The Longest Way 1.0 – walk through China and grow a beard! – a photo every day timelapse

The Longest Way 1.0 – walk through China and grow a beard! – a photo every day timelapse

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Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Longest Way 1.0 – walk through China and grow a beard! – a photo every day timelapse

  1. Christoph Rehage says:

    Sup everyone, welcome to The Longest Way! YouTube recommendations brought you here, didn't they? Well, I hope you enjoyed it a bit. If you're an über cool online person like me, then add me on insta: christophrehage

  2. FortByte Information please says:

    Why is this in my recommended 10 years later

  3. Phalanx says:

    Why 14k dislikes this was really amazing

  4. Shivam Shrivastava says:

    Thanks YouTube. Now I know how my parents went to school back in the day.

  5. Dexter Game says:


  6. Hijackerz Graphix says:

    zero to Matthew Mcconaughey

  7. Hijackerz Graphix says:

    What asshats dislike this? Probably lazy people that go winded just reading the title.

  8. 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos says:


  9. Jake Palmer says:

    So much love to you brother

  10. ishaan says:

    Apparently walking through China helps you grow a beard

  11. Yanis Kesidis says:

    One question.
    Who is that girl? Where she's now?
    How much money he was spent?
    10 years without girls and beer? This is madness?

  12. Random Affairs says:

    Don't need to go further down the comments… 98% are just talking about YouTube recommending this 10yrs later… 1% are talking about camera quality in 2009 … Other 1% are good jokes and appreciation of the hard work but they are difficult to find…

  13. Ezra Rufino says:

    Salute to this man. 💙

  14. treemusic says:

    Imagine the feeling of relief when he FINALLY gets home

  15. thanos says:

    All right YouTube you win!!!

  16. ItsBlxrry says:

    So you mean that this isnt normal for my parents to go to school like this?

  17. Saran Kaarthik says:

    2009-wow nice but it's a no
    2010-considering it
    2012-hang in there bud
    2014-hol up
    2016-prolly next yr
    2018-fortnite is ma shit

    Great content there bruh

  18. Uwuzen Life says:

    i remember watching this a few years back. its nice to see it again☺️

  19. Harshan Attar says:

    He kinda looks like Christian bale and Benedict Cumberbatch at the same time.

  20. Frost says:

    minecraft be like

  21. aakshii_ srivastav says:

    this is LIVING


    Holy shit this is 10 years ago. Damnit

  23. Divya Reddy says:

    I wish I could travel like him one day😭

  24. Itz. Heather says:

    Him: from Beijing to Germany
    Me: 15 steps is tiring…

  25. Ravn Nystad Dåvøy says:

    Is that forrest gump?

  26. Aditya Singh says:

    Its like doctor strange story thing idk why

  27. lewistwins2008 [Official] says:

    who watched this before it was spread like wildfire ever since six days ago?

  28. Malhar Dutt says:

    Run Forrest Run

  29. Abdullah Alharbi says:

    I am impressed by how long ago this was posted more than anything else

  30. BlindPrediction says:

    Thats how much my parents walked for school daily try something harder bro

  31. K•A18 VVega says:

    People: 10 years challange (by photo)
    Youtube: 10 years challange (by video)

  32. YT Channel says:

    Anyone from yoytube recomondatuon

  33. GuestLivesInTheOcean says:

    Why is this in my recommend list..

  34. Angel Katuwal says:

    This was posted in 2009 oh lord its 2019

  35. Mason Washburne says:

    Eveb though this was posted in 2009, that is some good quality

  36. Josef Chaney says:

    10 years ago.. what happen now in this time?

  37. Isaiah - says:

    It's crazy this video is 10 years old

  38. Crypto Trading Library says:

    A real life forest gump.

  39. Crypto Trading Library says:

    You looked much better with the beard too

  40. Imperator says:

    That's how my parents were use to go to their school

  41. Jxnnx_r says:

    Huh don't Unterstand the question at the end

  42. 500 subs With no content says:

    another day, another recommended video from 10 years ago by YouTube

  43. Jk No Hate says:

    2:38 damn bro when she left I felt that

  44. Pfrost 101 says:

    YouTube recommend is off track

  45. Tony P. says:

    amazing brother…..

  46. Jeremiah Hamilton says:

    When your one year walk from eleven years ago gets YouTube priority today. Good stuff man 👍

  47. lily kim says:

    Damn this was made before my brother was born

  48. JwlHddnInLts says:

    BUt U was at the airplain. WTF? U said u walk

  49. youtube demonetized felix's marriage says:

    Imagine if pokemon go was in 2007

  50. eidassadie says:

    I like the new Forrest Gump….. oh

  51. Cause Your my ACE says:

    wait wtf this was created in 2009 and is now in my recommended in 2019? I’m confused 🤷‍♂️ who else is?

  52. Gita Bisht says:

    M growing my hair long and this video is a sign from Universe to keep going !! Fuck scissors and short hair! 👅

  53. Sahil Ansari says:

    2009 – nah
    2010- no
    2011 – no
    2012 – no
    2013 – i said no!
    2014 – the answer is still NO
    2015 – dude…
    2016 – …i said no
    2017 – fine ill think about it
    2018 – still thinking

    like if y'all got it in 2019 too

  54. Karuna debnath says:

    Did anyone noticed something? He only smiled in the photo when he was with that little children.such a nice person

  55. Tati R says:

    Roses are red
    The like button is blue
    This was in my recommended
    And could possibly be in yours too.

  56. A C says:


  57. A C says:

    Amazing. It must have been an amazing adventure😊. Bravo!!!!!

  58. B M says:

    Tbh you look good bald

  59. SURAJ D says:

    Just clocked this video is 10 years old. WTF

  60. Sal Ars says:

    When you thought this video was from 2019

  61. C S says:

    Lol wth is this French background music!?

  62. Koalakunkku says:

    Wow in the middle he looks EXACTLY like the actor James Caviezel from "the Count of Monte Cristo"!

  63. Alex Alexov says:

    У кого забрать камеру? Он же с камерой шёл, что за ебанина?

  64. crazyman145 says:

    When the monkey tried to hump his ear

  65. Huzeafah Tv says:

    This vid was made 15 days after i was born

  66. Sean MacGuire says:

    Wait did his gf break up with him?

  67. Interstellarex says:

    He goes on a journey across 1000’s of miles to bring me this video and yet it takes youtube until 2019 to put it in my recommendations

  68. Jules 303 says:

    The eyes are the miror of the soul , bieutiful life U have Congrat my bro 😉

  69. Lily Fenster says:

    see yall in another 10 years when this is recommended again

  70. Alex Vogel says:

    That was pretty fucking cook

  71. • tea • says:

    anyone know the song?

  72. FidgetYT says:

    2007 is when i was born dang

  73. Abhi says:

    Music in this vid:
    Olive tree by Zhu Fengbo (Start & End)
    L’Aventurier by The Kingpins

  74. Lyf Wid Status says:

    For him It took 4,000Km to get that beard….For Arjun Reddy it Took a Single Breakup….
    Don’t Love and Cry…
    Just Walk and Fly….🖤

  75. MR.P3RF3CT ZORILLA says:


  76. Ayan Raim says:

    Превращение в урбаниста

  77. Nixon Joseph says:

    I stayed at home watching tv shows for 11 months and i have 2.5 feet beard.

  78. Navdeep Singh says:

    walk through India once

  79. jonacube says:

    At the early stages of the video he started to look like Oliver Queen

  80. JellyTheGamer says:

    Anyone have ideas as to why the quality is so good?

  81. Groodies Hunt says:

    Black hole s .. Nahhh. Youtube s recommendation system. Yaah

  82. BroFilms says:

    I got this reccomend last year and now this year. See you guys next year in 2020!

  83. [DC] Kikzorzzz says:

    He looks like the guy from home alone.

  84. timothy says:

    youtube recommendations be like

  85. XxHunterXVizardxX says:

    I secreted abit of envy and saltyness. But great video seriously. Good on ya

  86. S.A.S DreamZz says:

    y YouTube recommend this after 10 year ?

  87. Chiara Petrachi says:

    Awesome shiy

  88. Colton Pulliam says:

    Dude what is up with youtube recommendations. Why now?

  89. B-Lake Eddow says:

    When you started growing his hair he looked a bit like Michael Fassbender

  90. Lauren says:

    it is a life of shit that we think we live in our beautiful apartments. I already knew it but Thanks for remembering it! .😘❤

  91. Mecoffee Togo says:

    I still remember you holding a presentation at TU Munich for Chinese New Year many years ago. You showed us your blisters on your feet from the walk, boy was that bad. Glad that youtube is putting up your video as recommendation!

  92. Dana Martinez says:

    I didn't have youtube by then, thanks for recommending this 10 years later. Never too late, they said, never too late…

  93. shihu ji says:

    in china ,u can go anywhere safety ,if u obey china low

  94. Kynnedy Dorkzilla says:

    Are we not talking about how this guy looked like Bob Ross at some points

  95. Camryn Schnoor says:

    Who else thinks hes really attractive though-

  96. Pastel Gacha says:

    This dudes been walking since the day I was born

  97. Bonarchy says:

    This guys playing skyrim in real life

  98. MANSI JAIN says:

    You blink, you lose 300 kms

  99. Nicole Zaragosa says:

    Hiii! 2019 anyoneeeee?😉😁

  100. Edzm12 says:

    Episode 312,489,903 of what's wrong with youtube recommendations

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