the Artwork – Peru & Ecuador

the Artwork – Peru & Ecuador

probably not the image one would expect
after sequence like this the empty frame represents something that does not exist yet and somehow it does an artwork -a painting – containing everything everything that exists and has ever existed every landscape every human and
non-human environment deserts of ice and of sand jungles of concrete and of trees Biomes flourishing in abundance of life and biomes so bald and arid no one has probably ever set foot onto them every toy and every weapon every stage of the human life a baby, a child, an adult, an old person and a dead person. a painting with so much detail and beauty it’s almost impossible to be drawn and yet somehow it already exists as the universe this painting was on my mind
most of the time while we were traveling through Peru and Ecuador you see, since the painting would probably be huge, you could stand right in front of it and have a close up look at a certain area of it. You could split the painting up into many different quadrants and every quadrant would be different but equally as beautiful it would be so beautiful You would not change a thing because without certain shades or dark spots the painting would be incomplete and would lose an important component and with it part of its beauty it is similar to a sunset or a wave you would never say of a wave that the way it breaks is not good
enough or of a sunset that the slowly descending rays of light are not bright or long enough you would simply look at them and accept the fact that they are a wave and a sunset and they would be beautiful just the way they exist the same is true with every artwork or experience be it a song, a painting, a video or a journey. There is beauty in the details even if they appear ugly at first. The big painting is beautiful. The same is true with our journey through Peru and Ecuador even though we had to endure moments of pain, sweat, exhaustion and fear the artwork we ultimate got to experience was uniquely beautiful, adventurous and memorable. We got to experience so many different
landscapes and made tons of new friends for which I am extremely grateful for this quadrant of the artwork in which we set foot in was one of a kind and I can definitely recommend it to you now put your phone or computer away and go outside to experience the beauty of the artwork we call home. as you probably can imagine I get zero money out of the content I create. And that’s actually pretty okay to me because I do what I do because I enjoy it. Not for the money. my equipment is pretty
basic. A phone capable of 4k and 120 frames per second and a GoPro Hero 5. even though I would love to upgrade to a proper camera my budget is limited. the trips i go on and the places i visit are also not free of costs. Here is where you come in. You can become a ‘Supporterwirt’ on Patreon . with just three dollars a month you can give me the financial support needed, so I can continue to create videos and have more time to produce even more content. my patreon supporters will have an exclusive look behind the scenes and I will break down the timelines of my videos and explain them in detail. I think three dollars don’t really hurt anybody and if you have enjoyed this video and would like to see more of its kind and my upcoming projects I would love you to support me on Patreon. if you can’t afford to help me out financially but still want to support me, please share this video with your
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Dereck Turner

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  1. David Rauchenberger says:

    Wahnsinnig cooles Video! Gratuliere!

  2. Hannah Scheiber says:

    So ein gutes Video!! Wow

  3. Maxi Panholzer says:

    Worth the wait, mega video!

  4. Vincent Pucher says:

    Such an amazing video fluadl😍 I love the transitions and your philosophical thoughts keep doing what you are doing.

  5. Vinzenz Guter says:

    lit <3

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