The Disaster Artist | Official Trailer HD | A24

The Disaster Artist | Official Trailer HD | A24

Los Angeles,
everybody want to be star. You have to be the best and never give up. When I get up on stage
in front of people, all I can think about is
what if they laugh at me? But you man, you’re fearless. Stella! I want to feel that too. I don’t care, I’ll do it. You and me, we both have this dream. – Yeah I guess we do.
(laughs) And we’ll be
famous, we’ll show them. Watch out here we come! To be or not to be? It’s not gonna happen for you. Not in a million years. But after that? This town Greg, they don’t want me. Wish we could just make our own movie. That great idea. So there’s this guy Johnny, a true American hero, to be played by me. He has it all. Good look, many friends, and also maybe Johnny is vampire, we’ll see. This set of the alleyway looks exactly like the real alleyway. That’s right! Well why don’t we just
shoot in the real alleyway? Because it’s real Hollywood movie. No, yeah, sounds good. Okay.
Action! I did not hit her, I did not. Oh hi Mark. What, it doesn’t work if you’re looking at the camera! And then this beautiful girl, anything for my princess. She betray him. And then this guy Johnny! He go crazy. Cheep cheep cheep cheep. Nobody respect my vision! You are a villain! I do this whole movie for you Greg! You are tearing me apart, Lisa! Cut. Why you cut, Sandy? This is great, this is real acting. If you’re going to writhe
around with the dress, maybe do it before you shoot yourself in the head and blow your brains out. I disagree. You’re really gonna make this thing? We are going to do it. Together. (Howls.) Tommy this is not necessary. No, very necessary. I need to show my ass to sell this movie. I think you’re aiming a little bit high. I aim where I
am, just do the scene. Why is he having sex
with her bellybutton? He knows where her vagina is right? Hi doggy.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Disaster Artist | Official Trailer HD | A24

  1. Mark M says:

    Being a fan of the Room, I looked forward to the Disaster Artist.

    I was concerned it will thread over the legacy of the room and focus on the Hollywood loving drama critics, who hate everything fun but loves period pieces, gay movies, feminist movies and Black empowerment movies.

    To my surprise, this had none of that. It was drama, but blended with heavy comedy. Comedy based on timing and acting. It's a comedy drama and biography based on a movie that has unintentional comedy, drama and might be a biography.

    It deserves the Oscar but will never qualify due to identity politics in modern leftist SJW, feminized Hollywood. Great job James Franco!!!!!! Deserves best director and best picture and best screen play.

  2. David Cabreón Muñoz says:

    Fucking Gary Oldman

  3. dreamdream011 says:

    Movie for morons by morons

  4. Mari Na says:

    Mmm i like Dave Franco but i hate James Franco maybe i will watch it

  5. dude man says:

    ahaha what a story mark

  6. 끼워라 나의틀니 says:

    How could Dave Franco keep a straight face the whole time? Lol this is epic

  7. Armela Mela says:

    i can't see Zac Efron heree.. can anybody tell me where is he please

  8. Timmsy's Flicks says:

    The Disaster Artist was one of my favorite films of 2017. James Franco did an amazing job capturing Tommy, his eccentric nature, body language, accent, his unique laugh. Great performances and a great comedy. 5 stars.

  9. Eddy Que says:

    not the best film of 2017

    but my favorite film of 2017

  10. Generic Commenter says:

    Is it me or no one else is seeing this ? Tommy is a god given genius. The Room; was a build up to this masterpiece.

  11. Sara Cady says:

    Does anyone know this song??

  12. H.EdithCast says:

    Amo a James Franco!! Es divino!!

  13. Dempkuun says:

    Hi doggy

  14. phillyflyboy says:



    No emotions whatsoever and really bad direction and script. The trailer did not convince me. How much did you pay for the fake comments?

  16. Fantasy Movie Trailers says:

    Not bad trailer

  17. Chiu Roy says:

    It’s fuking moving

  18. Ismael Cervera says:

    Cheep, cheep, cheep

  19. ivanovsd says:

    Didnt like it. Also gayest shit ever

  20. Coudy WANE says:

    The laugh was spot on

  21. Ksenia says:

    I saw this on a plane today and oh my god, the actor who plays Tommy nailed it 100%. Scarily accurate.

  22. GoldenYuri says:

    The greatest showman

  23. Orbit Showtime Network says:

    Артур Пирожков знает English ?

  24. Palazzo says:

    Actually a really good impression, haha.

  25. Swarley751 says:

    Dammit, I saw this movie a few months ago, and this trailer basically spoiled everything. But at least Robot Crab was a surprise.

  26. Thando Ngwenya says:

    That was beautiful James!!

  27. Frank Cedric Cabulang says:

    Such a shame James Franco was not even nominated in the Oscars. Such a shame that politicized hollywood denied him a recognition. I am not setting aside the allegations he is in, but it is oscars. Oscars is supposed to be about recognizing talents. James Franco as an actor is different from James Franco as a "normal" person. The oscars should have focused on the former and let the law deal with the latter.

  28. Ely, The Conqueror says:


  29. Denise Nova says:

    But tbh "Tommy Wiseau" (James Franco) and "Lisa" are too good-looking for this.

  30. Sunny Baggett says:

    I rent movie, I watch movie like 10 times now and all of a sudden this new orlean accent just don’t go. Every body say you’re such crazy guy you such stupid guy, I say I don’t care, I’ll do it. Good american movie, great american actor. and for information I was home alone too, except not movie, in real life. ha ha ha. One more thing people say tommy look like frankenstein, like vampire rapist, not true Tommy great american actor.

  31. Kenneth L. says:


  32. REEE!!! says:

    Is that tommy wiseuo cuz tommy sounds nothing like that

  33. Albert Mag says:

    To put it mildly this looks fucked up

  34. Graham McEneaney says:

    What’s the name of the music that plays right after the part when Tommy said ‘That’s a great idea’?

  35. 19Jetta says:

    Words cannot express how incredibly wonderful this movie is. If you have not seen it you are a lesser person…

  36. World War II - Epic Battles says:

    Those who have read the book know that Tommy is a villain. Amazing how no one hasn't beaten the shit out of him.

  37. Kakarott 754 says:

    What's the music ???

  38. David Reffett says:

    Saw it yesterday. SO Good!

  39. Julia_aaa says:

    This movie is a piece of art

  40. Gattony Barrle says:


  41. Robert Bradley says:


  42. Sonia leppard spots says:


  43. Francesco Ramicani says:

    A movie that inspires you to follow your dreams,… boxxy software helps you to watch it

  44. Paul McCartney’s Wife says:


  45. jcdelgado says:

    anyyyyy quesssssons????

  46. cosmic dragon says:

    Why didn't Tommy play Him self

  47. lyndon eaton says:

    i'd love to see the original at a theater. this was an amazing feat to make.

  48. FrapsPlusBoredom says:

    James Franco in full zero fucks mode.

  49. Jonathan Chavez says:

    i just saw the movie, it was really good. (is a one time movie).
    i just want to see The Room now.

  50. Kavish Luchmun says:

    OH HI MARK!!!

  51. Timliu92 says:

    Best impersonators of Tommy Wiseau – James Franco and the dude who made a video imagining if Tommy Wiseau directed Batman.

  52. JohnACorp782 says:

    No way! I need to see this! "I did naaat". xD

  53. zaray rucker says:

    The francosss

  54. ACIRNE MeLandHeLL says:


  55. obs1dian says:

    James Franco is a God for being able to copy him so perfectly. I'm stunned.

  56. Price Kay says:

    0:49 Why the hell is this part so beautiful….

  57. cesar garcia says:

    Oh hi comments

  58. XxMyLameUserNamexX says:


  59. Canal Celestial says:

    the movie used the joke of nostalia critic

  60. J Newman says:

    No, that not great idea Tommy

  61. Voddgreen says:

    He plays Wiseau soo well.

  62. Frank Di says:

    Really disappointed in this movie. I looked past the horrible accent James Franco does but the movie was painful to watch. Thankfully I saw it for free using boxxy software

  63. c. lince says:

    its a very good movie

  64. Mary McAuliffe says:

    I watched this movie. IT WAS SO AMAZING AND FUNNY. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone 14 and over.

  65. Jhin Four says:

    don't laugh men

  66. João says:

    Does anyone know the music of this ?

  67. B-1LL says:

    Tommy is like a real human living in a simulation,
    and he knows that everybody else is a NPC!

  68. TheBearClaw76 says:

    This movie was amazing

  69. Devon says:

    How is some guy gonna play Wiseau if he's so like secretive or whatever? Y'know?

  70. Bedroom-inc says:


  71. InvestMox says:

    This movie is so unique and the story behind it. I loved it. One of the very very few movies i realy enjoyed.

  72. Gonzalo Cárdenas says:

    What's the name of the piano song at the beginning? Pretty beautiful

  73. Sophia Huffman says:

    Oh hi mark

  74. life is pointless we are just atoms moving says:

    What a beautiful piece of art

  75. Victor Uribe says:

    To be or not to be!

  76. Amateur Workout says:

    true story 5 millions what the hell

  77. neithealebor says:

    This guy isnt funny.. he's trying too much..

  78. David Baros says:

    Idiotic. The Francos are getting sillier with every film the spit out.

  79. Arthur Morgan says:

    James Franco looks like Loki

  80. Keytotheera says:

    Watched this movie 5 times in a few months just cause it was an escape

  81. Imperiom says:

    THIS… EXISTS ?!?!?!

  82. Zerquinn He says:

    What's the bgm guys???

  83. Zedd says:

    i did not hit her

  84. ooga booga says:

    James Franco is an awful actor

  85. Victor Uribe says:

    “You are tearing me apart, Lisa!” Said Tommy.

  86. kaustubh sharma says:

    I would watch it for the recreation of those historic sceans.

  87. Mar says:

    you mast be kidding artu

  88. HarleQueen says:

    This movie actually gave me the inspiration that even if people tell me I won't be any good, to follow my dreams… because I at least know I won't be as bad as Tommy.

  89. F L E X says:

    At the end i realized this movie was funny

  90. Cute Fairy says:

    Everybody, "Oh Tommy is amazing, bla bla bla", yes he's. I salute his determination.
    But Greg is so important. His book gave voice to those people who worked with them in The Room and were not allowed to speak the truth.
    He is the one who made them justice by telling how harrassed they were by Tommy.
    He's the one who told a bit of Tommy's story.
    The one who made Tommy see himself through his eyes.
    If Tommy was an alien (his planet must be a very sad life), Greg would be the translator.
    Without the translator no story could be told.
    Greg, you're gold!

  91. frontxxrunner says:

    Second best movie ever, after The Room, of course

  92. Parimal Bakrola says:

    Oh Hi Doggy !

  93. Deku says:

    This movie is about a terrible actor played by a good but terrible actor, about a man making a movie about a man that made a terribke movie, but this is a good movie about a good yet horrible movie about a bad actor played by a terrible and amazing actor making a movie……Oh, hi Mark

  94. Pink 479 says:

    “Oh, hi doggie”

  95. Cody E. says:

    Just here for the soundtrack

  96. Gear5GoldRogue Dragslayer says:

    James Franco did it again

  97. mathilda helen says:

    One of the best movies ever.

  98. Martin Ferreyra says:

    1:31 One Second From The Poster Of 2003 Film From The Room The Face Is Diferrent The Original Was From The Hair Tommy Wiseau And The Rare Diferrent Was From Possibly James Franco Haircut

  99. Adrienne Harrison says:

    This makes me love tommy more

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