The Butterfly Circus Short Film English subtitles

The Butterfly Circus Short Film English subtitles

Inspirative Production Grand Prize winner of The Doorpost Film Project.
Won two awards as the Best Short Film
Method Fest Independent Film Festival (2010) Also won the best short film award at The Feel Good Film Festival in Hollywood in 2010. The Butterfly Circus Hey look! Can we go there? Aww Sammy, you’re breaking my heart! We’re all the circus you need, kid. But they have rides. Can we, Mr Mendez? Why not? Let’s go… Okay boys, time to get me a date with the bearded lady.
Who’s with me? Great witches. Come, sit down.
I tell you all about your fate. Great witches, come. I’m gonna come get you now!
You’re mine, little boy..I’m going to get you if I can! Come on in, ladies and gentlemen,
we have the best freak show in town. Step right on in! Come on in, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got Lady Lulu.. Come on in, ladies and gentlemen, come on in.
We have the best show in town. Come on in, come on in. We have the best freaks in town. She’s a woman of extraordinary weight. Has a peculiar appetite..for whole chickens. Now, down this way. The painted man. His world travels can be seen on every inch of his body,
from toe. And now… Ladies and gentlemen, gather in. A perversion of nature! A man, if you could even call him that.. Whom God himself has turned his back upon! I give you… The Limbless Man! Will you look at that. So sad.. Hah..look at him. Move along (move on?), kids. You are magnificent.. Hey, get away from him! What’s the matter with you?! It’s alright… No harm in it. My fault. Maybe I got a little too close, ‘ey friend? You have a good evening now. You’d better get a hold of yourself
before the next show, gimp! Real nice, Will. Seems you changed your mind about
joining one of them fancy shows, huh? What are you saying? Don’t you know nothing? That was Mendez. You just spit on the showman from the Butterfly Circus. Butterfly…butterfly… You kill me, Will! I’m hungry. I’m going to get me some cotton candy. A man,if you could even call him that,
whom God himself has turned his back upon… The Limbless Man! Mmm..ah, muy bien. Good morning. Boss! Good morning. Buenos dias. Buenos dias indeed! May I have this dance? Thank you so much. Pappy. Would you get my trunk? It’s so heavy… But it’s easier for you cause you’re so strong. Ah! There’s a dead man in the trunk! What? Well, now. Look at this! This is wonderful! Come on over by the fire and warm up a bit, little man. I’m Sammy, what’s your name? I’m Will. Where are your arms and legs? Sammy! What, mama? Is he going to be in our circus now? Um…maybe I will. Hold on a minute. We don’t have a side show here. What do you mean? Every circus has one. People come from all over the place to see us. And why do they come, Will? B-but yours could be different. No. There is nothing inspiring about amazing perfections on display. See, Will..we’re happier here. And you can stay as long as you like. But I do run a different show. And now, one of the greatest displays of human contortion ever seen. It is my pleasure to introduce…Anna, queen of the air! And the strongest man you’ll ever see. The Master of the flying trapeze and the oldest performer in the air,Poppy! Wow. See you at the fairgrounds. Two days only. Come on by. Butterfly Circus. Two days only. How do (you do)? My boy here would sure like to say hello to the strongest man in town. Well, I’m sure your daddy’s stronger, but I’d make a close second. Wow. Are you in the show too, mister? Uh, um…no, not exactly. Oh. We’d best be going now. Thank you kindly. You bet. Wow! Did you see that, Dad? I’m going to be the strongest man in the world someday. I’ll be just like that man. I’ll lift anything I want to. Yeah, boy. You can do whatever you want. Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys! What this world needs is a little wonder. Look mama, tickets! Splendid, isn’t it? The way they move, full of strength. Colour and grace. They’re astounding. But you? Cursed from birth.. A man,if you can call him that
whom God himself turned his back upon. Stop it! Why would you say that? Because, you…believe it. But if you could only see… the beauty that can come from ashes. I’ll blow you down, I swear I will! You’re a problem now. You’re no good to me, so get out! You’re good enough for me, doll face. Here you go. But they’re different from me. Yes, you do have an advantage. The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. I can’t find my caterpillar, where is he? He’s right there, in the cocoon, see? He’ll be fine. You won’t even recognise him when he comes out. Oh wow! Hey! Hey George! Poppy! I need help to cross! Can anyone help me? Hey, George, can you help me? Hey, where are you going? What’s the matter with you? Are you just going to leave me here? I think you’ll manage. What?! I guess I’ll just magically get up huh? Hey George, Poppy! How’s the water? Time for a swim! Look! Hey! Hey Will, you coming in? Will? Hey, I think Will fell in! Will! Will,Will,Will? Look…I can swim! You look like a barrel of moonshine. Come here, you! Your eyes will witness..this fine evening our bravest soul as he cheats death by ascending 50 feet into the air and leap into this pool of water. Poppy! Let’s go see what he has to say. Thank you. Wow! How did you do that, mister? Were you scared? It was so high! I wish that I can do it.. Sweetie, you can do anything… Did it hurt when you hit the water? There it goes, Sammy. (Claps) Closed-captioned by: Carl Marcs
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9 thoughts on “The Butterfly Circus Short Film English subtitles

  1. Carlos Marcano says:

    Minute 13;28
    The grater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph

  2. Jyoti Srivastava says:

    Only 15491 views! I can't believe it. Better than despacito n shape of u. The best short film i have ever seen. Thanks. Love from India.

  3. Olivia Pavithra says:

    I will tell this is the best short film ever. Coz today this video played in our church to motivate us. It's Awsome. God bless you.

  4. Olivia Pavithra says:

    Love from india

  5. Sandy J Renfroe says:

    Everyone has something they can contribute.

  6. Krishti Das says:

    This film … gd yrr

  7. Julia Ponomarenko says:

    Thank you!!! An amazing film.
    But there is a mistake in the subs – 7:38: There is nothing inspiring about men's imperfections on display.

  8. Kalkidan Wossen says:

    Tears in my eyes… so true God brought us from diffrent places where we were not supose to be a gave us our true purpose in life. The circus is like a happy life with God where we are safe happy worthy and shine on others life. God bless you so much love for nick. He is a motivation for so many to live life with purpose.

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