The Case for Surrealism | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

The Case for Surrealism | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Case for Surrealism | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

  1. Hannu Hyvärinen says:

  2. scott oconnor says:

    One of the most important art movements for sure! This is a 1 hour documentary packed into 10 minutes. Probably have to watch it 2 or 3 times to absorb all this information.

  3. Theo Chry says:

    Really fantastic video! Thanks a lot

  4. Andre Vieira says:

    Does Surrealism need a case made for it? I've never seen anyone criticizing it. It's pretty awesome

  5. Tag Ret says:

    Reallly"??? the entire premise of the video is Naught. get a F-N mind. butt of course thats thats NOT what this is about. Seek ye ye. Ill say NO MORE… Seek.

  6. Jessica Smith says:

    Thanks! This is a style of art that I never thought about before your video. It seems a natural reaction to WW1 from an artist's point of view.

  7. Ghida Ladkani says:

    Part 4: Appropriation

  8. Mark Lazaro says:

    Amazing video, though I don't think you mentioned how problematic Bréton was + the blatant misogynies he published in his written Manifestoes of Surrealism. The image of the femme-enfant, or the Woman subject stuck in arrested development (thus rendered without any speck of agency), are one of the most harmful depictions of the Woman and her autonomy in Surrealist works. Still to this day we see traces of the woman-child; the 'damsel in distress' trope, the 'baby burlesk' as popularized by our girl Shirley, and moreso in Nadja, Carroll's Alice (published a decade earlier), and to an extent Nabokov's Lolita. Crazy.

  9. Marc Bell says:

    Very dumbed down info is you aren't going to mention the 2 types of surrealism: The automatisms came to express themselves in the abstract tradition, while the Veristic surrealists expressed themselves in the symbolic tradition.

  10. The Art Channel says:

    Learn more about Contemporary Art on The Art Channel. We make films inside exhibitions of art by some of the world's leading artists

  11. allister132 says:

    … Wait a second. This is crash course for Art.

  12. Heather Calun says:

    Video games make an especially good medium for surrealism. I hope to see the interactive art scene continue in that direction.

  13. Q says:

    2016? A little late for that lol

  14. Ari Guzmán says:

    I would really like to know the name of that song in the back, I love it.
    Good video, good information, good job!

  15. 108 Funality says:

    Everyone was tripping or lucid dreaming at that time lol

  16. Mr. Stick says:


  17. Bethany Martin says:

    I love Claude Cahun!

  18. RoryReidArt says:

    very nice video …I enjoyed it, well done!

  19. Justin S says:

    “Surrealism is the absence of hidden images and memories deep with in our minds”

  20. Justin S says:

    This is great thanks for spreading news about the surrealist movement, people need to hear it 😁

  21. go go says:

    Every day has become bizarre, irrational, and maybe a bit hallucinatory. Surrealism is a sign of the times without the humor.

  22. Louise Pinder says:

    Thank you useful teaching intro tool.

  23. Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams says:

    I always find surrealist paintings intriguing.

  24. Crushi! .Original Music, Art and Weird. says:

    🌭 🍔 🍟 🍕 🥪 🥙 🌮 u have to look that the mirror to see the reflection 🌭 🍔 🍟 🍕 🥪 🥙 🌮

  25. Crushi! .Original Music, Art and Weird. says:


  26. Celine Arian Lee says:

    Would like to see a The Case For video about Realism/Figurative Art/Representational Art and especially on your take on where it stands in the very progressive influx of art/artists in contemporary art. I love this channel, by the way! Thank you! <3

  27. Erin Ckodre says:

    Thank you for making these videos 💖

  28. Amy Robbins says:

    Love this. Thank you for posting Mrs. Green! 🙂

  29. Nina nuheyenuh says:

    Thank you for including a painting by Remedios Varo, she's the coolest

  30. Dayle delgado says:

    whats the name of the movie in the 0:10 that shows, thank you

  31. Ashleigh Thompson says:

    need to slow down your speech

  32. Jo Von says:

    picture at 0:11 ?

  33. Greg Bem says:

    Quite good. I especially appreciate that you covered where surrealism went after its high period.

  34. burnellking says:

    Ceci n'est pas une pipe has nothing to do with what you said the pipe being a double, but it is a play on words in French, for in slang, "Pipe" also means a blow job….

  35. chandler robert says:

    You are saying the artists name wrong. Not judging

  36. Erin Y says:

    Love that acknowledgement of Dada. On another note, it's truly unfortunate that Dali ended up a money-grubbing Nazi sympathiser.

  37. Justice J. Srisuk says:

    I had no idea that the Surrealist Movement was so vehemently anti-Colonialism/Imperialism. Fascinating!

  38. Lemon Flavoured Disinfectant says:



    Here is a huge one.

  39. Shada says:

    Ever notice how major culture seems to hate all the same things that the Nazis did?

  40. thegothamcityqueen says:

    I don't know if it is because English is not my native language but I find these videos hard to follow. I think the pace Is too fast

  41. Thelema9331 says:

    Racquetball recipe calls can cinnamon ,dude.

  42. Ellis Dee says:

    Best videos ever!!

  43. Soumadip Chowdhury says:

    Art piece at 0:45?

  44. Niamh-Creates says:

    I love surrealism.

  45. Rodolfo Hidalgo says:

    Giuseppe Arcimboldo was centuries ahead in innovation.

  46. Etienne 777 says:

    You forgot to mention that surrealism is closely connected to the occult and thus to satanism, the dark side of spirituality. African masks have demons attached to them. But there is the positive side to it as well.

  47. Gustavo Herrera says:

    This is so good for my students.

  48. Kuhoo Not Kuhu says:

    Who the fuck drew that messed up map @6:24

  49. pamdemonia says:

    Please DADA! I feel like it really has something to say about now

  50. Nightwalker973 says:

    No Binsinski, one of the best artists to ever exist?

  51. cleveque says:

    That was entirely unhelpful

  52. kwuzie says:

    There's been a recent rise/resurgence of surrealism and dadaism that probably is a response to another uptick in fascism.

  53. SpaceKat IPK says:

    Excellent channel and series!

  54. Gregory Luce says:

    How about a video or videos concerning contemporary German artists, esp. Gerhard Richter and Anselm Kiefer?

  55. π 火 酉 Π-san says:

    Narration FAR TOO FAST.. .. it i made for entertainment and does not allow any pause for though: POOR

  56. S/A Everyday says:

    I am art and art is me

  57. Conor Feste says:

  58. Giacomo Prideaux says:

    Do minimalism and abstract expressionism! 🙂

  59. Nu'blessed says:

    "primitive cultures" wow they really called it that back then

  60. Shreyash Mukesh says:

    @DavidLynch you are gonna love this.

  61. Rory Nowlin Art says:

    I think it'd be interesting if you made a "Case for…" evaluating the intentions and meanings of modern day art, not "Modern Art" but artwork of today by young adults- often posted on Instagram, deviant art, youtube- I suppose artwork shared through technology and how that influences us as humans and creatives. I see you do the videos where you visit a location and see what's going on in that place, but I think the internet might be worthy of a visit!

  62. random_girl walking_on_the_sidewalk says:

    It would be interesting to compare it to magic realism since for example Magritte is considered by many as a magic realist and not a surrealist. Although the divide between the two seems to be kind of vague. I have noticed that some prefer to call themselves magic realist instead of surrealists.

  63. Gerardo Malo Díaz says:

    What is the song in the background in the first minutes? Help?
    Who makes the music for this?

  64. RAsplez 98 says:

    Surrealism killed Dadaism. It replaced conceptualism and anti-elitism with consumerism and museum culture. Dadaism was against this elitist culture in the 1910s, while surrealism embraced it. Salvador Dali is a traitor to Dadaism and didn't understand Duchamp's vision at all.
    Salvador Dali was the consumer populist while Duchamp was the counter culture conceptualist.

  65. Harold Flowers says:

    Surrealism now can be found in r/dankmemes

  66. Harold Flowers says:

    Surrealism is memes but no intended humor

  67. Muhamad Dakota says:


  68. 0vrStart says:

    that last bit about naïveté kinda killed the emotional impact of the whole thing.

  69. TRAP SOUL says:

    Love this channel, as a new subscriber I have but one request. The Case for Francis Bacon, please

  70. derVlogdahalt says:

    Very good video, you really made a very good summary of the whole movement. Just two details must be corrected: "Changer de vie" is not a slogan the surrealists took from Rilke, but from Rimbaud who Breton admired a lot. And the name of Miró is catalan, so it has to be pronounced "Joe-un" and not "Juan". But keep up the good work!

  71. lmao oaml says:

    Is it just me or do memes seem to very similar in their purpose?

  72. Alana Couperthwaite says:

    This was an amazing video! I'm doing an art assignment on surrealism and watching this video helped me understand. Very well written glad I found the channel.

  73. Professr Frank says:

    Surrealism, it’s ME!! and the others… – S. Dali
    Dali$ – A. Breton
    Very good introduction! ❤️ When you get down to it, what art ISN’T surreal?

  74. Mad Wolf Productions says:

    Brilliant Work here! Thank You for THIS!

  75. soldierofvanity says:

    Well i value this as information but it is a bit modernist and analytical, read the anthology of black humor preferably.

  76. Robert Galletta says:


  77. Robert Galletta says:


  78. Robert Galletta says:


  79. trev moffatt says:


  80. Saturn S says:

    My dream last night was chaotic and vivid

  81. Richard Clunan says:

    Surrealism = Perfect Nonsense

  82. osh_ho q says:

    I love this channel.I am learning so much!

  83. Pat W says:

    my favorite type of art

  84. sylvestre gagnon says:

    Interesting vidéo with lot of leftist bullshit. Communist were not that much into art than nazi or fascist. In communist country art was very conservative and artist did not have much freedom. The nazi party was probably not worse on this subject than any other dictactorship around the world. Art is today is very consensual and tend to follow propaganda. The people who talk about art make political commentary who pushe for socialism or any stuff that is mainstream. They dont seem to make research or go Beyond what is polically profitable to say in public. High on pretentiousness low on actual merit.

  85. Tu Kelvin says:

    what of "super reality"? I wasn't able to understand this movement without that context.

  86. Praveen Sahani says:

    कृपया अतियथार्थवाद का हिंदी वीडियो बनाएं

  87. scratch says:

    M… O… O… N… That spells "surreal'''.

  88. syrisch nederlandse jongen says:


  89. Michael Zieschang says:

    Great, my daughter just nearly failed the final exam in school about surrealism. Maybe she should‘ve watched your video.
    Btw: what are your thoughts about the German painter Neo Rauch who is actually quite famous in the US ?

  90. FLUXUS says:

    It is what it is…

  91. Alexandra Ljadova says:

    Dear Art assignment, I explain modern art with your videos, and Dada is one of the most hard things to explain, can you please make a case for Dada? Please 🙂 ? Thank you for your hard work, you are my best teacher of history/theory of art, I listen to you every time I have to do state exams. <3

  92. quantised says:

    6:23 "non-western or so-called primitive cultures" EXCUSE ME, who writes your scripts?

  93. Marc Brassé says:

    I think we should all become Surreal Anarchic Pacifists (in short SAP's). Then things would change for the better at last.

  94. Szymon W. says:

    Hey guys
    Who are yours favorite surrealist artist? 🙂

    My favorite one is rene Magritte.

  95. Pakistan ki ma ka bhosda boi says:

    Imagine if these people did acid.

  96. Iam Joergen says:

    Surrealism is a protest in art form.

  97. Henry Windsor Rurikovich says:

    That's me old fashion 💓

  98. Eduardo Paulo says:

    Hmmmmm. You attributed the sentiment "…change life…" to Rilke — but I've always attributed this "…change life…" quote to Arthur Rimbaud. As in, "faut changer la vie". Not Rilke.

  99. hockeymann88 says:

    These are informative summaries of various art styles. Thanks for posting.

  100. Danielle Ciccone says:

    I would expand on the importanceof science for thus periode. Also atomic theory and physics .

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