The Champions (League Draw): Last 16 Match-Ups Confirmed for 2019/20

The Champions (League Draw): Last 16 Match-Ups Confirmed for 2019/20

What happens when the top 16 teams in the Champions League are split into two pots and paired together in a knockout competition? This is what the Champions League draw is. I can’t wait to visit Europe’s best clubs. It will make picking my next team so much easier. Rafaella’s birthday party is around the same week as the second leg, so I’m so excited to see which type of injury I’m going to get this year I’m so excited we qualified for next year. Italy are going to be tough opponents but… – PRODUCER: Err, Gareth, this is actually for the Champions League For Real Madrid – Oh, OK. Yeah, that’s cool too I guess. I really want to win the Champions League again because I’ve only won it twice. TWIIIIIICE! Sorry, I didn’t prepare anything After losing our first three games I honestly didn’t think we’d make it Haha! Suck it, Ajax! Coach has us practicing for the last 16 already, but I don’t know why I’m doing this Oooh, baby do you know what that’s worth? Oooh, seven is a place on earth. We’ll play for seven, six came first. We’ll make seven a place on the earth! Germany: check London: check Group stage: check What else you got for me, Europe? Let’s do this, come on, bring it in the knockouts! Let’s make it hard! Liverpool won last year, Barca are looking good this year, I’m very excited for Bayern’s chances when I disappear! We’re working as hard as we can so next year I can win the Ballon d’Or… I mean, er, next year we can win the Champions League. There will be no repeat of last year. I don’t lose finals. The only thing I lose is dressing rooms. In the knockout stage, Red Bull gives you wins! We qualified for the last 16 and fired the coach, so if we win the Champions League we’re getting rid of EVERYBODY! We’re very excited for the first leg of the knockout stage. And this time, for the second leg. Guys?

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Champions (League Draw): Last 16 Match-Ups Confirmed for 2019/20

  1. Luke Valentis says:

    0:58 XD

  2. Omur Dogan says:

    Im sorry bale but its gonna be turkey and italy

  3. Declan Campbell says:

    Anybody notice Sancho wearing Reus’ shorts

  4. Bungur48 says:

    red bull gives you wins :)))

  5. Abilazzy Official says:


  6. BFMert says:

    Explain Lyon pls :<

  7. Jeremiah Thooyavan says:

    Manchester United fans are dead in the inside🤣🤣🤣🤦

  8. Fist Of Justice says:



  9. Vicious Twilight says:

    1:08 ahh this is golden

  10. My Ears Got Youth System says:

    How Atalanta managed to get through that group buffles me!

  11. Max Waz3 says:

    Sancho has no. 7 not 11

  12. anna Mathew says:

    I hate Messi

  13. שי מיטרני says:

    0:14 Sancho wearing #11 and he's #7

  14. A guy says:

    So you drew atalanta and red star but not lyon? what??? 😂😂😂

  15. Chirag Kotian says:


  16. Uhachiji Uhachiji says:

    Lol Lyon has no more star with the injury of memphis. They have perhaps dembele or Aouar who are star in development

  17. ANIL JACOB says:

    For the second leg

  18. Carz says:

    I really wanted this overconfident club barca to loose at any cost.

  19. Tamuka Sosera says:

    lyon to be slain by juve

  20. kaif ansari says:

    Wow what a crazy things we had

  21. SafwanNet says:

    What did it mean last season.
    "No one wants to draw Lyon". Does it mean no one wants to face Lyon ?

  22. Eric Martins says:

    De jong's face made me lose everything

  23. Muzi Fele says:

    Bale knows he'll be on the bench anyway 😂

  24. Muzi Fele says:

    All I lose is dressing rooms "Mourinho 2019"

  25. Karim Bellarabi says:

    mertens🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmaooo "we getting rid of everybody" i'm deaddddd🤣🤣

  26. Daron Wiafe says:

    this show is amazing, keep up the great work

  27. Khi Zar says:

    CR7: "we're working as hard as we can so next year I can win the Ballon D'Or"…
    Damn that is so him

  28. fan of Erling Braut Häland super striker says:



    Who's ur favourite character mines Felix

  30. Donald Thopola says:

    Does L.Messi knows how to speak English… If he does, then he fooled us

  31. Palm Trees and Rum says:

    Papu Gomez not prepared

  32. anonymous Cz says:

    Barcelona looks good???

  33. dcontrerasm says:

    Jurgen is so passive aggressive in this show and I love it hahaha

  34. Serkdemon says:

    Messi spoke
    Actually 👀

  35. subhamay 7 italia says:

    Who else wants a similar type of Euro 2020 draw episode??

  36. Rudra Chatterjee MiaSanMia says:

    Your animation sucks.. really sucks bad.. You should learn something from 442oons…

  37. Arjel Kaca says:

    Christian :let's make this harder
    Bayern: I am about to destroy this man hole career

  38. the puppeteer says:

    "Red Bull gives you WIN(G)S" I'M GONE

  39. GAME OVER. says:


  40. ceferino collado says:

    this is simply hilarious🤣🤣🤣. good job B/R! hope Barca will win this time

  41. Quailert ak says:

    1:59 that was perfect

  42. Lukia Otema says:

    I dont loose finals i only loose dressing rooms

  43. Glodi Mata says:

    I love when you make Clopp dancing 😂

  44. Frosty Uploads says:

    I love pulisic so much, best character by far

  45. Matt Garibaldi says:

    Im sorry but what happen with lyon

  46. Anna Ahmed says:

    I swear I’m falling for pullisics 🤣😭

  47. Daz Gaming says:

    The Lyon part though.

  48. Pablo Arias says:

    1 like = 1 friend for Gareth Bale

  49. Gift_RealG says:

    "We're getting rid of everybody" 😂😂😂😂

    Red bull gives you wins 😂😅

  50. Bellen Sanchez says:

    I love how no ones talk about how this is the last episode

  51. John Chierichella says:

    Hopefully Chelsea intervene and recognize Pulisic and kovacic are the driving force of Chelsea and winning
    And bang average English boys are for late match time wasting replacements and fa cup matches if at all

  52. David Ekanem says:

    Lol Mourinho- The only thing i lose is the dressing room…just how? Lolz

  53. Empire Games says:

    Is this the last season?

  54. Vatti says:

    Klopp is the best character in BR and 42toons hahaha

  55. Joes Young says:

    As a Chelsea I know we are outsiders at the same time we can beat anyone in Europe on our day

  56. andisaw Araga says:

    Have Anyone notice they featured Sancho In Reus's jersey Number?

  57. MUMBA MUKOSHA says:

    Ha ha suck it Ajax😂😂😂

  58. Jardine2207 says:

    Why is Sancho’s number 11?

  59. PKthe Cartoon says:

    coach has us practising for the last 16 already but I don't no why am doing this
    Joa Felix complaining like your average teenager

  60. Aan Panuntun says:

    Napoli part hahaha

  61. ALFA says:

    please Subtitles in spanish please !

  62. Al Ali says:

    Tottenham 2 7 bayern next chelsea

  63. lil Xai says:

    Make a Europa League Series or World Cup Series

  64. Nguyen Quang Huy says:

    The song Klopp sings is original or parody of other song ??? If it is parodied, I would like to know the original song

  65. Phazey Fire says:

    Is it just me or do the voices sound different?

  66. kira says:

    Atletico gotta best Liverpool

  67. FullMetal B***h says:

    Ronaldo and Jose 🤣😂

  68. WildwoodClaire1 says:

    What we've found at Bayern is that Coutinho is Mighty Mouse against Düsseldorf or Paderborn but nowhere to be found against top clubs like BVB or Leipzig. So yeah, he'll be invisible in Champions League for the remainder of Bayern's matches.

  69. WalrusPlayz says:

    I guess Memphis Depay will never be on the show…

  70. Emmanuel owoicho says:

    "if we win the Champions League, we are getting rid of everybody" Lmaooo

  71. cah Pisang baru says:

  72. Ronaldo FC says:

    My predictions
    Man City

  73. Team of the worhist says:

    Song thet kloops sings

  74. Craig Waters says:

    I can I can't wait for this

  75. J MonMon says:

    Neymar is currently injured

  76. Sanwal Zia says:

    Guardiola`s TWICCCE, always cracks me

  77. Jairo Nuñez says:

    0:21 Aaaaand he got a back injury! 😂😂😂

  78. PKthe Cartoon says:

    so it's February one week to the champion's league and Neymar has just gotten a rib injury….the accuracy in this video

  79. martin jones says:

    Poor Lyon

  80. Michael D’Auria says:

    Neymar’s now got a rib injury

  81. Gebreamlak Woldegiorgis says:

    Anybody here after city banned from ucl for 2 YEARS

  82. ZYNX 7 says:

    Anyone here after city got banned from champions league

  83. Christos 7 says:

    Who is here after Man city getting banned from the Champions league for the next 2 seasons?

  84. Endurian Games says:

    It’s a good thing Pep won’t have to be stressed about this the next 2 seasons

  85. DT Dragons says:

    Sancho is not leaving anytime soon

  86. Harry Kane says:


  87. Frando says:

    Guardiola what about the world cup 😂😂😂 edit:i mean when hes a manager

  88. Erjon Metaj gillar fortnite says:

    Rip mcfc for Bieng bannad from ucl

  89. Tanjil Aziz Tanim says:

    Ohh City, Noo City….

  90. AZW512MKW (official 3 star Ninja General) hurricane andrew says:

    Athletico madrid won vs liverpool 1-0

  91. Anthony Sanchez Becerril says:

    this is cool

  92. Samira Hussein says:

    Atletico Madrid vs loserpool 1-0

  93. CSandSoccer says:

    This is so cringe after watching 442oons… 442oons ftw

  94. flora66 says:

    Is there still going to be a season 4?? Please keep making them! Can't wait!

  95. Iann Buco says:

    Season 4 please

  96. Rafael Angetib says:

    Who here after bayern won against chelsea 6-1

  97. Neeraj Rao says:

    When are we getting the new episode?

  98. H says:

    It’s February and I am waiting…. for new videos 🙂

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