The Gripping Confession Behind “Boxes”

The Gripping Confession Behind “Boxes”

*deep inhale* I come home, clothes are scattered on the porch, the door’s open. Instantly, I know something’s wrong. I walk into the place and the whole house
is torn… the whole house is torn up, *growl* and so I think it’s a break in. I pull out my phone and call her, while it’s ringing I notice something
odd about the living room. Kelly’s favorite James Brown poster is off
the wall but… the rest of the art is still there. And then in the kitchen, all the dishes are gone, every one of them. *laughs* Apparently, those were all her’s. So then, *exhales* *growls* then I see it, every photo with the two of us is on the ground shattered and not just shattered, it looks
like someone has stomped on the frames repeatedly over and over until they’ve
broken them into as many pieces as humanly possible. So I try and call her
again, nothing. I text her, nothing. I start going through the rest of the house, I get into the garage and… the ’67 that I have been restoring for the last three years every evening, all my time and money went into that… car. I loved that car. She knew I loved that car. She must’ve hit every panel with a hammer at least a hundred… *growls* at least a hundred times. *inhale* And I have not heard anything from her since, not a single call, text, anything. In fact, no one has. *subtle breath* *inaudible mumble* *slams table and gasps* I know what you want to hear. I’ll give you what you want to hear. I did it. I did it. That doesn’t matter, because I finally saw the light in her eyes again. She looked up at me right before she took her last breath. At that moment, I knew we were still meant to be together.

Dereck Turner

4 thoughts on “The Gripping Confession Behind “Boxes”

  1. Foxy Lady907 says:

    ❤️ this song!! Great to hear some new stuff from you!

  2. katherine davidson says:

    Her last breath??? Did she die???

  3. Katalina Frei says:


  4. Stromae Ofhorror says:

    I'm so sorry for you.I hope you get to feel nothing when you think of this in the future.💧🖤

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