The Edge: Arts at the University of Bath

Creativity is important to me because it provides people with an outlet to convey emotions that they wouldn’t be able to express otherwise. Especially at university, there is so much stress the builds from our studies and creativity is a good way to get all that out and put it in a way that you would not be able to explain through words but you can through art. I first got into my chosen art form about 5 years ago when I started the University of Bath as a first year undergraduate. I fell in love with the idea of dancing, and the feelings associated with dancing, and I’m now at this position where I am completely in love with it and it’s the only thing I want to do. So the Platform performance is a great opportunity for all the Arts Scholars to showcase their talent. It also means that Dance Soc can show off all their pieces that they perform throughout the year, in all the different competitions. I’ve been playing in a lot of school orchestras, orchestras outside of school, now I am playing at Bath in the orchestra. I’m really, really excited to perform in Platform because I really like having the idea of working with other art forms; with dance, with other musicians, having mentors as well to guide us. It’s something I’ve never done before. My chosen art form is drama, I spend most of my time acting. The performances that I’m doing in Platform I’m really excited about actually. I’m working on one piece with Laurence who is a musical theatre scholar. I feel like we probably would not have started collaborating if it wasn’t for Platform, so it’s really nice to have that opportunity to work with someone with a slightly different view. My experiences with drama have allowed me to better understand the research that I am doing, and my experience with the research has allowed me to better understand and come up with new ideas for the dramatic projects I am doing as well, so to me they are both inseparable really. So we had a street workshop with the professional dancer and choreographer Kim Jones who is actually from the local area. For me street is quite a different style, I’m not used to that and I really enjoyed learning movement that my body isn’t used to. Kim was really inspirational in letting us express our confidence in new ways, and I really enjoyed that challenge. Without the Edge, DanceSoc wouldn’t be able to function. It really is at the heart of our society. The Edge Arts Community means to me exactly what it says, a community, I’ve met so many creative people, students, professionals, artists – going from visual artists working with virtual reality to local film makers. Joining the EAC and the board itself has provided me with so much insight into the art world. It will not only help them academically, but it will help them grow as a person, and discover things about themselves that they didn’t know before. the arts scholarship has really enabled me to work to that next level, to branch out and understand other art forms as well, and how it can relate to mine and how it can enhance mine. The University of Bath has given me the opportunity to pursue ballroom dancing by means of, first and foremost, having the latin and ballroom dance society there, without it I never would have tried ballroom dancing; and for that I am eternally grateful. The Arts Scholarship has enabled me to seek further tuition to improve both my performance and technical ability. Additionally it has allowed me to dance with live music, which is an opportunity which not many students, let alone professionals, get.

Dereck Turner

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