The Disaster Artist | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24

The Disaster Artist | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24

Ready, and action. What line, what is line? I did not hit her, it’s
not true, it’s bullshit, I did not hit her, I did not, oh hi Mark. K. Action. What is line. Take 13, action. I did not hit her, I– Okay okay line? I did not hit her,
it’s not true, it’s bullshit, I did not hit her, I did not, oh hi Mark. Take 67. Action. I hit her. No, do you wanna change the line? You’re doing great man. We’ll get there. Action. Action. Action. You have to say it
loud, I can’t hear it in here. Say action so I can hear. Okay. Action. I did not hit her, it’s
not true, it’s bullshit, I did not hit her, I did not. Oh hi Mark.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Disaster Artist | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24

  1. Oddly Satisfying says:

    xD I hit her

  2. hannah e says:

    I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bullshit. I did not hit her. I did nnoottt. Oh hi mark.

  3. Calvin Cameron says:

    I did naaaaht

  4. LordJaeger6277 says:

    A24 and New Line Cinema… that's a studio combination I never thought I'd see.

  5. Matheno says:

    Oh hai Mark. Love Tommy.

  6. Andrew Sep says:

    I just finished watching the movie, everyone in the theater was saying this line when the scene came on.

  7. Jason Rivero says:

    Holy shit he's playing him too good

  8. Celso Gattaz says:

    i'm so looking forward to watching this!!

  9. Dallin N says:

    This movie is gonna make The Room make even more money.

  10. enna1913 says:

    “I hit her”. Oy.

  11. KingRemus11 says:

    That poor boom operator.

  12. emmi ruu says:

    I love that they made a movie out of a meme and I have to see it right now

  13. LordJaeger6277 says:

    According to the book this film is based on, it didn't actually take 67 takes to get that shot. It took somewhere around 30.

  14. Johannes Bauer says:

    Vitaly any one?

  15. Elías MG says:

    That actually happened???

  16. Ali JB says:

    Oh, my god, This is real.

  17. NocturnalPlur S says:

    This just in.  Movie bombed.  Not even 10 million in 2 weeks.

  18. xXEndermanManXx says:

    I H I T H E R

  19. Quadraxis says:

    It's difficult sometimes to see that Tommy is played by James Franco, but as soon as he smiles, you know it's him.

  20. Jesse Quach says:


  21. Drew P says:

    Who else got “The Room” commercial😂

  22. Knight Glint says:

    A movie so bad they made a movie about it.

  23. Carly Kaminski says:

    “In a few minutes, bitch!”

  24. HikariMichi42 says:

    That "oh hi Mark" part at the end makes it so funny xD

  25. Victor Wolf says:

    Me lembrou "Arveres somos Nozes"

  26. A guy on Youtube says:

    WTF is this trailer

  27. Zarin Beva says:

    first of all I'd like to thank PewDiePie😂😂😂 @pewdiepie

  28. frycook48 says:

    Pretty damn good movie, and while it makes you feel bad for both Tommy and the cast at times, it also remains enjoyable the whole way though. Really interesting film for everyone who likes the Room or other cult movies.

  29. Jadan Velasquez Mejia says:

    I did not Hitler, i did naaaat!

  30. Per07 says:

    Is this like Ed Wood? That was a great movie.
    Too bad I can't stand James Franco, but I'll give it a chance

  31. Lehel Fábián says:

    Maybe Tommy wanted to shoot this in front of a green screen because he was worried someone would throw him off the roof out of frustration

  32. Fox Kitty says:

    My friend made tommy in tomadachi life

    I'm proud of him

  33. Matthew Sawczyn says:

    Franco wins the Oscar. Gives it to Tommy. The Internet explodes.

  34. P V says:

    This might be the best trailer I have EVER seen!!

  35. Joel Ihm says:

    o high mark

  36. Mariam Nisa says:

    Just watched this movie today, I don't think i've ever laughed that hard.. 10/10.

  37. Cooper Neidecker says:

    Hey I uploaded the full end credits scene from this to my channel. If you're interested, you should check it out. It's the only full version on YouTube.

  38. Austin Williams productions reacts says:

    Can I have preemption to use this

  39. Austin Williams productions reacts says:


  40. j freed says:

    Ahahahah… you must be kidding, aren't you?

  41. Nicholas Brewer says:

    His impression of Tommy is pretty good , but the movie is just ok. It's a lukewarm movie at best.

  42. Charles Lee Ray says:

    I wanna hear him say… 'In a minute bitch.'

  43. Patrik says:

    Would pay to see Tommy Wiseau in a theatre play!

  44. Moaiyee says:

    I D I D N O T H I T H E R

  45. KayteeKaytee says:


  46. Tino Trivino says:

    I worked with actors like that…it suckkkkks

  47. Nina says:

    Another stupid Hollywood movie!

  48. Sokave32 Lol says:

    Movie sucked

  49. Saporing _25 says:


  50. Zeo1229 says:

    Oh hai Mark

  51. Adenoid Hynkel says:

    Is Ari GAynor one of the accusers???

  52. ajay f says:

    "I hit her"! lmaoo

  53. Jhin Four says:

    ah ah ah ah ah

  54. john fitch says:

    This copied the scene in Ricky Gervais' show 'Extras', the scene with Keith Chegwin

  55. Tranthony 17 says:

    The Disaster Artist is James Franco's magnum opus! Watched it last night along with the Room as a double feature and I enjoyed it all the way! I give it a 10/10. Movie is beautifully directed, written, and acted.

  56. Dunebug says:

    The last time Seth Rogen and James Franco made a movie together, the US almost went to war with North Korea

  57. Maniruzzaman Sikder says:


  58. The Gold Wolf says:

    I HIT HER!

  59. Tiago Tavares says:

    I hit her!

  60. Reyna Pacheco says:

    Anyway how’s your sex life?

  61. Winston McGregor says:

    I heard maryl streep say "martial arts is not an art", yet this is one of the most watched movies?

  62. jane 卌 says:

    oh hi mark

  63. kenny omega says:

    Oh hi mark

  64. Samuel Abbaco says:

    I did not hit her, it's not true! It's bullshit! I did not hit her! I did not. Oh hi, Mark.

  65. Pandabearmadness says:

    Ok how is this movie not nominated for best actor and best picture wtf. It's such a good movie, I'm shocked

  66. 萊爾富 says:

    "OH HI MARK. "

  67. eaglerising88 says:

    The mark of a really good actor is being able to act like you're a really bad actor. If his acting of a bad actor was better than the bad actor then he's not actually a good actor. It's actorception

  68. Davider says:

    I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi, Mark

  69. Bombastic Jewel says:

    ya know, it's still cringe even if it's just a movie based on a movie.

    anyways how's your sex life

  70. Richard Hobby says:

    Hahahaha what a story Mark

  71. Cecilia Grande says:

    You're my favorite costumer

  72. Totino's Pizza Rolls says:

    This film is probably going to be horrible honestly

  73. Rockgod says:

    So, did he hit her or not? He keeps changing the story.

  74. Nina says:

    "I fed up with this world!"

  75. OliverTuT [BombSquad] says:

    what is line

    dis: _________

  76. Denise Nova says:

    It seems to me like they are EXperts!

  77. greengrassofhome says:

    I.DID.NOT.HIT.HER! Goddamnit!

  78. ZOID says:

    I did not hit her its not true its bullshit i did natttttt OH HI Mark

  79. Sam Craven says:

    4,190 people also forgot their line. LOL

  80. Yash Salve says:

    Excellent work by James franco!

  81. Nate DS says:

    Gotta love that concept.

  82. Floral on main says:

    Oh hi Mark

  83. pigz88 says:

    so damn hilarious

  84. sdsdsd sd says:

    can anyone explain to me how this actor looks younger then in 2003?

  85. i c o says:

    Oh hi mark

  86. Bren says:


  87. Jhin Four says:


  88. Nisa_Tandon says:

    It would have been better if the camera man forgot to roll after so many takes😅😂😂😂

  89. BFF刀ム乙丂丂 says:

    Its not true Its Bullshit i didnt Hit Her I Did Naht

  90. Kevin Eontrainer says:

    I thought this is a joke created by Collegehumor or something

  91. Serbian Squatter says:

    So how's your sex life Mark?

  92. itay Cohen says:

    Oh hi mark

  93. RANDOM SANS says:

    what line?

  94. Fireflies Pictures says:

    poor soundman…

  95. Jack Peters says:

    Tommy Wiseau created 4,200 YouTube accounts to dislike this video

  96. Magic Cylinder says:

    This guy act better

  97. Transhive Usane says:

    cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep

  98. Nathan Toca says:

    James Franco never ages

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