The hilarious art of book design | Chip Kidd

The hilarious art of book design | Chip Kidd

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The hilarious art of book design | Chip Kidd

  1. Dan says:

    I will call you Sassy Aaron Sorkin

  2. Jonas Köbele says:

    as a german KeNoof cracks me up 🙂 he means Knauf, right?

  3. Rick Harlan says:

    He uses at least three distinct energy levels. For example, about 8:20, he goes down to a matter of fact tone when he's listing the designer's responsibilities, which sharply contrasts with the outlandish style of telling the stories.
    This technique is really effective. And really hard to do well.

  4. Ratnabhsl says:

    A bit of a wanna-be by the looks of it. Impressed with his designs but not with his wanna-be eccentric pitching style.

  5. DeadEndFrog says:

    " i just traced someone elses drawing "
    Great art tho

  6. Frank Zaffuto says:

    15:40 Cuil result?

  7. Georgina Toland says:

    Oh my gosh! I remember shelving these books at the bookstores where I worked. And yes, it made me want to read them.

    Years later, I can still recall how these books looked, just by their titles. That, my friends, is TALENTED BOOK COVER DESIGN. 👍🏼

  8. DoubleBeryl says:

    osama tezuka…

  9. Hobostarr180 says:

    his crooked glasses are hurting my soul

  10. Lynne Jones says:

    I wish he’d explained why he’s dressed as Billy Bunter. I thought he was going to refer to the illustrations. Brilliant talk though.

  11. Mikha says:

    the more eccentric markiplier

  12. DonnaMarie113 says:

    By incorrectly reading title, I thought TED Talk was going to be about designing "childrenn's" book covers.

  13. geezusispan says:

    Temple: Often called the arm, this is the piece of the frame that extends over the ear to help hold the glasses in place.

  14. Fat2Mad says:

    8:02 More like from someones head, to his hand, to his paper, to his scientific book illustration, to Chips hands, to Chips tracing paper.

  15. William Evans says:

    Chip Kidd's broken glasses are part of one of his 'looks'. He wears many styles depending on the occasion/impression he wishes to convey to his audience!

  16. deemah says:

    i’m sorry but the mic is awful and the lip smacks are so distracting (and disgusting)

  17. dbptwg says:

    Masterfully wiggled, sir.

  18. Van Dolmatzis says:

    you must always judge a book by it''s cover.

  19. Helena de Troya says:

    Is it bad that I didn't like most of his book covers?

  20. readme info says:

    Why do THESE types of gays ALWAYS have to act like THIS stereotypical presenter?

  21. Blanche Konieczka says:

    I love books. Have considered a kindle to reduce my book clutter. Dodged the kindle bullet by giving away the books I'm sure I won't read again. Problem solved, now I can keep relaxing in the tub with a book and a drink. 💖

  22. Casady Dixon says:

    He looks like Scott Thompson's older brother.

  23. Bruce B says:

    So basically he appropriated the skeleton art that appeared in some type of journal for use in creating the logo for the book that was later used in the movie. OK….. mediocre artists create, excellent artists steal.

  24. Ara Pehlivanian says:

    That was fantastic. ❤️

  25. Philosophiezerstörer Kant says:

    In Alfred A. Knopf, the "Knopf" is pronounced "Kno-pf", with both the "p" and "f" sounds pronounced, not "Knoff", with a silent "p".

  26. Ali raza says:

    12:52 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  27. Yozhik v Tumane says:

    The silly behavior and stupid looks makes it difficult to focus on the content of this talk

  28. Carlo Antonio Martinelli says:

    One would wish that such a gifted person could manage to wear a jacket of the correct size – the ironing of the trousers is optional.

  29. Aditya Santhanam says:

    Why not make books look like they used to. High quality solid books with leather binding and embossed gilt letters and design. Clean, simple, classy, and good looking books.

  30. christdolphin69 says:

    what an irritating girlyman

  31. Jack says:

    I thought barbershop quartets had four members?

  32. Tony Pressley says:

    He's like that co-worker who is always trying to be the life and soul of the office, who has a poster that says "You don't have to be mad to work here…"

  33. Thomas Neal says:

    This strange man just might be a genius

  34. Morahman7vnNo2 says:

    I'm not going to lie, that's something creative stuff right there, he knows how to keep an audiences attention.

  35. Wheat Germ says:

    I hope that all the self-publishing authors out there take note: your self-made cover design really *sucks*. This is not a job for amateurs. Step away from the script and seek professional help.

  36. Steven Corley says:


  37. Scumbigula says:

    the worst part is that the trex skeleton was incredibly outdated

  38. Melaa Ramirez says:

    This ted talk is equal to an advertisement sold as "new and profound philosophy". But it is just a dude asking for people to continuing buying books because of his job and reasons. But he is adorable

  39. jl smith says:

    I love the smell of books. The older the book the better.

  40. Aric Wood says:

    Love it when Wes Anderson directs a TedTalk

  41. Lucieniibi says:

    Ended up only watching a little, because even at 2x speed he still wasn't able to get to the point.

  42. SleepWoke says:


  43. magicbuskey says:

    What a cool character!

  44. TheTillinger123 says:

    So exhausting to watch. His designs are´nt bad but the way he presents himself is very taxing.

  45. James Shelnutt says:

    his glasses are crooked

  46. Muarif Sumahar says:

    that one weird uncle

  47. NoBigDeal 18 says:

    U gay.

  48. Sevish says:

    Excellent book covers, I would have liked to see more examples of them in this talk.

  49. lennier1 says:

    Mad as a hatter and proud of it, gotta love that guy!

  50. Käse Vernichter says:

    He really is not funny but interesting

  51. Rebecca E. Webber says:

    Best personality on TED!

    P.S. One of my students got a tattoo of my first company's logo on their wrist to remind her to always love herself first. Maybe not as cool as a dinosaur on your leg, but still pretty cool!

  52. 52memor says:

    This guy is hilarious and informative

  53. typograf62 says:

    Two years ago I found a book on sewing techniques at the recycling dumpster (impossible to translate but reuse is allowed and encouraged). It was old, 2. WW, shirtings cover. I got it home and smelled it. I know that book! And sure enough, I already had a copy. So I returned it so that somebody else might get a chance.

    Penguin had a book for sale. It's title was not shown on the cover, it was covered with a block of black ink. I instantly knew the title – only one book fits such a cover. So I bought it.

  54. delirium 341 says:

    He's soooo not funny -_- still, interesting talk

  55. lusia permita sari says:

    Creative presentation for a creative mind.. gotta love this guy!

  56. John Blyth - Composer, writer says:

    Brilliant man. Captivating performance.

  57. Faustin Gashakamba says:

    I am simple man. I download templates on google and Bam, I have my book cover ready for printing. I have no time for all this nonsense!

  58. Overworked CNA says:

    What a funny, unique, thoughtful guy. This was so enjoyable!

  59. Serai3 says:

    Thank you, Chip, for being a standard bearer for REAL BOOKS.

  60. Unknown Entity says:

    His suit looks like he's trying real hard to be an anime.

  61. Duke Makedo says:

    He makes a bad first impression. Dumb shoes for an outfit that includes a jacket. Dumb jacket. Crooked, broken eyeglasses. Jarring haircut.

  62. glebeboi says:

    make me wear a skanky Lady Gaga mic. Funny cos they used to be referred to as Madonna mics. The comparison battles continue on. lol

  63. aquasun3 says:

    Tough Crowd

  64. Stephanie McKinney says:

    absolutely fantastic!!!

  65. Phil Courteney says:

    One thing with TED talks from the more comic speakers…that ONE PERSON who's unique laugh is just that liiiiiiittle bit too loud and quick on the jokes. Now I've said it, listen out for it, you'll know who I'm talking about 😉

  66. Kathryn McGehee says:

    He's one of my art heroes. I was lucky enough to listen to him speak with a handful of graphic design students when I was in college. Most fun lecture I've voluntarily attended.

  67. Fantastic Situation says:

    i more so clicked on this cause hes called chip kidd

  68. Funny Geeks says:

    Dude talks a little slow, watch at 1.5+ speed.

  69. CrisMelo DotCom says:

    why is the volume so low?

  70. Joe Lee says:

    I'm glad to hear anyone speak well of books and, or their covers.

  71. magnusm4 says:

    I know that sensation. Smell of new cut grass, a burning kindling fire, a new tool of metal, new fresh rubber on a tool, a new book, paint and the pavement when it's still being placed

  72. A Frica says:

    To be fair, that dinosaur design didn't come from his head but from someone else's scientific sketch.

  73. Karl Vincent Garcia Castro says:

    Anyone noticed how J.M.W. Turner is enjoying the scene from the characters of My Name is Red

  74. Lim Xin Hui says:

    i don't understand why the covers of hepburn and dietrich are that way? can someone help me?

  75. Kristoffer Nagel says:

    that flamboyant cover designer giving me some Robin Williams vibes here 12:43

  76. Amanda F says:

    Liked the video as soon as he did his "skanky dance" lol

  77. louiecastle says:

    I think you probably had to have been there …

  78. Dubstep Coast says:

    This one was the best I've experienced

  79. Nadya Goncharuk says:


  80. vealck says:

    So much overinterpretation of very basic designs.

  81. DustinJJ98 says:

    his glasses on lean

  82. Wolf Lahti says:

    This guy thinks he is more clever than he is.

  83. D. Aardentvarkitage says:

    He gets his jackets tailored at same shop as Capt.Kangaroo.

  84. The Proxy says:

    I would love him to talk about really bad book covers. Like all those teen novels with the same looking girls on the cover.

  85. Anthony Griffin says:

    My father always said "Never judge a book by its cover" – which is why he lost his job as Chair of The National Book Cover Awards. (joke copyright Stewart Lee, not me)

  86. gekkeredon says:

    great talk but not a fan of his book covers. Pinguin has the best designers!

  87. William Zwicky says:

    12:53 "Try experiencing that on a Kindle." Sorry buddy, I just did. 🙁

  88. Ryn The Mage says:

    Dry and 1Q84 are two of my favorite books, and the art is what convinced me to pick them up!

  89. ThePlasticJones says:

    Superb presentation!

  90. xl says:

    One of the fakest job I know

  91. 57thorns says:

    The part about the Dry cover is really a good example of knowing enough about the rules and why they are there to break the rules in a way that works.

  92. Rex Benny says:


  93. Dariya Tukhmetova says:

    wow, such a great speech. I have never thought about people behind book cover. He made very simple and clear appreciation for book cover designers. thank you very much TED inviting mr Chip Kidd

  94. DKT1970 says:

    He's good

  95. Sanjana N says:

    he's like an animated character

  96. Angela Em says:

    What an excellent speaker with such peculiar humour! And the theme of the talk is very appealing to me, book design in a funny mode speaker mood, yey! 📘💖🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  97. Ground Hog says:

    Great talk…his glasses were hypnotic…were we all just hyp…¥π®bg.*…never mind.

  98. Luke Teichert says:

    So many questions:
    Why are people laughing?
    What's up with his glasses?
    Why are people laughing?
    Why is a headset skanky?

  99. LRGonzales says:

    I wish he'd intonate some of these sentences differently

  100. angle fromsky says:

    One guy in the audience was paid to laugh out loud, and he did it very well

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