Tandoori Chicken Gypsy Style – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

Tandoori Chicken Gypsy Style – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today I’m going to make Pahadi style chicken kebab they also make a kind of tandoori
chicken but this is cooked over charcoal and it has a different spices but really
really awesome; for this preparation first let’s marinate the chicken take some salt, chilli powder & ginger garlic paste and add some lime juice mix all of
this now take this chicken and apply on all
the slits i made this will not only help the chicken become tender but when you
cook it and eat it each piece will be nicely flavorful and tasty now with all these spices the chicken is
nicely marinated and i’m going to leave it overnight in the refrigerator by which time the chicken will also
become slightly tender and also will be tasty. For this add some oil in a pan and
in this we’re going to have coriander seeds,
pepper corns, cumin seeds and the chickpea flour ok now reduce the flame to minimum
because this chickpea flour will burn otherwise and look at them when this
chickpea flour get roasted it gives a nice smell now you know it is forming that’s good you will get a nice sweet flavor in this
add garam masala powder instead of adding all the spices i’m just adding little bit of garam masala powder on this and now add green chillies, chopped
coriander leaf you know preferably the stems that gives
a much nicer flavor and then mint then switch off the flame add salt already in
the chicken we already added salt so do not add too much and then just let
this cool down once this slightly cools down then I’m going to add yogurt into this see this chick pea flour is going to give a nice binding and masala is done it will give a nice
coating to the chicken let’s make a coarse paste of this masala
look at this masala I put in a blender and grinded it coarsely
now in this add hung curd and now mix all of this and apply to the chicken nicely because of the chickpea flour and the hung curd you do not use the liquidy curd hung curd that’s why this masala is sticking and
you know leave this marinated chicken inside the fridge for another 10-15
minutes after this the meat side is facing upward whereas the the wrong side is facing
downwards just make sure that there is a gap
between this this chicken i’m going to put in a very hot oven you
know i’m going to put around 200 – 220 degree centigrade now just use the dipping tray at the
bottom and then put the chicken on top after first five minutes of cooking the
chicken we’re going to pull the tray out and baste
the chicken with little butter this way the chicken will be nice and moist and
also it’ll get a nice color on top I just pulled this out of the oven just
to show you what you need to do the rest of the pieces I already baised it but
just to show you now take the butter and apply see now it looks very dull but trust me
when you baste it and cook it like this for another 20 minutes this chicken will be nice and moist and
it will be juicy wow when you do this basting it not
only keeps it moist but also helps in getting an even color all through a
chicken, a kebab like this if it is not evenly colored it won’t be appealing so look at this perfect i’m going to put
back inside the oven and now on this sprinkle some kebab masala you can also
sprinkle chaat masala very little but since mint is there i’m just using the
my kebab masala and then squeeze in lime juice not too much just little now this is ready to go on a platter look at this chicken look at this
chicken I want you to go and watch my video on tandoori chicken see that video
and you learn lot more secrets there and I love breasts, breast is something I
always fall in love it but today I’m going to go with the legs Wow look at this chicken legs nice and
juicy dear friends wow mmm you know
this pahadi masalas if you do it right this is better than any tandoori chicken in fact even the tandoori chicken if you make it at home in the oven I’m telling you that would be better
than any restaurant bought tandoori chicken Dear friends look at this perfectly done nice and
juicy wow mmm dear friends you know this
will just disappear in seconds but do not forget vahrehvah is all about
inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking
tips so others can benefit from your great cooking one more piece for me yeah

Dereck Turner

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  2. coco200066 says:

    Looks awesome….did you say lime juice? Looks like a lemon?

  3. John T says:

    Wow Sanjay, you were really chowing down!

  4. Tropically Happy! says:

    really? the difference is what?

  5. Cherita Md says:

    I love breast lol

  6. coco200066 says:

    LOL…sorry I wasn't being rude, I was asking a genuine question. You said squeeze in lime juice but the skin looked like a lemon? So should we use lemon or lime?

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    I apologize. I should have said it differently…..either or, sam result, same taste…sorry again

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    chef wht brand of oven is tht

  10. ***Seeret & Surveen*** says:

    "Dear Friends"… dont eat it all!!!

  11. Lee_Lee says:

    It looks like a lime to me… It's just "ripe"

  12. lester chua says:

    "Breast is something I fall in love with." — Vahchef WIN!

  13. potbottle says:

    I love chicken!!

  14. coco200066 says:

    Gotcha. Thanks. Can't wait to try this, making me very hungry just thinking of it lol.

  15. Nagpal Surinder Singh says:

    Even One piece for me………

  16. James Lee says:

    Tandoori Chicken GaNGnAM Style please

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    Thank u VahChef ..Delicous

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    all men love the Brest

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    Sounds delicious …..
    Can't wait to cook & enjoy….
    Thanks Chef ….

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    I love breasts too 😉 m/

  21. mmannemm says:

    PRESTIGE MOVIE Dialogue Redefined for VAHCHEF :

    [after showing a little boy how to do a coin trick]

    Alfred Borden: Never show anyone. They'll beg you and they'll flatter you for the secret, but as soon as you give it up… you'll be nothing to them.

    But…. You are "everything" VAHCHEF !

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    How much you cook you eat alone or share witj someone.may be but i dont think so.

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    Looks great,me too i will try . Thank U Sir jee

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    Looook at thissss…mmmmm

  25. igor says:

    You are good at making cooking tourtariouls but you should at lest tell us how much of this we add like ( half a teaspoon of salt) or ( half of cup of vinagear) something like that

  26. Shehwar Khan says:

    what is hunkar? is that the right spelling? is it like cream cheese?

  27. Lokesh Biswas says:

    its hung curd…. compressed or thick form of normal curd… normal curd is put in a muslin cloth… then its hunged… wen all water is gone, u get the hung curd…

  28. Nadiaaa says:

    what is chickly flower?!?!

  29. sasamijurai27 says:

    Chickpea Flour

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    "I love breasts" lol ME TOO !!!

  31. Sangeeta Mahindrakar says:

    i like this recipes its mouth watering dish thank u


    Hi Sanjay, do we need to give it  some charcoal smoke for authentic taste of tandoor chicken?

  33. Angeli Alvares says:

    Vahchef, women long to meet men who can cook. With all your amazing recipes, tell us the truth..you must be getting a lot of proposals….and now you will be inundated with calls especially the way you said "I love breasts"! Thanks for your bright and sparkly way of delivering your recipes and hoping you will meet a girl of your choice to share all your meals with  (instead of just mum) Best wishes!

  34. Huma Kushwaha says:

    Hiii Chef
    Today I made Gypsy style tandoori. It came out awesome. Very very delicious. All Credit goes to u Chef. U r my Favorite. Thank you so much Chef.

  35. Preeti Waghmare says:

    Hello Chef…I tried it few days back and everyone simply loved it. I have tried many of your other recipes too and they are great. The real Indian flavor. Keep up the great work chef!!! Many thanks.

  36. ATUL RAI says:

    Can I add special marinated Masala to chicken and keep it for over night

  37. SANA SIVANI says:

    hi chef i tried ur chicken tandoori gypsy style it was amazing

  38. Promita Mukherjee says:

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    video is super

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    Chef: I love breasts.

    We know!!!

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