The best Thailand Yoga festival 2018  | Art and Dance Magic vibes!

The best Thailand Yoga festival 2018 | Art and Dance Magic vibes!

Now we are starting a Yoga trip like everybody else here? its gonna take like 6 days and we gonna have lots of fun lots of peace and love In case of eartquake go to high ground or inland We’ve just arrived to a beautiful resort and I didn’t expect its such nice we are in Thailand, we are in Krabi Thailand and we gonna do plenty of yoga and yes that’s
all you have to know right now enjoy the view and now I’m going to
guide you around us Welcome to the Yoga Festival 2018 Judit? sà wàt dii (hello) She is a big boss and she is gonna introduce a whole festival Thailand Yoga festival is a full name is Thailand Yoga Art and Dance 2018 this is fifth time in Thailand and the second
time in Krabi we have many more various classes for you you can you can
find boxing you can find yoga you can find cooking you can find massage you
can find martial art you can find Tai Chi you can find Aerial yoga and you can
find many more of activities here wow! it sounds like a multi yoga how do you choose teachers? choose from the famous from around the world not only in Thailand we have like 12 and
15 teachers abroad Wow like Young Ho Kim so he is the guy who is introducing to the world new yoga it’s called “Insideflow” how did you start? originally I’m from martial arts I did
my life Taekwondo okay and then switched to Yoga but I really liked to dance my
whole life also I want to do more yoga with modern music so yeah I’ve like 21
century and it’s yeah I’ve tried it it’s amazing you know how he guides people to
yoga flows that is the music on and yeah it’s enormous atmosphere it’s a kind of unique in Yoga world my aim is also like the aim of yoga it’s all about to get to your heart through your body and one
of the most powerful tool is music I thought okay we should find a way how to use a modern music into yoga because music helps us to feel more you know the thing is you should
find your way to do yoga if you smart or are you listening to your heart because
the purpose of life is not being a smart the purpose of life is feel the heart beating feel the passion feel the love! I am resonating with modern music more than
traditional so let’s do only one more so have to be honest but when I listen like
like to Ed Sheeran right now it touches my heart I can’t deny it
that’s why I said ok, I’m gonna use more popular pop songs and if this is something for you you should try it like young generation who don’t
really incline to any sport it may be touchable for them I believe that yoga should be accessible for everyone when you don’t have to
learn different languages like Sanskrit to attend yoga classes I believe that I believe that everyone should get access to it and I felt in the room
like there was the atmosphere and I was recording and I wanted to dance I
felt my heart beating and as I said also in my class We yoga teachers
we are energy shifter we’re creating magic magic atmosphere and music is one
of the main key to it from China Hong Kong guys I’m lucky again there is there is a
guru of handstand on inversion yoga let’s say I workout itself
his name is Victor Chau hello so for example I start from my
experience it’s been it’s been maybe three four years of
practicing handstand and I am not there how is it possible? for me it’s just not being afraid to fall down and then
you learn from your mistakes while you fall down and then come back up and keep doing it
over and over and over again over and over again! so when did you start about 5 years ago it’s directly
proportional how much work you put in how much time you put in it shows as I’ve experienced from his class so you have different steps to reach the final handstand yes there are always different ways to
handstand and in fact and the things can learn from the details that are
required to the handstand they teach us or teach myself you know a lot of
lessons on how to you know face the life because handstand a lot of people
when you say, do handstand there will be like haaaaaa so difficult I cannot do it that’s their first reaction and this is how we face the
challenges in life my teachers say who you do yoga is how you carry a life and how you carry a life? it’s how you do yoga so yoga it isn’t just about handstand for example because if you can use a positive attitude if you can you know if you
believe in putting in the hard work if you believe in learning keep learning then you can take
all of those qualities in your daily life and be a better person I totally agree with it’s not just about
the handstand and it’s about the how you face it if you work very hard if you don’t
skip even the small things of everything and if you solve problems
in your life in your job if relationship because if you skip like I said any of
those then you don’t have a very solid foundation then whatever you do will
become shaking and and then you fall back down but then it’s okay what we
need to learn learn is that you know what we need to do
is to learn from our mistakes Yoga is all about change and changing people hopefully
always for a better and if you believe in yourself into putting into hard work you will transform into a better happier and
more peaceful person but that takes a lot of work please keep working on that and don’t give up! don’t give up! india guys this guy how dance it’s amazing
one dance he has changed so many different dancing poses
how is it possible yeah my name is Nareen
I’m a Bollywood dance choreographer that is the greatness of Bollywood in
generally Bollywood music is very sound they use hundreds of variance together
they use fifty to sixty drums to the loudest and many variations only will
find in the Bollywood music oh yeah yes and you teach them oh I have to feel the music the
variations the differences so when you when you feel that your body reacts
according to that the Bollywood songs always goes with the movie story every
music has a feeling I feel like I just imagining the life itself yes
so when the music goes then you have your body automatically react if you
feel it that move when it goes like this when the strings music comes when
the rhythm comes I’ve heard that you teach like the Bollywood actors right? yes how does it work like? there are five kind of things
one is dancer dance teacher – dance master dance director choreographer okay so out of
all this there is a one more person is called performer so you may be dancer
good dancers but you cannot keep until you don’t know how to teach than you once
you start learning that you call as a dance teacher but you cannot be a master
until you get the deep into the subject then you call as a dance master
dance director the dancer director not only having a little knowledge about dancing choreography
he should have a camera or knowledge editing knowledge so you have
to imagine with the audience eye how they feeling how they look beautiful so then
then choreographer choreographer should have a knowledge of all styles of dancing if
you have a knowledge of styles of dances then you can create but why I said out
of five there is a performance see I have a dancing I have my dance teacher
I’m a dance master director choreographer but I don’t have guts to
face the audience dance is not for everyone
okay dance is for everyone because until you don’t feel that it’s not for you
dance is for everyone because you can feel it if you just little bit put your
mind and heart it to that so once you put it, its yours if you dont put it, it is not yours I am happy to meet Chayada she is the main organizer and owner of whole beautiful Art and Dancing festival 2018, right? yes so how did you come up with this idea? because I always travel around the world
and I join lots of events around the world and than I think so many pairs that are beautiful actually I’m staying in Bangkok but after that I started coaching south of Thailand north of Thailand
than I think the people love the beach yeah I started choosing Krabi because
its quiet and fit for everything than I find a big hotel that can support the
people and than I start finding concept of Yoga Art and Dance everything should be in one event and at the night have a party! awesome I have never seen like this incredible! have new friends who the practice yoga
and who love yoga that they all come along all the way everywhere like
from Thailand, China from Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong and we make new friends Czech Republic! good and positive energy with brilliant people

Dereck Turner

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