The Lion King Official Trailer

The Lion King Official Trailer

♪♪ SCAR:
Life’s not fair, is it my
little friend? While some are
born to feast, others spend their
lives in the dark… begging for scraps. ♪♪ MUFASA:
Everything you see… exists together in
a delicate balance. While others search for
what they can take… a true king searches
for what he can give. SCAR:
Run away Simba… and NEVER return! MUFASA:
You must take your place… in the
circle of life. [Roar] ♪♪ TIMON and PUBA:
[Singing] [Singing]

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Lion King Official Trailer

  1. Isak Dizdarevic says:

    So beautiful

  2. Srividhya Jayaraman says:

    Life Off Friends
    Other Lion Friend
    Run Away Samba
    Must Task Your Place
    Circle Of Life

  3. Agamaz says:

    for gods sake how long did this took to render xddd

  4. GRB says:

    I watched original 547 times and the remake stops at the first and only time. Can't be better than original and can't ruin the original. Nice try though.

  5. Tasty Salt says:

    And…. now it's the highest grossing animated film.


  6. 7 8ig says:

    Pumbaa looks so ugly what a remake– first time I saw this trailer I was expecting a new story so disappointment

  7. はじめあきら says:


  8. Ruby Nocher says:

    hakunamatata ♡🦁🐗

  9. dave torres says:

    download here:

  10. downlaod free says:

    To download the movie in HD quality through this video

  11. Unicorn Tara says:

    OMG! I watched that the movies tonight!

  12. Ali Bhai - علی بھائ says:

    my future child said its time waste movie 😆

  13. Daniel Grace barritos says:

    I saw the movie

  14. Ann Eldest says:

    I love this movie. I don't care what anyone said about it. I mean The Jungle Book didn't have many expressions with the animals and that movie was praised. So really I am not going to complain about that, The movie was good

  15. Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá says:


  16. Ik Parry says:

    Please I need the full movie…. please I love this one 😢😫😫😫
    I can’t find the full one here.. can someone help me with the link??🙏🏻🙏🏻

  17. Emily Petsche says:

    I’m gonna watch this with my bestie on Tuesday night

  18. K9KIDDING says:

    James earl jones as mufasa

  19. miguel _ says:

    when are you doing the princess and the frog

  20. Yoo Sara says:

    Cool movie trailer.

  21. Emad Bahar says:

    Mufasa and Scar die

  22. Abdallah Walid says:


  23. The voice / kids Music says:

    like wo saw the film

  24. J L says:

    Fuck Andrew law

  25. Nat's world says:

    I watched this opening night

  26. bella garay says:

    My family hates this movie and I’m sorry I hate it too, the animation one is way better

  27. AJayAnswersYou says:

    Too bad Morgan Freeman is not on this one. I am disappointed.

  28. Eljhey Nathaniel Leal says:

    its july19 right???????? Wheres the full movie!???

  29. Eljhey Nathaniel Leal says:

    This is my childhood movie i miss old days

  30. Accelerate tech Tv says:

    Watch the full movie for free on my channel

  31. MyTube says:

    Waiting for this

  32. Kauã Nunes Games GamesBr says:

    Eu numca vi isso

  33. Alex McNaughton says:

    Jast warched the 2019 remastered and its nothing like this its a cartoon

  34. ssalbob.그림그림 says:

    Cute Baby Simba Realistic Drawing😍🙋

  35. Subscribers with only Comments challange says:

    2030: Toy story live action trailer

  36. PandinhaChan3D E animes says:

    Tem algum português aqui??

  37. Katerina Liakou says:

    Any 90s kids here who still don't know if they are emotionally ready to watch it again? This movie is a beautiful trauma for me, I don't know what to do.

  38. You Suf says:

    Ha ha sweet

  39. JaGaT PaKsAnWa LiMBoO says:

    Pumba timon is best… 👍

  40. Artes do Pedro Henrique says:


  41. Leanora Williams says:


  42. yoyoyonasa says:

    very nice movie. scar interpretation is Shakespearean…

  43. Lauren Todd says:

    Excellent! Are we not all kings and Queens in training? My husband died recently – He is a future king in heaven! And he is a definitely a royal dead guy watching me!! lmao!

  44. Shomariredaio says:

    1:27 and1:28 wow that's a roar

  45. Kamran Akbar says:

    that movie is the best movie ever😊😄💖💙❤💕💟💜💛💚

  46. HkjA46 says:

    Kimba 😑

  47. The Ocean says:

    we need them to make Lion King part 2, the circle of life must continue to see Simba's sons.

  48. LEO TENA says:


  49. spilling the tea says:

    We are going to have to watch mufasa die in better quality

  50. plein aire says:

    theaters also filled with children in their 60s!!!!!!!

  51. Count Mustard says:

    This is impressive. How did they train all the animals to do that?

  52. Black Panther says:

    I love how the trailer was so – I don't know what to say : >

  53. ASMRwithsoph 123 says:

    I hope they make a live action the lion king simbas pride

  54. Xx SnowGacha xX says:

    Im gonna watch this on my birthday with 10 friends!

  55. Uverlan Harchoffer Filho says:

    Love you Lion Kion

  56. Kiera Young says:

    The music at 0:50 gives me the chills everytime😪

  57. sandro casa das cores says:


  58. Jishnu Rajeev says:

    Its the circle of life that I don't have a girlfriend

  59. Arcana says:

    Watched the movie in 3D a few day ago, it’s truly amazing!

  60. Dupla Azevedo says:

    Muito legau tops

  61. Dupla Azevedo says:

    I love Disney

  62. booston_booston says:

    I can’t believe they actually trained animals to act in the movie

  63. Cecil Shiku says:

    Am proud of you my country Kenya that all the futures of LION THE KING are all yours #HELLS GATE

  64. Isai Vasquez says:

    I’m still waiting for Ratatouille live action

  65. No formality just truth says:

    Why wasn't the Africans the ones telling this story oasis of global injustice and suffering "Walt Disney".

  66. TWO Otaku A says:

    you guys know that this is stolen from the old Japanese anime called Leo the Lion and his kid name was Kimba!

  67. W Pierson says:

    This can be better then "The jungel book"

  68. Sam Samson says:

    LION KING — can you please react to the new season of the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and the new Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls?

  69. Paparuda Ruda says:

    Great movie…I was crying along with my 6 years old 🐹

  70. Ana Maria Riccardi says:

    Walt Diisney. Maravilllosa combinación de magia y ternura!!!!

  71. Emad Ansar says:

    Whats next? Lion king 2: Simba’s Pride


  72. Domagoj Mamić says:

    Pretty bad movie, comparing to an original.

  73. Concalmaremix Perry says:

    La mejor película del 2019 😍😍😍😍

  74. Connor Tran says:

    I respect everyone’s opinion about the new Lion King Remake, but I actually enjoyed the movie. I never officially watched the Original Lion King before viewing the Remake and I was pleasantly surprised at how moving the Remake was. The visuals were stunning, of course, but the story and plot was heart warming and the soundtrack was absolutely touching. Sure, I can understand the hate on this movie (ex. the songs were not as smooth as in the original movie) but I think that people expect the Remake to surpass the Original and set the bar too high on the Remake. Even without viewing the Original movie beforehand, I still was immensely touched and engaged. Now that’s when you know they did something right in the movie. Given these points, I think of the remake as a different and unique approach to the Original, but it’s absolutely not a disaster.

  75. Walter Cordero says:


  76. Braden Fechter says:

    if you could watch one of these movies witch would it be? howls moving castle or the 2019 version of the lion king

  77. Malcom Murloc says:


  78. Christiane Fischer says:


  79. tharunee dishara says:

    Very good beautiful movie i had seen

  80. Prof omar says:

    The lion king 2 was made since 1998 and its 2019 and they made a remake of the original one… Just make the lion king 3

  81. ๓๏гɭยภ ђยภՇ says:

    Remake of the rip-off

  82. Senip says:

    Ray Traced lion king looks fire.



  84. Dorothy Withers says:

    Saw the movie I really enjoy it.

  85. xXSkillerxX HD says:

    Send me link of online stream

  86. Vicdan Arslan says:

    Asipo çeyke😊😊😊

  87. James Dean says:

    For me the biggest disappointment at the box office this summer was the day this film outgrossed Toy Story 4.

  88. jiminmariedme says:

    damn it looks so exciting

  89. Amy Lou says:

    One if the best remakes I've ever seen amazing!

  90. Amy Lou says:


  91. Amy Lou says:

    Omg so goooddfd

  92. Darnell Hicks says:

    Idk why but I cried 3 times

  93. Amy Lou says:

    I dont wat h be new movies or remake but this is amazing

  94. Pizza_ _Man says:

    The cartoon is still the best 🙂

  95. Srividhya Jayaraman says:

    Zebra Foal

  96. Srividhya Jayaraman says:


  97. Tool says:

    I love cats.

  98. Yeah World says:

    I love this!!!

  99. Charu Pawar says:


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