The Best Exercise to Improve Your Drawing Skills

The Best Exercise to Improve Your Drawing Skills

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we will do an exercise to improve drawing. And that is because the most common
error for beginners, and actually the most common error, in drawing in general,
is that the drawings look stiff, and the lines don´t flow so I will show you the best exercise
I know to remedied this. So that your drawings looks fluid. This error that I mentionnated
in many cases comes from making the lines too tight. or attempting to do a long line which is actually a series of short ones. This may also happen when
attempting to make a curved line or a circle. I may exaggerating a little bit
but these type of lines don´t look good and profesional. Therefore we should concentrate
in practicing making long, fluid lines. Do the movements with your whole
arm, not just from the wrist and fingers. To practice, I recommend drawing
figures with these type of lines. It doesn´t
really matter what you draw. I´m just inventing this one as we go. The important thing is that your
lines are continuos. They are not broken. The lines are nice and long. And let´s add some holes. One on each side. But even these ellipses, are
with continuos movements. And I will shade the holes. The shading will be with short lines,
but even these are from one end to the other. Don´t stop in the middle.
Be decisive! Let´s mark the cast shadow with
one continuos line… and then shade it. With the parallel
lines which is also part of the exercise. And I will darken the area of the shadow
close to the object. Good! And we can add some more lines
as if it had an aperture or two, just to practice making more lines. All right! Let´s sketch another one. Now a big curve here on the top,
as if it were a dome or something. It really doesn´t matter what you sketch. The important thing, again,
is that your lines are continuos, that they are flowing, that you don´t
stop. I mean that you don´t stop in the middle of a line. Let´s make some in another direction,
like this… and we can reinforce the base, sketch the cast shadow,
and fill it in. Let´s also shade the hole on top. Like so. And I´ll sketch something else
over here, such as a glass
or something like that with two ellipses, and then the sides… So simple, but clean. And just for practice let´s draw
some planes. One… two… and three. By doing this, soon you will feel how
your hand starts loosening up. Now we will draw a shoe… with two
ovals, the end, and then a line for the overall shape, with an oval on top. This of course is not a real shoe.
I am making it up as we go, we are just practicing making continuos
lines, like this. Good! Now let´s think about a futuristic
vehicle. Very aerodynamic and with long continuos lines. Again, this doesn’t need to make
a lot of sense, what it is important is that your lines are fluid, continuos,
clean, not erratic. Let´s shade the windshield,
add an air intake, a flap or wing over here. Very good! Everything with loose, continuos lines. We can shade this, add something over here… And maybe we can redesign the
lower part of it. I´m just playing around to practice
making these smooth lines. I´ll darken this further. Good! I think you get the idea. Let´s just make one final little sketch
over here… of a yacht. Of course it this important for these
lines, that you hold the pencil or pen softly, not tight. And as we mentioned that you
do the movement, with your whole arm. I recommend doing these
exercises daily for a few minutes maybe as a warm up before you draw. And you will very soon, feel
the difference. If you enjoyed it, please
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on Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜‰ Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Best Exercise to Improve Your Drawing Skills

  1. Peter Gambier says:

    Interesting technique but I rarely use a felt tip marker because it's too permanent Leonardo.
    I actually quite liked the circle you drew at 1.11 because drawing rough lines can be so pleasing to the eye and in a portfolio of your work it's quite nice to have rough drawings with the crisp clean lined stuff just like having colour with black and white in your photograph album..
    I spent about 20 years drawing lines in pencil on registered paper in the animation industry. For Feature films you were expected to do at least 10 to 12 a day and for commercials it was at least 40.
    Sometimes it would take me about 2 days of line-work before I got to do my clean, straight (or curved) lines done to my satisfaction they also had to be bold otherwise you couldn't see them.
    When the industry went digital I quit and now that there is no pressure or looming deadlines I enjoy drawing even more.
    Nowadays I start my line work in a rough blue, going over it all in orange and do the finish work with an Indian ink or brush pen with thick and thin lines, this is then all coloured with different pencils, watercolours or inks before I finish it all with the cross-hatch shadow work.
    Just like when you make sandwiches for yourself they never taste as nice as when other people make them and the same applies with art because other people's art mostly looks better than your own.

  2. X Faceless says:

    Is it weird that I can draw %99 of the time a perfect circle

  3. Mr. Bones says:


  4. Jason Moretti says:

    WUUUUUL line mamma mia

  5. MurCellic1903 says:

    Carlos Sainz should have seen this. Smooooooth Opeeraatooor

  6. Emma & M's says:

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  7. Shansen says:

    Puss in boots teaching us how to draw…

  8. FallenEmpress 8888 says:

    After I stopped doing art due to external reasons, I'm having trouble to get back at it. It seems as if I have the ideas but can't do it. I can't make my inagination concrete anymore. It's like at the back of my head, it whispering no, you can't do it anymore but I really want to. Art brings me joy more than anything even if I stay up all night and tired from working, I used to remember that I won't mind coz I'm totally happy doing it. Sorry for the long comment.

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    Watch out, happy little squirrel, not to have a happy little accident with these futuristic flying shoes.

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  21. George Zaharia says:

    that is actually making sense…. il practice some more… currently my lines are made out from dots. ….

  22. chari Muvilla says:

    There are people that are really good at making series of short lines especially if they also shade with the pencil so if you draw like this you don't have to change your style just consider it

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    How do you practice this on anything other than a poster board?
    For example, I try to practice on a small sketchpad I carry with me or on a tablet where getting your entire arm into it can be difficult.

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  56. Jayson Martin says:

    practicing your line art skill is important but I would suggest don't focus too much about it if you think you're not naturally gifted about this, try learning different art fundamentals like values, color theory etc so that you can produce a good quality of artwork in shorter amount of time, this way you will stay motivated.
    a lot of aspiring artist easily give up just because they can't draw perfect line, curve and circle.

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    And how can I make the lines continuous in other way?

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