The Art of Spychecking [SFM]

The Art of Spychecking [SFM]

G’day! You’re with me, doctor Er, hello! Holy Monoculus! The medic is a spy! Kill him! What, am I gonna have to defend this thing by myself? Yes! Suprise! We’ve failed, men. Men, each and every one of you has failed One of you is a spy! Stupid, bloody spies! Noooooooo! Which of you numb-nuts let us down? Sniper! If you are a spy You are not wanted on my beloved battlefield Shut your cake-hole You pickle-headed drongo! Ha, you fight like a– Son of a — ****ing– Kangaroo hearding Canadian! Okay, mate. Hit the showers, Frenchy Okay… You! I’ve got three words for you Demoman is a spy! What the bloody hell? That just ain’t right Yeah! You’re a… You’re a… A devil! Words cannot express how much I hate France right now! Scout? You are a spy! Got anything funny to say about that, funny man? In my medical opinion, that– Quiet, fritz! You can’t hide from me forever, spy Soldier! Scout is dead! You’re dead, that’s good, amen. This corpse has got to move, ladies You’re not a real pyro, are you comrade? The last word out of your sorry mouth will be I am a spy! Do you understand that? Spy! Come here, sweet heart Wait! What’s the matter, commie? You! Yes, you Or, what? Heavy will lay bullet in your mouth Here we go… Yaaaayyy! Okay! Spy? I’ve got a good feeling about this Come on, I don’t have all day! Sppppyyyyyyy! You are ten pounds of crap in a f– I’m done playing games, boys That soldier is a spy! What? No! I am American! Well, I reckon that’s that! Alert! The control point is being captured

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “The Art of Spychecking [SFM]

  1. Jagdpanther226 says:

    1:32 Sniper got destroyed and we don’t know what soldier said 😂

  2. 트둥원스 says:


  3. ewa fandi says:

    Itu benar

  4. Android Gameplay says:

    4:07 only a spy would cough

  5. GDay says:

    Heavy made a mistake. If soldier was the spy, I don't think he'd pass through everyone before spy. Also sniper & engie coulda just went up and tried touching one of the soldiers to see if they pass through or not…THEN AGAIN THIS IS A GREAT ANIMATION AND I LOVE IT EITHER WAY! WHY AM I STILL IN CAPSLOCK I'LL STOP. and I get it wouldn't be as funny if those two things did happen, just showing how the mercs continue to be idiots.

  6. Joyce Losoncy says:

    Soldier and Pyro is one of the Funniest characters in this episode

  7. Cordial Cactus90 says:

    This sfm has friendly fire rules and them smashes them down a moment later

  8. Jesus Teles says:

    1:32 I died of laughter

  9. Aiden Koon The KoonTastic Gamer says:

    ive got three words for you
    holds 2 fingers
    demoman is a spy (4 words)

  10. Toni Ziemniak says:

    you suck

  11. Xavier Gonzalez says:

    That was pretty brutal

  12. Aidan_ 00000yt says:

    i wonder of what happened to demo

  13. Andrew Chung says:


  14. BitterVoid says:

    thats just hilarious that they used a line that says "way to" as "wait"
    I fucking love Team Fortress 2.

  15. Alex Mason says:

    Demoman still alive ?

  16. Игорь Самоваров says:

    А почему снайпер не стрелял когда увидел шпиона

  17. Sultan Ilker says:

    3:10 Soldier already touchs himself but he touches again at all

  18. Bornestrouble ROBLOX says:

    0:38 — KILL HIM! with fire!

  19. Badmoth242 Xl says:

    4:44 He’ll turn red any second now…
    Any second now…

  20. Soldier _RED says:

    Pyro is mY FavoRitE ChArAcTer

  21. The deadlyst Stump says:

    God you're so fuckin good at animation

  22. Alexan Fung says:

    widowmaker is playing as sniper lol

  23. AMPMASTER10 says:

    Would have been funnier if they shot both soldiers due to them A not which is real n B tired of soldiers Crap.

  24. Gasterfire 6 says:

    The one spy who can say they are the team carry with the Ambassador

  25. XXMaxthegladitor5XX stay aweosme says:

    RED Engineer and RED Sniper has been banned reason: unlimited ammo hacks and friendly fire on

  26. Julio Woen says:

    each on of u fail on of u are SPY

  27. Professor XXX says:

    Why there is no teammate collision, but there is friendly fire?

  28. Crazyawesomethings says:

    hmmm if they cant attack teammates and everything goes through them how come the real soldier died?

  29. Luxshann says:

    Bro just call pybro for spychecking

  30. Arvin bron says:

    My favorite part 1:31

  31. PleX051 says:


  32. PleX051 says:

    also it takes 3 shots to kill heavy with the ambassador in head, 2 shots for pyro and 2 shots for medic.

  33. subnautica_guy 1573 says:

    report sniper and engie no reload and infinite ammo cheat

  34. Tuscag says:

    Words cannot express how much I HATE France right now!!

  35. Hedake Hartendorp says:

    Soldier: i have 3 words for you
    Pulls out 2 fingers

  36. Kyzø Hitnarø says:

    We can't touch our ally but can shoot our ally
    TF2 Logic

  37. Koala. Just a koala says:

    2:39 “You’re dead that’s good amen”

  38. Nopie says:

    Soldier has been banned for Toxic Behavior.

  39. Carlos Elias says:

    4:18 lo balaciaron los municipales 😂

  40. Warfare Evan says:

    Me: are you a spy
    Pro player: no
    Me: seems legit

  41. Assasindragon Medic says:

    i have 3 words THE DEMOMAN IS A SPY 3 words definetly

  42. Android Bro Gamer says:

    Wait how about demoman he is not get killed?

  43. Gabe & Mund says:

    Soldier "I got three words for you Demoman is a spy"
    Me: Uhhh do you mean 4 words

  44. Marnelli Encabo says:

    Wtf Unlimited Bullets/Ammo??!!

  45. jean marie hauss says:

    Il est passé ou des Demoman

  46. Miner15101 V says:

    “We failed men…….men, each and every one of you has failed”

  47. Snickers X Snickers says:

    So well animated

  48. Brandon Garcia says:


  49. llLeDeStRoYeRll says:

    What about demoman he dident die

  50. the one dc2 animator lol says:

    I thought tou can't harm your own team when soldier was checking for spy he was not able to hurt his own team but he was able to touch spy so he tried punching pyro it didnt work but his own team can shoot soldier that didnt make sense to me

  51. C & C Miller says:


  52. C & C Miller says:


  53. C & C Miller says:

    Shew, ok mate.

  54. Michael Scott says:

    That soldier got the firing squad

  55. Mike Guy says:

    At least Sniper got his revenge

  56. BauxiticAxis104 says:

    I reckon Winglet had a gore fetish.

  57. Mako Rutledge says:

    This is my absolute favorite sfm.

  58. Create -Space says:

    We made it well.

  59. GamerPlushVlogger says:

    This is the smoothest sfm I've ever seen

  60. HienMinh Chau says:

    Soldier just poked himself and when through

    Then claps

    Me: if you can go through your self then how did you clap

  61. UR MOM says:

    Title "the art of spychecking"


    Allow me to introduce myself.

  62. ShanDolidoFrom _YT says:

    Your dead thats good amen

  63. Mariosi says:

    Soldier Has got ultra speed hacks

  64. Jane Moriarty says:

    That actually reminded me of our game in Russia called "Mafia", where there are citizens, a doc, a commissioner and some (or one) mafias. After each round a player is killed by mafia, and the others have to find out who is mafia. It's real fun, because players are usually supposed to justify their choice, but it turns out into "UR MAFIA CUZ YOU STUPID" and the others like "ok i agree" and kill innocent players

  65. Wayne Pootison says:

    1:32 me whenever I get sniped over and over in TF2.

  66. HyperWolfYT says:

    1:32 When you failed all of the Tests

  67. flaming burrito says:

    3:20 hand goes through face
    Proceeds to clap his hand together

  68. CrayFish Why? says:

    They have infinity ammunition I just know :T

  69. CrayFish Why? says:

    On tha engineer and snpier

  70. AssFace Mcduckerson says:

    4:24 ummmmm, reload?

  71. DC GAMER says:

    I know how sniper realise that medic was a spy…..

    No one plays medic on casual

  72. Mr CreativityBoat says:

    spy is sapping my sentry D:|

  73. CSquared Films says:

    You’re dead? That’s good, amen.

  74. grom says:

    "I got three words for you: Demoman is a spy!"
    i'm dying rn

  75. CodyGacha says:

    4:18 this is why friendly fire should not existed.

  76. PlushieWorld 693 says:

    Jesus The Sniper And Engineer has infinite ammo

  77. CafetomeDragon grimbornCDG says:

    Scout: guys the spy is a spy!

  78. ScouterTM says:

    01:20 num num :3

  79. Sami Ali Özdemir says:


  80. Hentec gaming says:

    Sniper and engineer have infinity ammo?

  81. Family Tale says:

    Wait he touch him in the head and went across and then clapped his hands

  82. Jorge Solis says:

    Wouldn't friendly fire prove that soldier is not a spy??

  83. your friendly neighborhood minifigure says:

    The only tf2 sfm where the blu team won

  84. Shy Guy Games and more 2 says:

    4:17 movie mags amirite

  85. The Good Boi says:

    0:48 Spy:''Surprise'' Me:*''BUTTSECKS BUTTSECKS''*

  86. Adam Waugh says:

    Turn the playback to 2.0 and go to 2:12 until 2:14

  87. Jaedon Yrad says:

    4:14 honestly thought they shot both soldiers

  88. Enemy of the State says:

    wtf if they clip each other how can they team kill

  89. NateBear 1987 says:

    1:22 best spycheking ever

  90. Spy says:

    I'll be back!

  91. Spy says:

    So… If they're standing in a line, demoknight could just run trough them…

  92. RED Soldier says:

    You'r dead dat's good, amen

  93. Joel Eduardo Delgado Castillo says:

    And demoman not died

  94. Ro EpicMan says:

    This was my introduction to TF2. Thanks!

  95. Cayde-6 says:

    Soldier: Holds two fingers up, says he is gonna say three words, says four words.

  96. Олег says:


  97. Nick August says:

    Easy just be aware that if your alone in a small space turn around a bit of the time. If your out in the open slap everyone you sea or just get pyro to do it for you.

  98. Player Pro says:

    1:36 best word in the world 😀

  99. ceeroc507 says:

    I can’t believe all of you people in this video are color blind how do u not know what color spy is XD

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