
1 – DONE. Sitting in the airport – waiting for the flight
to start the day. So hopefully that gave you a little taste
into what I did to create the artwork – and a quick glimpse into working on it on the
road. It is kind of cool to see how far I’ve come
with this vlogging endeavor since filming this back in March. And all the adventures I’ve had since then. If you’d like to stay updated with all of
my future adventures – please make sure you subscribe on youtube. But now… the moment we’ve all been waiting
for… Ladies and Gentlemen… The final cover… for 36 Crazyfists album
Lanterns. I am super proud on how it turned out and
seeing the end result makes all the very late nights worth it. I want to quickly thank Adam Haney for lending
his photography expertise and his creative mind to this project, Mason Venhaus for his
supreme modeling skills, and Brock, Steve, Mick, & Kyle and the rest of the 36 Crazyfists
camp – thank you for letting me work on this project with you it was such an honor. If you want to see all of the artwork that
I created for them – you’re gonna have to actually buy the album. You can do that right now by pre-ordering. By clicking the link in the description below. But other than that – Thank you for watching
this video and as always…I’ll see you next week.

Dereck Turner

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  1. JC Drums says:

    I loved this, been loving the vlog's Steven! Hope you're well brotha, big love from the UK!

  2. Joe knows right? says:

    36 CF fan until my heart stops

  3. Heitor Mota says:

    Great work! Great process!

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