The Debate Over Europe’s Stolen African Art | The Daily Show

The Debate Over Europe’s Stolen African Art | The Daily Show

Sometimes we spend so much covering America’s history
of racial injustice, we forget where it all began: Europe, the O.G. of racism. Yeah, if America is Jacquees, Europe is the real king of R&B. White people, ask your black
friend what that joke means. They’ll explain it to you. And right now in Europe when they’re not
flipping cars over and setting them on fire,
they’re having a major debate about what to do
with all the art that they borrowed permanently
by force from Africa. And according to
the president of France, it should all be returned. President Emmanuel Macron
argues it’s unacceptable that around 90%
of Africa’s artistic heritage is outside Africa and says French law
should be changed to make restitution possible. Speaking in Burkina Faso,
he said it was wrong for only Europeans and Americans
to have access to African art. In five years
he wanted to start the process of temporary
or definitive restitution. (speaking French) Yeah. That’s pretty amazing.
I think that’s pretty amazing, and it’s very nice
of the French president. -(cheering and applause)
-Although… although it is gonna be weird when Africa gets
all the sculptures back and the Africans are like,
“Wait a second. “Why do these sculptures smell
like cigarettes and threesomes? Eh? What’s going on here?” Although, honestly,
I do think if after profiting off of all of this art
for all these years they’re just gonna give it back,
I don’t think that’s enough. I think France should
give the art back with interest. Yeah. They should. (cheering and applause) I think Africa
should choose some European art. They should be like,
“Okay, thank you “for giving us our art back. “We’ll also take
that creepy white lady and the guy
with the tiny penis, eh?” (laughter) But it’s… Kudos.
Kudos to Macron. He’s doing something. And unfortunately,
not everyone in Europe is as remorseful as Macron. In fact, some Europeans
in the art world believe that they did Africa a favor
by stealing our shit. “It was meant to disappear? It was meant to disappear?” That is some next-level shade. This asshole is saying that when
Africans made stuff like this, they didn’t know
that they were making art. So if this wasn’t art, what did Africans think
they were making? The world’s
most uncomfortable butt plug? What were they making? And here’s another thing.
Whether it was art or a table or a piece of trash,
it still belongs to Africa. I mean,
Europe wouldn’t stand for it if the situation was reversed. Africa couldn’t get away with
taking anything from Europe, even if it was something
they didn’t want, like Greece. I mean, yeah, sure, it doesn’t work,
and it smells like feta cheese, but it still belongs in Europe,
and they would want it back. Oh, oh, and then you have
the Europeans who say they wish they could return
the art to Africa, they really do,
but they just don’t think Africa’s ready
for that kind of responsibility. Western museums have often
resisted repatriating art, arguing that they
can take better care of it. Returning the object
is possibly a good point. Entering into dialogue
is the best thing that we do. But who are we gonna return
the objects to? It’s one of these things that
looks like morally, on its face, give it back to who it belongs. Well, who does it belong to? It hasn’t been in that country
for over 100 years. And, you know, look,
France built the whole Musée quai Branly
to respect these objects, to preserve them, to show them. Yeah. Yeah, what…
How is Africa…? You know, this is
some sneaky-ass logic, if you think about it, ’cause
their argument is basically, “You Africans
cannot protect your art. “We know that because
we stole it from you, eh? We took it all.” But seriously, though,
how dare Europe imply that Africa can’t protect
its own art. You want to talk security?
You guys have a bunch of sleepy museum cops
guarding your art. We got lions, bitch, okay? We got lions, and those lions
will guard that sculpture better than anybody could–
Aw, shit. Bad Simba! Simba, come on. You’re holding us back, man. Now, look, uh, it is true Africa’s museums might not be
as modern as Europe’s. But if you’re that concerned
about it, how about just making
the museums in Africa better? Take a tiny piece
of that sweet colonialism money and build a museum in Africa that you feel confident in,
yeah? -(cheering and applause)
-Why not? We’re not too proud
to take your money. In fact,
you can Venmo it to me directly. I will– I will pass it along.
I promise. But maybe the most insulting
solution to this debate is the one
that Belgium has decided on. The former Royal Museum
of Central Africa in Belgium is reopening
amid a storm of controversy. The newly named Africa Museum chronicles the colonial era
of the Belgian Congo. It holds one of
the world’s largest collection of African art. REPORTER:
The museum has chosen to retain the original presentation
of exhibits but explain
their historical context. Oh, that’s really interesting. So, in Belgium, instead of giving the art back, they’re gonna keep all of it and then just tell
museum visitors that all of the art is stolen. Which is really nice,
because, by providing context, they’re gonna– Get the (bleep)
out of here, man! How is that supposed
to make us feel better? What is that bullshit?
“Yeah, we’re not gonna give you your shit back. We’re just gonna
tell the people that it was–” You know what I’m gonna do? I’m
gonna book a ticket to Belgium. That’s what I’m gonna do.
I’m gonna go there, and I’m gonna steal
all their waffles and berets or whatever the (bleep)
they got over there. And then they’re gonna be like,
“We are Belgium, and we want our waffle back.” And I’ll be like,
“Actually, Belgium, “I’m gonna keep this waffle. But I’ll tell everyone
it was yours.”

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Debate Over Europe’s Stolen African Art | The Daily Show

  1. Arketa Sample says:

    Give it all back you thieves…

  2. Marcos Sealey says:

    Funny how the fake jews have no artifacts yet they were in egypt during biblical time yeah right.

  3. Yammy From Earth says:

    At least they still have the art pieces. Here in the Philippines, ancient arts and carvings were destroyed by Spaniards.

  4. Blackberry4life says:

    The den of thieves just tryna create a new storyline for new generations to visit there! They're not truly considering giving it back. They're just trying to be relevant and stir up controversy to make money! White people think they are the gatekeepers of every land. They are at the gate for a reason, thats because it's always an inside job!!!! Fucking thieves and terrorists!

  5. Awkward Silence says:

    Everything Europe owns today was stolen. They know nothing else. Don't expect to get those things back.

  6. Nico M says:

    Stupid. Give it back. That stuff is crap anyway.

  7. lord luvs me says:

    Crooks who refuse to return what they stole! And money they profit off of it. ( interest)

  8. prince gamer says:

    Give Africa back their artifacts, dogs.

  9. Aboriginal Hebrew Moor says:

    These Children of Esau is something else..Racist white countries keeping all blacks down in order to stay on top to rule and I see thats nationwide..They are profiting from there stealing and white lies rather its a muesum or tour or website for donations…These things add up to keep them above all..Then they always have a phony scientist trying to explain to you about something black…I have seen enough!

  10. Hassan gilgilo says:

    The lions of Africa was destroyed by Europeans, the somalians was the lions but they destroyed.

  11. Naomi Jenner says:

    No artifact should be returned to Egypt. The only reason they want it is to destroy it so that they can make a Caucasian version of whatever Kemetic kings are depicted in the original. The only good thing about Egypt's art fraud is the great laugh the world can have at the expense of their "artists".  Each work is more comically hideous than the last.

  12. Naomi Jenner says:

    If you want to have a real laugh, look at the frescoes Egypt did at Luxor Temple.  It's a place with the most exquisite ancient Kemet sculptures that are now surrounded by the most hideous depiction of blonde haired saints in the most garish hues – mostly primary colors.

  13. Nefertiti Nefertiti says:

    @Not Urbusiness …..Stop trying your Best to defend White Europeans. Everybody everybody Globally Globally knows who you people are. I mean seriously ….how Stupid do you think we are as Africans, Native Americans, Aboriginals, the Maori's and the rest of the Indigenous People on this Planet Earth? Did you White Europeans honestly think that All the Indigenous Melanin People on this Planet Earth was just going to Magically forget your shit 2019? Really? Seriously? All I can say is to All you White Europeans Payback time is a real Bitch. Payback always always comes when you least expect it.

  14. Doro K. says:

    Aha, yeah right… what about all the greek art, statues etc. that are in Britain , Germany, France, Italy and also in the US. All these countries (including the US) use the same "excuse" to keep all the stolen art. That's so hypocritical

  15. James loft says:


  16. Jew3030 says:

    That's why they make wars to steal and take land resources to empower there people and there agenda black people get some nuts.

  17. Mr. Fox says:

    White audience were not comfortable with this segment 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Javier Vergara says:

    is call colonization..take you culture, take your land,take your people……

  19. Deborrah Morgan says:

    BS !!!😡

  20. Tony west bound Massey says:

    These white folks know man we all r special people we all brown people r from Africa just different people every thing on this earth belongs to us wil get it back in do time white people r have no culture only eating bloody meets cause yall comes from a cav yall r the real beast we should be walking yall on chains cause yall r the real animals facts

  21. Chris And says:

    This guys is always talking about race…

  22. Hoda Haddad says:

    And usa have thousand of ancient inscriptions of Persepolis belongs to iran/persia which after 50 years still in chicago university so Take them all back , mamnoon

  23. Kamikaze TeddyBear123 says:

    It’s good that the French president decided to bring back the history, culture and art back to Africa because its their culture and it’s their history.

    Same thing to Asia, when the British power took over both India and China, they tried to smuggle, buy and even steal the art made from them.

    So, giving back their art, history and culture is a good way to show that they care.

    But the other artist as shown in the video who they say they speak for art, they don’t. they speak for their own greedy and stupid ideals. I’m an artist and I don’t believe that taking someone’s art means they are respecting it, stealing is stealing man, they gotta give it back bro.

  24. YugotSwaqedd says:

    More thievery and whitewashed, whited out lies. Lies are being uncovered in sooooo many areas.

  25. Sunnye Daize says:

    Europe would go bankrupt if they returned everything they've stolen.

  26. Jamal Timmerman says:

    What about them Golden artifacts they stole from the Amerindians

  27. jesse fellows says:

    Bunch of Thieves

  28. BMo says:

    This is the problem with the west, everything they claim they invented were all lies, stolen and whited out with their images, including math, science, astronomy, personal hygiene, educational institution, medicine etc etc, already existed in Africa, they came around with friendly smile that they wanted to learn how it was done and basically run away with it. These people are criminals. As every one can tell they never have much to put their names on it. Maybe they should send all those African Art to the African American meseum in Washington DC

  29. Darryl Jackson says:

    The arrogance of white people never ceases to amaze me! And many black people think we may get reparations for slavery…

  30. Serina Smith says:

    They just sold King tut sculpture from Tiffany London!!! Thieves

  31. Righteous 101 says:

    RETURN the art post haste. PLUS, pay for the use of the art for all this time you had it and benefited from it. That payment could come in the form of building art museums around Africa that is worthy of housing the art. You dawg smelling Neanderthals need to stop defending your right to steal.

  32. 7Eightyone says:

    Europeans: the art has been gone for 100 years. Who would we return it to?

    Americans: we didn't pay our reparations debt when we should have so who would we give it to?

    Translation: WP think that if they wait long enough their misdeeds will disappear, no debts owed and stolen items need not be returned.

  33. verk one says:

    Esau / white folk is thief everything they have is STOLEN

  34. verk one says:

    So called white folk/ red Dragons cant help themselves they have rape robbed and murdered stolen for 500 + death to Esau

  35. Youth's Uplifter says:

    They have been stolen us since they found Africa on the earth white people's are the most criminal human being I have ever learn in my life 😏😣

  36. BOONIQUE says:

    What about all of our relatives that were tortured, humiliated, exploited, and murdered?

  37. patrick gabriel says:

    Imagine the artifacts that are in the Vatican!!!

  38. loverof666 says:

    Firts of all Macron is idiot, second all that art was covered way more that enough by humanitarian aid.

  39. The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions says:

    When Africans come and steal it back dont get upset. Along with the souls that you people stole when you came into their land. So hopefully when they steal it if a couple European heads get cracked dont be angry. These peoples idea of logic and truth could only be made by a tyrannical people. These people are a cancer to humanity.

  40. Lil' Donkey says:

    Can we please stop blaming the entire continent Europe for the terrible colonial period? I mean only France and England really did a lot of bad things to the world, Scandinavian, Eastern-European and Balkan' countries have only minded their own business throughout history… Also, Macron gives Africa its art back, those little dicks who say that Africa is 'not ready for this art' should be ignored, France is a democracy overall so most of the 66.000.000 French people have the best intentions for Africa. – R

  41. fiamma valli says:

    Macron is exploiting 14 or 19 countries with the French African franc, best wishes with the art, idiots!

  42. fiamma valli says:

    I am Italian, Probably we have something African, we can return with no problems, for sure, wi won’t miss it!!Ahha ahha ahhahha!

  43. Randy Louis says:

    White people has no history

  44. Natalie Okioga says:

    When will they return the heads they chopped off of our freedom fighters? Belgium's king Leopold killed millions of congolese people even chopping off their hands even of children. I think they still have those hands in those museums. Colonisers will never repent but will be proud of their crimes against humanity while pointing fingers at others. Whose descendants are these? Is their civilization a curse to the world? Think about it.

  45. Anthony Jackson says:

    That's what white trash do is steal ,
    They not use of nothing what a shame

  46. Jay Luminous says:


  47. DEVINECLUB says:

    They are making money of showing these art in their museum. If Africa had George Washington's booger rag or his false teeth on display in an African museum…It would be considered an act of war if it wasn't returned…Think about that for a minute!! Every Black person should take this seriously!!

  48. ethlomar says:

    Sounds about whyte!

  49. amazing touch says:

    Bring them back, I think first guy is the owner of the tiny penis or his father, when France stop collecting 80% of Africans revenue, and Belgium paying all the Congo's

  50. Lost Solace says:

    They not doing it to china. They are AFRAID of china. PUNK ASS BASTARDS. China loans there shit to them. Makes them pay.

  51. Epic Rants says:

    I actually agree, the art serves no purpose other than making us feel superior in terms of creativity and craftsmanship, they have it back if they want, I don't even understand why were upholding a more primitive cultures "art"

  52. elgrigorio1 says:

    Trevor Noah, you ain't funny.

  53. Willa Lareche says:

    It’s really sad when you realize the entire world has literally aided and abetted in kidnapping, murder, making money off the backs of African people all because they were black….all over the world! That’s what connects every black person on every continent. Imagine if we all decided to take it all back. And reflectively all we ever want is to be equal and respected. In that analysis alone, you can really see what evil looks like. Smh and not much has changed over the last few centuries. 😒

  54. Clark Jones says:

    Your the best man.

  55. California Cowboy says:

    Lol these white People are turning their back on their ancestors 😂. All the racist acts they put into place are falling apart day after day 😂.

  56. HOME-Boie W says:

    Black People… This is for YOU.
    Come together as WE Can.
    Teach OUR Children who the Oppressors are.
    Listen to our Elders, the knowledge of our history in these UN-united states are within THEM.
    Time is NOT on our side.
    The forces of darkness is upon us NOW.
    Pay Attention, LOOK, don't just see, HEAR, don't just listen,
    YOU walk with a Force that is UNSEEN BUT FELT and RECOGNIZED.
    This is why you are constantly being hunted and killed.
    DON'T Sell yourself for what's behind door number (1)…
    OR Phoney cash and Worthless prizes.

    The others know the Secret.

  57. Thomas Duffey says:

    Send it back.

  58. Rocco rwaco says:

    Am from Africa. We can not keep that art with our current breed of politicians. It will end up in their mansions. Keep it there for now

  59. N B says:

    "Survival of the fittest only the strongest survive."

  60. ScapeG0at says:

    This type of propaganda unfortunately will further divide us. The idea that modern day Europeans or any group for that matter should have to pay for the crimes of those who are dead is not just immoral but illogical. We wouldn’t support a justice system that punished sons for the crimes of their fathers. If they want to art. They can have the art. But Egyptian art belongs to the Egyptians and the art that belongs to sub Saharan Africans belongs to sub Saharan Africans. Since those two groups are very differently ethnically. The problem I have with “returning” stolen property or land for that matter are the defined parameters. Every race and ethnic group at some point or another has some something heinous to another group. Also how far back do we give reparations? 1000 years? 10000 years? Even the natives who came from the Bering straight were not truly native to the americas. There were other populations here beforehand.
    Is every race held accountable or is it only whites? If it is only whites who are targeted with forced guilt and “payment”.
    Then this indeed is racist in itself.
    The parameters would be impossible to decide and furthermore who would decide them? Who should have that kind of authority?
    Also I did a bit of digging on Mr. Noah.
    I d like for those who ideologically align themselves with him to understand that you are being fed propaganda to pit us against one another.
    Furthermore this propaganda is often funded and peddled by a certain ruthless, powerful, clique in America today. Go to his Wikipedia page and have a read yourself on his heritage and upbringing. He is one of them… divide and conquer is their modus operandi. Unfortunately for them… good people are waking up of every race. Those who don’t have hatred in their hearts for our fellow Americans. Their days are numbered and our patience has its limits.

  61. Veronica Luccas says:

    Always have an excuse for stealing

  62. Cassadee Pope says:

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  63. Momodou Dem says:

    return our arts the one in benin empire a still there. return our arts you thieves.

  64. Vincent Snickers says:

    Europe.. the place where racism started.. yes right.. like if there was no slavery among native american, among asian, in africa 6000 thousands years ago during the pharaons and after with the muslim who sold millions of slaves with the help of the african kings.. he hates white so much.. I agree that the work of art must be given back but why does he always have to compare all white people with the devil.. when you read the comments, you can see how much hate there is for the white race.. he is calling for hate and he is far to be intellectually honest in his speech..

  65. denkendannhandeln says:

    Wow, reading your comments makes me as an European realise, just how much, how deeply and how intense Africans hate us and detest all white people. You are really dangerous to us. Yes our ancestors did commit crimes, but they are long gone and dead. But you would not hesitate to kill off all of us white people living today, if you just technically could. We took your art, ok, but gave you anti-biotic, modern medicine, vaccinations, operation techniques, anesthetiser, electricity, mobile phones, the internet and so on. White inventions saved much more African lives in the past 100 years, than we ever enslaved or killed in colonial wars. But do you ever, ever hear or read of any tiny little piece of gratitude from Africans? Never, just constant white bashing. We Europeans are fed up. It is vital for our own survival to close all borders, repatriate immigrants, take out all our investments from Africa, not doing any kind of business with Africa at all, not importing their products and not delivering any of our products to them. You want a car, a TV, modern drugs to save the life of your child? The build it yourself, invent it yourself. Leave us alone, please. Then perhaps one day you will realise, that all the “wealth” you have in minerals, iron, gold, diamond etc is nothing more than dirt, as long as you have no brain behind it, who is for example able to cast and build something so beautiful as the Eiffel Tower. You had all this wealth for the last 5000 years, you were sitting on it all this time and yet you did nothing productive with it. Please, please remain in Africa, stay in India, and enjoy all your precious art for yourself. I would pack it all up and send it back to you tomorrow. We prefer remaining without your art, we do not need it, we don’t even like it. We have created our own art and will enjoy this one, as well as we will enjoy all our present and future inventions for ourselves. Alone, without sharing it with the same people who hate us and want us dead.

  66. T T says:

    "Wakanda forever"!!!

  67. 50043211 says:

    Vae victis, just be glad that times are changing Trevor!

  68. Adheena Peter says:

    Same with our kohinoor and peacock throne …..

  69. Mureithi Riitho says:

    As a sign of remorse , Macron could donate his fossil spouse ….

  70. Darth Nox says:

    Fucking europeans they should all suffer for twhat they are doing

  71. Aziz Noor says:

    I blame the west Africans. Y'all should have been more stronger with us. If there's no enemy within no enemy can do us no harm.

  72. bert fromarketin says:

    Way to steal everything Europe

  73. Visable Thought says:

    Why do we have Statutes of Limitation laws to follow yet powerful people and countries don't have to follow them, huh…..

  74. Bruce Wayne says:

    Forget the art, Algeria needs to claim back the Eiffel Tower

  75. Patratcat says:

    Anything can be art

  76. Joey Bulford says:

    Egypt was OG racism. The Jews are still owed reparations for building those pyramids.

  77. zac20zg says:

    I just love these South Africa man.
    And he tell truth
    We should get rid all off African culture from Europe
    Literally everything.
    Personally I really don’t believe black culture belong to europe ,america
    Take your culture and your self
    And build your own civilization
    Go back to wakandaaaa and enjoy
    Your beautiful culture

  78. Erren Henderson jr says:

    true story

  79. Viktor Olson says:

    Well if art changes then why would Africa care for it

  80. G Kizer says:

    And the African Culture of the ARTS IS GETTING IT BACK ! ! ! Damn the BULL SHIT ! we will flight your Asses 😡👊😤…✊

  81. Kevin Knight says:

    Fuck that African art. They should fucking burn it all considering that there were over 2 million white Erupean Christian's that were enslaved by the Africans between the 16th and 19th century..That's right folks us whites were slaves in North Africa before they were slaves here..The first batch of white slaves were taken to North Africa in the year 1530. The first dozen black African slaves were brought here to the new world in the year of 1619..So do the math..I bet the history books never really tought that…I feel as thought we should tear down and get rid of anything that has to do with Africa here in the states plus anything to do with Arabic and Muslims and Islam considering that them both the Africans and them started what they called the WHITE slave trade..Again to all of my brothers and sisters who has been demonized and profiled as a racist and even attacked because for decades all we've been hearing and listening to is how the blacks today are victims and it was us the white devil's that had enslaved their ancestors…We the WHITE people our white CHRISTIAN ancestors were slaves first..Let that sink in..

  82. احمد عماد says:

    But we all know they will never give back the Egyptian artifacts because they actually cast something

  83. shipperdanphil says:

    The same with Latin America, almost everything that we had before the colonisation is now in Europe (and not just the art)

  84. Daniel Heita says:

    It was meant to disappear..😂😂

  85. Ekaterina S says:

    Were all European countries like this?
    I don’t think so!

  86. Nithin Pavithran says:

    They stole kohinoor from india too

  87. Peace Prevails says:

    Not just Africa , also many priceless artefacts from India.

  88. Beautiful and Motivated says:

    Yep! Give that art back with cash 💰!

  89. A D says:

    In all seriousness, some countries are so corrupt and politically unstable these objects are not safe there. And I understand the guy's point if view, these objects were just unvaluable objects in Africa they were never considered art. But the European by importing them exposing them and telling the history behind these objects attributed value to them.

  90. Frank Wilkinson says:

    If they don't wanna give it back then Pay for it!

  91. SuperSimpleasthat says:

    Africans dosnt even understand art. I think Europe should Keep it

  92. Jérôme Chauvet says:

    Taking from Africa shamelessly made us rich… What do you think the word Afrique means for French? Aaaaaaafrica, le fric, c'est chic. Think about it.

  93. PanGemno says:

    Germany didn't return thing they stole from Poland during WW2 saying that they've already sold that…

  94. Thati-Spice says:

    I say this… Brits, please return the crown jewels to SA. Dankie

  95. S Boloshis says:

    British guy hosting an American show says they stole “our shit” like being black means he is African. No dude your an sjw shill and they can’t protect it. “We got lions” no Africa has lions you have a lame tie.

  96. S Boloshis says:

    Stolen, we launched campaigns to dig this stuff up and return it. If it wasn’t for the old archeologists none of this would be around and would be smashed like the faces of all the statues in Muslim Egypt.

  97. francois williams says:

    South Africa has many great museums…

  98. Da Noob Sandstorm says:

    If they handed the art back to africa it would not be preserved

  99. Devon Bleck says:


  100. Griffith Guts says:

    Daaaaaaaamn Trevor :/

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