The ESSENTIAL workflow to BACKUP your photos, videos and DIGITAL life

Hi, I’m Adam and welcome to First Man
Photography today we are talking about backups and workflow it’s just so easy,
so so easy for your workflow and your backup solution to become messy and
disorganized and I have fallen foul of that recently just through being very
busy it’s not really what I was concentrating on and I became vulnerable
because I didn’t have copies or backups of the work I was doing it for me and my
business that could be terrible and I’m sure even just losing photos of your
family and things like that is pretty disastrous for many of us so I’m going
to talk through my backup solution and my workflow and just to give you a
flavor of how I do it and see if you can take away some tips and tricks and ideas
of how you might formulate your backup solution. Before we get into that though
this video is sponsored by Squarespace if you need to domain name a website or
an online store then make your next move with Squarespace. So it’s very easy with
backup just to become disorganized you’ve got dusty drives like this all
over the place and you don’t really know what’s stored on where when it was
stored for the last year or so this is what I’ve been storing my stuff on and I
need a better solution and follow the theory that I’ve had for a while about
how you should back up your work so the first theory of good backup solution is
to have two copies two copies of the work you are creating so you are not
vulnerable to losing that. Cards fail hard drives fail, computers fail
everything like that so you don’t want to lose it
just because of a technical failure so from the start, I’m out in the field and
I’m shooting my work I’m taking pictures I’m filming video I’m creating audio as
well and as soon as I possibly can I want to create two backups of that work.
In cameras like the Canon 5d mark IV you have backup in the camera itself but with
things like this drone or the slightly cheaper and lighter canon 800d these
only have one SD card so after I’ve caught that footage on one of those devices I’m
always nervous until I get home or where I’m staying to dump that data onto my
computer generally I put it on to my laptop. Some laptops
these days have quite small hard drives in them so something like this what is
it a 500 gigabyte SSD drive is very handy to carry around it’s light its
small but still packs a decent punch and it’s actually quite fast as well
so I will dump the data on to them and I then can relax a little bit because then
I’ve got two copies, I’ve got one in here or on my laptop and then the second
one is still on the memory cards so I’m a little bit less vulnerable but that
will let me then move on to the next step so depending where I am and how I’m
doing things I will then generally edit the footage because I’m a little bit
more comfortable I can start to work with it to see what’s worth keeping
what isn’t sometimes I can edit straight off these sometimes I like to edit as
much as I can off my laptop hard drive just because it’s faster and that then
is my final work whether it’s a video or a picture and I can then upload it as
well to wherever I’m sharing it whether it be YouTube, Instagram or the
clients and then I know there is also another copy out there it’s at this
point I’ve become a little bit complacent recently because you then
need to archive that footage into a external hard drive or a server of some
description. That means that you’ve then got that footage stored for long
term when you may need to reference it in the future until recently I’ve been
using this five terabyte hard drive here and it’s not bad for general storage but
when you want to re-edit your footage straight off that drive it is quite slow
because it’s just one single Drive so recently I have upgraded to this this is
the Drobo 5D3 I think it’s the Thunderbolt 3 version of the Drobo and
it works in RAID 5 which means that you put several disks in there and it writes
the data to each disk at the same time meaning that it can be faster. The more
drives you’ve got in there the faster it will be as well I’ve got three in there
at the moment and I’m gonna upgrade them as I need the storage space but that’s a
really nice solution with a thunderbolt 3 it means I can edit footage and the
pictures off there really quickly because Thunderbolt 3, it’s
got that speed and it’s even good enough to edit 4k footage
straight off that so one of the reasons I needed to buy the Drobo and it was
painful paying for it because it is expensive but the more you and more and
more that you create the more you need to store and it’s just a painful
necessity of being a creator but you don’t want to lose that data and I don’t
want to delete it either so having this Drobo system has solved my problem
despite the pretty scary expense of it the other good thing about the Drobo is
that if one hard drive fails you can just pull it out stick another one back
in and your data is safe providing that redundancy however whether you are using
a Drobo or the separate hard drive you need to then backup that hard drive
because you just don’t know when that device on its own will fail so although
the Drobo has redundancy in there if the Drobo itself fails you still lose all
your data so you need to backup what’s on the Drobo or the hard drive I’m using
this Seagate drive at the moment to back up onto the one single drive and then
I’ve got other stuff stored on separate hard drives so I’ve got an archive of my
work over the years and then everything is also sat on the Drobo. I’m backing up
the computer to the 8TB hard drive as well using something like time
machine…. if you’re on a PC use something like Acronis but it is a necessary step
to backup your external drive or your main storage drive whether that’s
internal or external it doesn’t really matter so then we’re on to the third and
final stage which is to somehow get off-site backup there’s a few ways of
doing this but you need to safeguard against fire or
theft I’m currently using a service called Backblaze which is the very
simple set up and forget and it just backs it all up to the cloud there are
other options like your Amazon Prime which will store all your photos you’ve
got Dropbox and Google and Apple…all those cloud services that are now available
but as your storage needs increase so does the cost. Backblaze is good though
because it’s one price for unlimited data and then you can just restore
everything later on if the worst was to happen now once you’ve done that you’ve
got a pretty solid backup solution and you should be good in most circumstances
there is however another option and that is to very simply print
them there is a theory flying around that human history is in the most danger
it’s ever been in because everything is now digital and if we were to suddenly
lose the digital world wouldn’t be any record of the last 20 odd years or all
of human history generally because it’s all on computers so printing it
safeguards against that…. whatever that may be but apart from anything it’s just
really quite fantastic to print your photos out and you should be doing
that anyway I created this diagram a little while ago that just sets out
and lays out everything I’ve been talking about and shows you all the
steps you want to take to get a solid backup solution anyway please do share
this video with someone that needs to hear it I do not want to hear any horror
stories of people losing their footage or their pictures or anything like that
so back up back up back up share the video to help people out right before we
go I just wanted to give you a little update about what I’ve been up to I
haven’t been out shooting a vlog for a while I did the review of the Fuji
camera last week which you might enjoy check that out here however I when I was
out in Scotland doing the Glencoe vlog I felt that was a pretty decent video it
was some epic scenery I’ve got some pretty good pictures and I just didn’t
feel like I could follow that up so I’ll followed it up with a few more practical
things and that’s just kind of how my creativity works so I’m moving forward
I’m gonna be ramping things up very much so in April stepping away from a few
other things that I’ve been doing as the channel starts to grow and I want to put
more time into it to create more videos I’m not quite sure how I’m gonna work it
at the moment but it’s definitely gonna be more than one video a week and so if
you have any ideas of videos you want to see things you want to see me doing
places you want me to go to please leave a comment down below and let me know
what you would like to see I want to create content that you want to see there’ll still be vlogs, still the reviews and tutorials and things but I’m looking at
doing a few other things one of which is I want to start telling the story or
your story so with that in mind I’ve done it a couple
of times before but I want to start collaborating with you if you have a
good story an interesting story an exciting story that you want to share
you want me to share I’d love you to come onto the channel we can go out
together make some pictures together have a good time and you can come on the channel
and promote whatever you want to promote so if you’re interested in that please
head over to the website at first man photography com send me an email give me
a little bit of background about yourself and I will have you on the
channel as soon as we can go through the rigmarole of getting that organized but
I want to expand the channel a little bit into a few other things different
genres of photography a little bit more often as well so there’s lots of good
changes coming from April onwards but i’ve got a busy March because I’m moving house if you
follow me on Instagram as well you will see the move of the studio because this
is in my house and I’m moving first man photography HQ to a new house
and a new location in the next couple of weeks so follow me on Instagram and I’ll
share some of those stories anyway before we go this video is sponsored by
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out anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and I’ll see you on another one
very very soon I’m hoping to get out to film a vlog this week for the next video so I’ll
see you then I’m Adam this is first man photography in the studio Out!!

Dereck Turner

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