Teen SFX Makeup Artist Creates Gory Horror Wounds

Teen SFX Makeup Artist Creates Gory Horror Wounds

COMM: 17-years-old special effects makeup artist Amanda Prescott has been thrilling
gore fans online with her scarily realistic creations. AMANDA PRESCOTT: Today I am going to show you how to make a severed hand. COMM: All of her effects are based around trauma, cut flesh, broken bones and incredibly,
she is self-taught. AMANDA PRESCOTT: Most of my creations were made by homemade scar wax. I sculpt all the way
down to the bone, the muscle, the body fat and the outer skin. Sometimes I make my own
prosthetics, for instance my brother’s hand and even my own foot. COMM: She began experimenting with these effects five years ago when she was just 12. AMANDA PRESCOTT: The first special effects piece that I made, I did not know what I was
doing. My brother was cleaning up cabinets in the bathroom, he found an old Halloween
kit. I love Halloween, he put it in my room and I went in it. I found old putty, I spread
it out on my arm and I took a pencil and I drew a line in it. I thought it looked like
a cut. I thought it was so cool and I added what was left of the fake blood. I took a
picture and I send it to my friends. They thought it was real. I tricked them. It was
like an illusion. From that point on, I was so interested. AMANDA PRESCOTT: And now, it’s time for the removal. The amount of time it takes to
make these wounds really depend on how big the effect is. If I were to make an open surgical
wound, it can take up to three to four hours, but if it were a small cut, little compound
fracture, five to ten minutes. AMANDA PRESCOTT: Some of the reactions I’ve gotten from people have been very interesting.
For instance, I show my friend at school an effect I did the previous night and at
first they can cringe, sway away and say, “Get the phone away from me!” Later they
come up to me, they go through my library and then they ask, “How did you do that?” AMANDA PRESCOTT: I have had some negative reactions like, “Oh my God! What’s wrong
with you?”, and at one point, “Delete your account.” I have a lot of followers
that enjoy this content. As a precaution, I put disclaimers on every photo, video, to
reassure everyone, it’s all fake and all of it fun. COMM: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Amanda wants to turn her gruesome hobby into a career. AMANDA PRESCOTT: What I am planning next is to go off to a four-year university to get
my bachelors in studio arts. While at the same time freelancing. After I achieve that,
I was going to go to special effects makeup school to be certified as a professional makeup
artist. I have been special effects artist going on five years now. It’s a constant
learning process, it’s all practice.

Dereck Turner

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