The History of Creamy Mami | Anime’s Craziest Magical Girl Story

The History of Creamy Mami | Anime’s Craziest Magical Girl Story

Magical girl shows have always been pretty popular, but in the wake of Minky Momo, the number of anime being made in that genre was genre, was absolutely legendary. You had Persia, you had Pastel Yumi, you had Magical Emi the Magic Star. But no anime ever rivaled Minky Momo like Creamy Mami. Released in 1983; Creamy Mami is the story of a regular girl, abducted by a UFO, and gifted magical powers by talking alien cats. Pretty standard magical girl stuff really. Just like Minky Momo before her, she can transform into an adult version of herself, and the show follows her over the course of one year, as she juggles her new life as a popular idol, and her everyday life as a regular girl. If that sounds like a short description that’s because it is. Creamy Mami is a light on story, and unlike modern anime there’s no huge plot going on with evil villains to fight. Most of the episodes of the show are fairly normal, and they range from Slice-of-life stories, to Creamy Mami saving Japan from Godzilla. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should you. Much like Cipher, this series also got a couple of music videos, and MTV was at the height of its popularity at the time, so this is a lot more common than you would think. It’s distinctly 1980s from its floating neon triangles to its aesthetic ending theme; and just in case you were wondering what the name of the show is, her family runs a crepe crepe business called the Creamy Crepe. That’s where the name Creamy Mami comes from. Much like Minky Momo before her creamy before her, Creamy Mami was an absolute media blitz from every single direction that you could think of, except this time, they cranked all that up to 11, by pushing Idol records like never before. Relatively unknown at the time, Takako Ōta voiced the main character, sung all of her own songs, and her show did so well, She eventually released 26 Albums. so yeah, this business plan worked out for pretty much everybody involved. She sold so many records, that almost every show in this genre started copying what Creamy Mami did left and right, and you can see the influence that it had on modern anime even today. It even started to leak into live-action TV shows, and every once in a while you would have a show where an idol fights ninjas with rocket launchers, just so they could sell more records. It got to a point, where they started crossing over all these magical girl shows for a number of OVAs just because there were so many of them. One of which, has Pastel Yumi, Creamy Mami, Persia, and Magical Emi the Magic Star, all fighting a giant tentacle monster in outer space. You know, it’s probably better that you don’t look that one up, but I swear, it’s a hundred percent true. None of that was enough though. The people wanted more. It wasn’t enough that they had Creamy Mami fight a tentacle monster on the moon, or that she teamed up with Minky Momo and wrecked an entire city. Not even the Creamy Mami board game could sate their hunger for more episodes of this show. Even though the show ended up having over 50 episodes, the fans decided, to hell with all that we’ll just make her own damn anime with blackjack and robots. So with nothing better to do, the fans drafted up a realistic, down-to-earth show, that was completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots. Developed from the ground up as a series of fan comics; Pony Metal U-GAIM Yes That is the name of the spin-off, was sold during fan conventions, and ended up being pretty popular as far as unofficial mecha spin-offs go. Each volume would be filled with fan letters, fan art, and stories about this crazy mecha version of a magical girl show that everybody at the time wishes was a real thing. They even started selling custom garage kits at conventions based on this spinoff. And just to catch you guys up, garage kits were unofficial resin statues that you would hand sculpt, oftentimes in your garage, and their popularity spread far and wide, due to their ease of use, and how cheap there were to make. They didn’t always look all that good but Pony Metal U-GAIM was no exception. Now you would think turning an anime character into a robot was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but Japanese anime fans were nuts were nuts, they did this all the time. Kenichi Sonoda creator of Riding Bean, Gall Force, Wannabes, and numerous other anime that you’re probably familiar with if you watch this channel, actually got his start in these exact same fan circles, and while he was doing all those anime, he designed a robot version of Lum, from Urasei Tatsura on the side, just because he felt like it. Of these shows Creamy Mami is so well remembered, that It actually has an official Twitter account, which is not something you would expect from a show that aired in 1983. The fans weren’t done, just making a fan comic and model kits though, not by a long shot, which brings us to the mystery of the day. Sometime in the last 10, years a full three-minute clip showed up on YouTube Basically out of nowhere, based on Creamy Mami’s mecha spin-off, but unlike doozy BOTS, the American version of Gundam where they wanted to turn a kid in a wheelchair And into the only Gundam without any legs this was never meant to be a TV show, and it was never meant to be a movie, and it was never meant to be An OVA for that matter, and with all that out of the way, what does that leave us with? What was this? What are we looking at? Most places say that this was a pitch for an unmade TV show, but when you think about that just like really hard for a few minutes, that really makes absolutely no sense. Let’s start with the name for one. Pony, metal, U-GAIM. What does that even mean? What even is that? Well anime fans in the 1980s actually made a t-shirt out of this mecha spin-off, and according to them it stands for general, Answeable, intelligent, machine. So she’s kind of a robot, kinda, in general. The anime Heavy Metal L-GAIM came out a few years prior, So they just changed the word heavy to Pony, and then he swapped out one letter and they called it a day. Some people say that this is supposed to be a crossover between the two shows, but not even in the 1980s, would somebody try to combine a mecha show, with an unrelated magical girl show, and then try to sell that idea to a rival company. The company Pierrot owned Creamy Mami, and Sunrise owned L-GAIM. So if they tried, they would have been sued into the ground, so fast their heads would spin; and I also think it’s too well animated to be an eight-millimeter fan short. Those were often done EXTREMELY, Cheaply, and most of them look like slideshows. They look straight out of Twinkle Nora Rock me. and unlike the daikon three shorts DAICON three shorts, it doesn’t mention any anime convention, anywhere in the short. so if it’s too well made to be a fan short, and it wasn’t made for some convention, and it Definitely was not a pitch for an unproduced show, then what even is this? Why was this made? Well I think I’ve got some pretty good ideas where this comes from and why it was put together. In one of the volumes of the fan manga there is an entire chapter that lays out a story for the Creamy Mami mecha spin-off. and why is this an important thing? Well on the very last page of that manga is a message with the tagline in plain English; “to be continue Computer version” aha! now we’re getting somewhere. We got fan comics, we got model kits, and now we got this. That means that this manga is surprisingly a prequel to a videogame! but if this entire Manga chapter was made just to advertise some game…then where is it? Up until now there has been almost no supporting evidence to prove that this existed, but recently someone uncovered some proof. What you’re looking at are the only known photos of Creamy Mami’s mecha spin-off on the MSX 2 computer. Info on this game is so unknown, that it doesn’t even have an article on the lost media wiki. That is how Undocumented this video game is. But how do we even know that this is connected to the anime, right? Well in one of the Screenshots you can see this red fighter pilot character, and guess who shows up for a couple of seconds in the short? That’s right. Same character, BAM, confirmed. So if there was any doubt that this was a promotional short, and not a pilot for some kind of weird mecha Spin-off, well now, you know. The whole thing was paid for by ASCII, an electronics company that teamed up with Microsoft to release the MSX computer series in Japan, and before the MSX came along, Japan was this Lawless wasteland, where every company just kind of made their own Computers, and none of them had any sort of compatibility with one another. Then Bill Gates comes along he goes; “Well, why can’t we just make one standard computer?” “you know like a regular computer? and that way no matter which one you buy they all kind of work with each other?” Makes perfect sense now right? but this is a brand new idea at the time, and it worked. The MSX sold over a million Units. but why did the game get canceled if these Japanese computers sold so well then right? Japanese games got canceled all the time, and many factors both domestic and international, likely played a large part in it getting canceled. Also, they spent all their money on a giant dinosaur statue. Let me tell you about the MSX dinosaur park. You’re gonna love this. On December 1st 1985 to celebrate their one millionth unit sold, the people at MSX made an incredibly bold decision. Really, really good stuff over going on over there in the 80s. Right in the middle of Tokyo, they built a giant $1,000,000 life-size Brontosaurus, smack dab in the middle of the city. What do dinosaurs have to do with Japanese computers? Who Cares, giant Dinosaur. Also they made it roar every couple of minutes to really scare the ever living life out of children. Most people say that this never happened and there was just some fever dream by some person who still has nightmares about about Dinosaurs to this very day, but nope. This really happened. It was real. I have confirmed it. Unfortunately there is ZERO footage of this event, and the only proof that even exists is this article from a Japanese magazine. But can you imagine this? They actually commissioned the Godzilla people to build this thing, And at the time, it costs them a record record 150 million yen. Yeah. Adjusted for inflation, That’s 1 million six hundred and forty six thousand two hundred and forty three dollars and ninety US cents. That does not even count the cost of the event, that’s JUST the Statue. Bill Gates was reportedly so upset with this totally badass misuse of money, that they scaled back all MSX development the following year. So that probably explains why the video game got cancelled, but what about the manga? Well the final episode of Creamy Mami came out in 1984, and interest in the series just kind of started to fade after that. Anime fans and other crazy ideas for things they wanted to do. As an example. They made a magical girl manga called blaster Blaster Mari were they introduced a magical girl into the Gundam universe for god knows what reason. The final volume of Creamy Mami’s spin-off would be released in 1988, closing out this crazy fan series with a text-only like novel as a thank you to all the Creamy Mami fans out there; and as for where that short comes from? It just kind of showed up on YouTube one day, but I think I’ve got an answer that you guys are gonna like. You guys know studio Gainax Right? The Gunbuster, the Evangelion people? Well before they were Gainax they teamed up with a company called General Products that help them fund their DAICON shorts, and out of that store they had a catalog that has an advertisement for this very 3-minutes anime VHS tape. We are talking the store, where prototype Gainax sold their merchandise here. So I strongly Suspect that they sold almost no copies of this thing. I’ve never even seen an image of the box, let alone see one of these go up for auction So who knows what it’s worth. I have no idea. That’s not all though If the article that I’m looking at is true a lot of extremely important people got their start working on this one three-minute clip. One of which includes Hiroshi Ōsaka, who is co-founder of studio bones. Full Metal Alchemist? Escaflowne? You ever hear a Mob Psycho? None of those would exist without Creamy Mami. You can trace back every one of those TV series to a bunch of otaku, who just wanted to turn a magical girl into a robot for some reason. So if someone ever tells you magical girl shows aren’t important, Well, you know don’t tell them cuz they won’t care, but you’ll know it’s important so that’s really what counts right? Now hang on, am I saying they actually animated a Three-minute anime, got some of the top talent in the industry to do it, wrote an entire backstory for this game, drew up a fan manga explaining the story, and at the time that they were doing all this, the game that they were promoting wasn’t even finished? Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. And when people say Japan had too much money in the 1980s, this is exactly what they’re talking about. They had million dollar dinosaur money. So there you go. Now if we could just figure out how DOOZY BOTS was a thing, I think I’ll be able to sleep a little bit better at night. “You’ll LOVE the DOOZYBOTS!” If this is the first time that you’ve seen my channel, please consider leaving a like, and maybe a comment to help you to push the video out to as many people as possible. And if you’re really like what I do Kenny Lauderdale’s anime Museum and discount carpet warehouse, is helped made possible by support on patreon. and if you want to see more of these crazy these crazy Anime videos that I do about stuff that nobody else talks, about maybe subscribe Maybe YouTube will let you know when I put out a new video, or not I really don’t know what they’re doing over there, But it definitely raises your chances of seeing when I’m gonna do a new video, so maybe hit the button It’s just a button just hit it. Okay. Well, I’ll talk to you guys later Thank you very much for watching the video and I will see you guys later. Take care

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