The Art of Portrait Photography | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

The Art of Portrait Photography | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

Dereck Turner

44 thoughts on “The Art of Portrait Photography | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

  1. Rucka4life1 says:

    first. Lol

  2. Diego Garcia says:

    Enjoyable as ever. Thank you!

  3. TheNameNerd says:

    I love the music in these videos…

  4. Oremoose says:

    As a student in Photography and an aspiring portrait photographer; I loved this and wished it went more in depth with greater explanations not just the thoughts of these great artists.

  5. YouKnowHimAsMatt says:

    Good use of Captain America Font!

  6. Adi Shakti says:


  7. Apsis Motion Pictures says:

    I wish they had some crappy portraits from the 70's and 80's inserted.

  8. Repeatclicks1 says:

    My least favourite type of portraiture is the type Matt Hoyle creates. The usual glossy, slick, sickly, over produced texture to them. This is about as dishonest as photography gets, next to fashion mags. I don't think he captures the essence of anybody, all of it is lost in the Photoshop/Lightroom phase. Blech.

  9. Yogawerk Essen says:

    just beautiful and inspiring

  10. Ian Olsen says:

    Is that Dustin Browder sword swallowing?

  11. ijeremyoliver says:

    I feel like the 'selfie' should have been included in the history? Maybe that would have distracted from the mystique of the piece as a whole.

  12. John Lenin says:

    Photography today is all about gimmicks. Everything is based on some drunken conversation "wouldn't it be neat if we did X?", then adding some kind of self-serving explanation after the fact to make it seem meaningful. And, of course, that's where it should stay – as an idea floating in the bottom of a beer can.

  13. Maker Flix says:

    Added to MakerFlix(dot)com!

  14. S24882403 says:

    Who does the guy with the glasses remind me of?

  15. Marcelo Colin says:

    I dont know. What are you? What are we really?

  16. Snooks says:

    Thank you. This was thoughtful and inspiring

  17. Matthew Cosslett says:

    If you guys want to look further into portraiture i highly recommend Benoit Pallie's 'stranger' project.

  18. Juan the Alligator says:


  19. Hatem Kotb says:

    "I wanted to give him the power over his image."
    That was neat.

  20. Oliver AB says:

    Very good video but just one thing, the music that starts around 5:20 is definitely not "Arrival of the Birds" by Lara Bartlett. I mean sure Lara posted this on her soundcloud but she does not mention that it's in fact "Saturn Strobe" by Pantha du Prince. Not cool.

  21. / says:

    Fucking loved this. 4:15, super fascinating concept.

  22. / says:

    5:49, beatiful

  23. Tyler Magee says:

    draws you in right? haha I also love it

  24. FatRabbitRush says:

    I really liked the constructed families series.

  25. Beto Noxs17 says:

    I came for info and i got almost to tears by the story

    Nice video, thanks

  26. Joy John says:

    this was a horrible video

  27. Shree Vella Wedding Photography - Gold Coast, QLD says:

    Beautiful video on portrait photography

  28. Chandana C says:

    Subscribed !! Great video and content

  29. Maddy Al says:

    Wow i love this video

  30. Ho0pz4sho says:

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  31. Imperious Images says:

    Any one know what that shark tooth patterned object between the camera and the subject seen at 1:20 is??
    Could it be something for portraits to make some type of vignette?

  32. newpixeldude says:

    Finally a video showing real artistry from amazing creators. Those images stay with you as you watch them

  33. Francisco Ortega says:

    I loved this video. Personally im working on a portrait series giving realism or a face to mental illness.  My plan is to cover every mental illness.  I started with depression and suicide. This shot was really successful and deep. My second is schizophrenia. Then I will continue from there on. Thank you for sharing this video very inspiring.Frank

  34. Sonicolas Cagehog Dead Meme Inc. says:


  35. Jennifer Odisho says:

    im doing this for photography hihi comment on this so i dont get bored people

  36. Wilson R says:

    wrong Egyptians were not the first Assyrians were, you're welcome

  37. Simon Jeacle says:

    Can't describe how much I hate hate hate that dumb-fuck background music. Ruins this excellent video, but, sorry I just can't watch it.

  38. ker der says:

    Very interesting… Bravo

  39. Miley onDisney says:

    2:10 – Damn, that vocal fry! Can't listen to her.

  40. Yujia Zhai says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. This is exactly what I want to share with the people around me.

  41. Dana Church says:


  42. Nikolay London Professional photographer says:

    Wow, as the saying goes "nothing new under the sun". I find so many similarities to an article I wrote recently on portrait photography

  43. Bruce Bomfim says:

    incredible and valuable. thank you

  44. Alfredo Echevarrieta says:

    Excelente video, gracias.

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