The Caricature Artist Who Sketched the Man Who Robbed Him | The Daily Show

The Caricature Artist Who Sketched the Man Who Robbed Him | The Daily Show

We have a major story
that is shaking California. And, actually, you know what,
for this story, can we… I’m gonna need…
I’m gonna need some help. Can we get, um… Let me think. Can we get Roy? Roy? Can we get Roy to come and join me at the desk? Yeah, I just… No, ’cause Roy’s got
a great perspective. I just wanted to chat to you. Roy Wood Jr. (cheering and applause) What’s up, man?
What’s-what’s happening? -I just, um…
-Going on? I just need… I need some help
with this next story. Mean, that’s weird.
You never needed help during the headlines. -No, but this one’s…
this one’s different. -I… Um, it’s a very big story, and I just need you
to stay here. And, uh, let’s roll the tape.
Let’s roll the tape. Police in southern California
say an artist appears to have sketched
the man who stole his money. Detectives say
this is a caricature of the suspect in a robbery at Riverside’s
Festival of Lights this month. The guy asked the artist
to make the drawing. When it was done,
the suspect grabbed a bag with about $500 in it
and ran off, but he left the picture behind. Police posted it on Facebook
with the message, “Do you recognize
this caricature?” The message went on to say
that the caricature is… is one of the suspects,
but, of course, there are exaggerated
characteristics and features. (laughter and applause) So… Okay. -I don’t know…
-Okay. So you gonna do me like that. That’s fine. So, so,
let me ask you something. When you asked me
to wear a red hat to work today, it wasn’t ’cause you thought
a red hat would look good on me and the holidays and whatever.
You… It was a joke. I also… I also like the hat. I also like your hat,
but also for the joke. Are we done? Are we done?
Can I go back? Yeah, no, we’re done.
I just wanted to, um… -Okay, good. If we’re done…
-Can we take a selfie -real quick?
-Oh, my God. Look, I’m done. -I got work to do, man.
-It’s funny. -(laughing): You look
like the guy. -No. -It’s not me. -Roy Wood Jr.,
everybody. Don’t be mad. -It’s not me.
-Don’t be… (laughing)

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Caricature Artist Who Sketched the Man Who Robbed Him | The Daily Show

  1. C OB says:

    115th cheeeeeeeeeeee fucks yeah

  2. Maria Martinez says:

    IDK, Roy has a great sense of humor. He appreciates a "funny" to some people joke! 😳😆😄😊

  3. Twilight Gardens presentations says:

    I bet it look just like him

  4. Nachito says:

    So where is the money roy?

  5. Alex Landherr says:


  6. Zach Pangus says:

    That's el Roy. Same moms different daf

  7. NELLY MAINA says:

    That profile matches 50, 00 black men in New York on a Monday

  8. Megman x says:

    Lmao hahaha

  9. Lance Chimese says:

    “Big lips? Big nose? Nappy hair?!?! Say no more sir, i’ll draw him from memory”

  10. Artistic Lion says:


  11. Rk Kath says:

    Trevor looks like the photo

  12. cryptout says:

    I hope he doesn’t get arrested by a zealous cop watching the show!

  13. TubezTheOne says:

    Why do I feel like Roy had no idea Trevor was going to do this?

  14. ced kent says:

    Roy out there trying to make red hat great again

  15. {} says:

    Trevor has the most squished, punchable face.

  16. marian schnell says:

    Wow, either this isn't fake, or Roy is a really good actor.

  17. Monika Nghipangelwa says:


  18. Patrick O'ryan says:

    Imagine a white dude doing this sketch.
    Oh who are we kidding Noah is a white dude

  19. 2721kitcat says:

    Omg !!! That's the funniest thing I've seen in a minute

  20. Kojo Owusu says:

  21. 柳岑焉 says:


  22. Amo Shenxane says:

    gotta get the bag somehow..

  23. Malcom S says:

    Guy who shushed me?

  24. Fluffy Talguw says:

    Only a black man would or rather COULD do this to another black man 😝

  25. Sweetie Pie says:

    Roy needed some dreads or twists to make this believable. At least he got a few coins for the bit👍

  26. marmar b says:

    lol roy's caricature his upper lip would be smaller not bigger but damn near spot on 🤣🤣

  27. A BETTER ME says:


  28. Knowledge Is Key says:

    lol I can't tell if Roy is acting or if he actually didn't know….

  29. Bobby Shmurda's Hat says:

    if a white anchor made fun of this, all feminists, librards and democrats will crawl out of their mothers basements demanding justice

  30. evazheng2046 says:

    Wow, this is the joke can only be made by Trevor naturally.

  31. Blessings Mudarikwa says:

    Trevor Noah is literally if perfection was a person….

    Thank you for your time.

  32. I Jack Off To A Comatose Girl says:

    Roy looks like a character from fat albert

  33. Patty Viviendo Planifica Conmigo says:

    That’s mean, but I cannot stop laughing 😂 💜💕

  34. SilverSpoon01 says:

    Why the Hell is Roy wearing a cap backwards? What is he, a rapper from the early 90s? I'm just going to dislike this video now and hope to be surprised.

    Okay I was surprised! That was pretty funny! LOL

  35. Sebas says:

    Dude has hair, nose is long and he is light skin. They r just both chubby

  36. Daniel says:

    Only way this could have been funnier is if RWj walked off the stage and cops were there.

  37. Callie Masters says:

    Slap the cuffs on him, he's your criminal. How many other black men could possibly be wearing a blue hoody and red sideways cap?

  38. tina towns says:

    Nailed it 🔥😂

  39. treedevil says:

    wait though is the blue jacket a coincidence?

  40. Angela Barry says:

    Ut Oh

  41. Brian the Trainer says:

    We all know it's not Roy cause the hair is different 😂

  42. JustDavidMinistries says:

    I can’t stop laughing. Hope this was just a joke though 😂

  43. Retsu Kaioh says:

    You can tell is not Roy when he say the thief ran away with the money, that is simple impossible.

  44. True Black Knight says:


  45. MLG GAMER says:

    OMG Did Trevor just throw him under the bus? I know you were skeptical but you really think he would steal from anyone? But it is pretty funny how coincidental that is

  46. A.W Bland says:

    fuck sure hope the cops have a sense of humor.

  47. Mimi Giggles says:

    Almost thought this was going down a Jussie rabbit hole, that red hat.

  48. rachelle peterson says:


  49. Meme Thief says:

    Oh wow, it's the city where I live at. Cool!

  50. Karen M. says:

    I was just wondering if they had any luck catching that guy! 😁

  51. And so on.. says:

    For real, hahaha

  52. ilovebeinagirl says:

    That drawing looks like somebody from the Fat Albert gang.

  53. Rick Hard says:

    I love Roy Wood JR. he's defiantly someone to model after in the comedy game. 😆

  54. Spinnaker says:


  55. Tuber Life daily says:

    Get him lol we love you Roy

  56. Oyena says:

    Roy robbed that guy🤣🤣

  57. Marc Avon Evans says:

    Effing HILARIOUS!

  58. KPepper L says:

    It's for the culture…

  59. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. says:

    Are you sure you guys are paying Roy enough?

  60. Kristian Fagerström says:

    A segment without a dig at Sanders? Thats refreshing.

  61. Moss Linden says:

    Who else gets the feeling that this whole thing was genuinely Trevor's idea? lmfao

  62. JOMARIO5 says:

    Roy out here looking like number 5

  63. sanjuansteve says:

    Red hat often = racist, bigoted Maga white supremacist Nazi wannabe loser.

  64. StoneThug Music says:

    Always Great Reporting Video Shared. StoneThug.Com

  65. bert fromarketin says:

    Fucked up… smh…

  66. bert fromarketin says:

    Look at the "Toine" ass lips on the caricature 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  67. Joe says:

    my cheeks hurt

  68. Abdifitah Abdullahi says:

    I'm dead

  69. Thomas Smith says:

    I recently found out his name isn't Roy Wood Junior Everybody…

  70. Kevin Meng says:

    Plot twist: it was actually him

  71. Mahmood Shuvo says:

    hehe bro 🥰

  72. PatVan says:

    That's a Bass Ukulele!

  73. Angela Badon says:

    It's a Setup Roy!

  74. Zikry Shaharudin says:

    1:53 his laugh

  75. Tamayo.F.J.1976 says:

    Priceless moment 😂😂😂😂

  76. Shermo LBC says:

    He should said that nigga got braids .. I would of been 💀

  77. Dain Regis says:

    Ain't that pablo from backyard baseball?

  78. Kammie Dee says:

    I died right about here: 1:17

    That’s messed up, Sir! 😂

  79. Me O says:

    I'm not gonna leave a comment.

  80. YiXuan Guo says:

    Roy's acting skills is quite realistic. If it wasn't for the effect of the show, I would think he really gets mad.😂😂

  81. Jan Waldner says:

    "Roy, don't get mad, the selfie is not for me, is for the Police Department!!"

  82. Red Nitro says:

    It's not him. Roy can take it to the court to due trevor

  83. MrMirageCaster says:

    I don't understand why they thought this was funny. Maybe I just don't see like they do, but it just wasn't funny to me.

  84. Johnny K. says:


  85. Linda Negrone says:

    Trevor you have to get Eddie Murphy on.. The two of you together…lol

  86. Iron Fan says:


  87. Iron Fan says:

    Trevor is part of the problem. xD
    Jk. ♥
    Also, it'd be HILARIOUS if that was a MAGA hat. Only for the lols. o/

  88. PeachesCourage says:

    someone does cartoons and it's a likeness?

  89. Gacha Rose says:

    Damn 🤣🤣🤣😊🤣🤣🤣😊🤣🤣🤣

  90. Gustavo C says:

    Trevor's maniacal laugh at the end XD

  91. Eric Manso says:

    I laughed so hard I fell off the bed when I saw this on TV

  92. Tika Tico says:

    Trevor : "Roy you've got

  93. M Yes says:

    Dude made 500$ drawing?

  94. Shantanu Sapru says:


  95. kate mansy says:

    This show is doo doo

  96. John Doe says:

    Roy Wood Jr. is the best. I've watched his This Is Not Happening clips over and over.

  97. Bruno Onraedt says:

    here my brother from Africa Congo , this is funny …..

  98. Heba Madi says:

    Trevor you are mean 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  99. 一炁施重光LORD369DiAMOND says:

    The Genuine SA to the USA USA 🇺🇸 enlightened this dude

    Do some work @1:34 Abby lol 😆 it’s your daddy grew up in 🇨🇳 China with some concrete floor though @Abby Huntsman

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