The BFA Cartooning Program at the School of Visual Arts

The BFA Cartooning Program at the School of Visual Arts

– For many many years, SVA had a special department in cartooning when no other school had a major. A lot of students were
coming out of the G.I. Bill during World War II because of that there’s
always been a special place for cartooning at the
School of Visual Arts. (upbeat music) Demographics keep changing, and comics keep changing and that’s why it’s a very
very exciting department to be in charge of. – It’s really open to
what you’re interested in as far as comics. For my portfolio, I’m working on a memoir comic, but on the side, I also have a comic online about magical girls. – [Thomas] There is a focus
on the personal comic, Amerimanga, young adult,
and the adventure comic. – We were encouraged to
work in traditional media, in black and white. You really have to
understand the composition and how to set up a page. There were even times where we were told
don’t even put words in. They teach you really how to tell a narrative
simply with the visuals. I’ve learned how to take a
comic from start to completion, from basic idea to finished, colored, and even self-publishing. – We have this great event
that happens at the end of every year that’s
been called Fresh Meat. – Basically it’s like a little
convention looking table with all the other people in
cartooning and illustration and sometimes animation. – Industry insiders come to buy things. The students buy each other’s scenes. It emulates a lot of the Comic Cons, which SVA also is in attendance. We have a huge faculty of all working professionals, some of the best cartoonists in the world. – Here we have people like me, who do one silly daily comic strip, and you have people like Gary Panter who have been doing very avant-garde sort of almost gallery comics and everything in between. – [Jessica] You have questions for them or you really want to know what it’s like when you graduate or when you get out there. They’re the best people to ask. – We have internships with
DC and Marvel and Blue Sky. If someone is serious
about being a cartoonist, SVA is the only place really to study.

Dereck Turner

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