pet through a grievous the Spanish word for petrol Krebs [Music] and good morning and welcome to another beautiful day here in Chile well yesterday if you didn’t see oh we went to a beautiful Laguna and today we’re headed to someplace that I can’t tell you about I can show you and I can show you what it is but I can’t tell you where it is and it’s something pretty special [Music] so we’ve arrived to the last place that the horses can can help us out now we have to go hiking because don’t ask me why but the hieroglyphics are up here right next to this beautiful waterfall but I don’t know I mean it was really difficult to get here I could understand why they’re preserved and not many people have seen these things because we’ve been riding on horseback for an hour and then we arrived here and then you hiked for another half an hour to get way up to there and well let’s go walking [Music] so maybe this is the reason why I’ve never seen hieroglyphics in the real life before I have been going up for about a half an hour in this really sketchy terrain trying to get up to this place that I thought was like 20 minutes away but I’m almost there there’s the rock so close but yet so so far [Music] so we finally made it to the hieroglyphics and this is such a special place not only because it’s hard to get to you but also because it leaves a history behind it shows that they were maybe 20 people a tribe of twenty people living here just right around here there’s a beautiful waterfall right next to here that could get water and apparently there were different animals that they could eat that we’re living around here but you can see the family you can see the difference between the big feet the smaller feet and then baby feet so there’s a Bigfoot there and well just take a look for yourself this is pretty incredible oh and you can tell if this is thousands of years old because there was no paint there’s no paint anywhere around here apparently there are stories that maybe embody Luce there was paint but here no paint at all just carvings into the side of this rock really incredible check that [Music] well what a cool piece of history right here in our backyard well not necessarily backyard but a few hours on a six wheel truck and then a few hours by a few more than a few hours on horseback to get here and then about our hike to get up here pretty amazing I can’t believe I was able to see this with my own eyes incredible but and we might have a problem looks like rain is coming in and we’re about five or six hours from the car so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this was one of the coolest trips that I’ve ever taken in my entire life we just got back down from a near-death experience in my opinion coming down from the artwork that’s up way up way up there but it’s about to rain I don’t know if you can see it right behind us but the clouds are coming in rain is supposed to hit we have a few hours of course back ride and get back to a car to bring us back to civilization so I’m gonna pick up the GoPro because well can you see all the leaves coming down it’s gonna rain so we’ll see you guys hopefully alive in a couple of hours and back by the truck my feet are completely wet [Music] it’s been raining for about two hours now and I couldn’t be a happier person even if I tried this is beautiful even if it’s raining okay so I don’t know how alive I really am right now because I have pain and pretty much every part of my body but that’s because we went on horseback the last three days now and pretty much non-stop seeing spectacular places pieces of history and just a beautiful park if you’re interested in coming to visit this park the link is right below highly suggest it it was incredible but hope you enjoyed this little series in this Park here and well check out the pictures on Instagram Facebook and Twitter all of those links are also right below but I think I’m just going to well I might die still no I’m gonna go see Elise in Moses I can’t wait to see them vacuum Linares and we’ll see you guys next time but for now javis gap [Music]

Dereck Turner


  1. Loi * says:

    The videography is nuts 😍

  2. Zepptimus says:


  3. Alexis Iturrieta says:

    Awesome!!!! 😎

  4. Maria Angelica Rivadeneira says:

    Thank you Jon so much for showing us once more how beautiful the Chilean landscape is. You're very fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to visit those beautiful, amazing places and I am so thankful for you, that allow me to see the wonders of Chile! Now you are an expert horseback rider🤗🐎

  5. glakagz says:


    I got to tell you

    You are having the time of your life in Chile


  6. Esperanza Almonte says:

    Wow! Oh my goodness! Que maravilla de paisajes y esos petroglifos son diseños simbólicos grabados en rocas, realizados desgastando su capa superficial. Muchos fueron hechos por los hombres del período neolítico. Son el más cercano antecedente de los símbolos previos a la escritura. Gracias Jon por otro video espectacular, gracias a ti estoy conociendo más a mi hermoso país..Saludos a Elise y a Moisés el bebé más hermoso que Dios lo bendiga! Chao pescao!

  7. Andres Castro says:

    Jon you've out done yourself again. The scenery is spectacular. You really captured the beauty this country has to offer. The trip looked amazing. Keep up the awesome videos 👍

  8. miguel morales villegas says:

    Que majestuoso es el cóndor… pueden alcanzar más de 3 mts de punta a punta de sus alas extendidas… fabuloso pájaro!!… es la inspiración del comic Condorito…

  9. Johnny Lobos says:

    I have seen hundreds of petroglyphs in Chile, and they still intact, just like the first day I saw them more than 40 years ago. A lot of them, are just a few meters away from highways or little towns, and nobody vandalized them. So, the owner of that territory is wrong about a few things. But, before that, I wonder who in the world sold him that massive extension of territory and why? Who gave him the right of hide it from the rest of the world. Not just from Chilean people but from the world. I am pretty sure that I will find more than a little surprise here. In the meantime, I am great full for your video, and glad that you are enjoying those beautiful places. Have fun! 😉

  10. Thoreau says:

    I'm so curious as to who the people who carved those rocks were. Were they passing through, were they living there, what happened to them?
    Great video Jon.

  11. Tommy Macguire says:

    So incredibly amazing! I’m glad you got to experience that wonderful trip! I bet you are super sore after so many hours riding a horse. It must be so interesting to be somewhere that holds so much history.

  12. Winifred Ortega says:

    A majestic condor, it's great that you caught it flying. It is our national bird.

  13. Mirna Medina says:

    Bellos paisajes maravillosos colores de la naturaleza gracias x mostrarlos.

  14. Gustav says:

    The horses were wet behind you. Anyway the trees and mountains were very pretty

  15. Cristobal Rodrigo Vallejos Cáceres says:

    el "amigo max" es una gran persona, me alegro que lo hayas conocido y compartido con él! 🙂

  16. Manuel Lacourt R says:

    Paisajes maravillosos …y veo que lo disfrutas mucho..que genial un gran abrazo desde Santiago..ok.. mlacourt..ha agradezco los subtítulos..

  17. World Wide Wong says:

    This was great! I love that you're working with national parks in Chile. Such a cool experience.
    I don't know if you watch his videos but you should totally collaborate with Evan Hadfield of Rare Earth. I believe he's living in Chile, now. He makes very interesting videos about lesser known historic stories of different places around the world.
    Also, his dad is the famous astronaut, Chris Hadfield.

  18. Rupestre Rupestre says:

    Excelente!! El arte rupestre siempre me hace sentir conectado con la humanidad a través del tiempo, me dan ganas de saber quienes eran, como hablaban y vivían esos ancestros nuestros, probablemente sus descendientes viven cerca de Linares…

  19. pabloandresms says:


  20. necho gallardo says:

    Que maravilloso que tengan la oportunidad de conocer y disfrutar de estos parajes
    Y se ve que aprovechas y disfrutas al máximo bien tio Jon

  21. Didier Velo says:

    What a beautiful place. Amazing job Jon. Thank for showing us this wonderful places in Chile.

  22. marcela torres says:

    Jon , no toques las piedras con petroglifos , pues se desgastan con la erosión ,al igual que los moais de rapanui solo hay que mirar no tocar

  23. Bull hd gamer :v says:

    Jon Gross te ví esta mañana
    Te deseo suerte en tus vídeos

    PD: pase en un bus cafe y tu ivas en una skate en la mañana GOD LUCK

  24. Gerard Red says:

    Wow that condor!

  25. luwe watches says:

    Wow that condor was amazing. Great video as usual.

  26. TechJer says:

    Those petroglyphs are so cool! I'd love to hear about all the methods they used to date them (such as no paint, etc) and who they believe lived there.

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