Talking Tom and Friends – Museum Madness (Season 1 Episode 47)

– Fun. It’s one of the most
important things in life. – No, it isn’t. – And some of us have been
working way too much lately. – He’s talking about you, Ben. (Ben sighs) – Which is why we’re going to
make Ben’s mandatory day off the funnest day ever! Woooo!
(bright music) – [Angela] Yeah! Alright. – I have lots of fun having fun. (Ben sighs) – I can’t hear you. – Tom, funnest is not a word. And your mandatory day off
sounds anything but fun. – You’ll change your mind
when we get to the Fun Museum. Look. It says right here
it’s “fun for everyone”. – Nothing is fun for everyone. – Ben, fun is fun. Don’t over-think it. (bus horns) The Fun Bus is here! Woohooo! – Hey, where’s Ginger? – Hey, guys. Bad news. I can’t go to the Fun Museum. – Nooo! Hey, how come? – My mom is making me
clean my rooms today. – Aw, chin up, young man, we’ll bring you
back a sou-fun-ir. – I’ll just stay home and work. – Not a chance, Ben. – Whoa! Don’t touch me! – This mandatory day off
is supposed to be fun. – They’re right, Ben. Go, please, and have some extra fun for me. – Oh, poor Ginger. – Huh? – I can’t believe
I just said that. – Okay. Come on, everyone. All aboard the Fun Bus. – [Hank and Angela] Yeah,
fun bus, fun bus, fun bus. – Bye, everyone. Have fun! (sobs)
(dramatic music) Ha-ha! I know I will. (bright music)
(Ginger shouts) (cheerful music) – Ooh. I hope they have one
of those flight simulators that makes you super dizzy. – I hope they have a photo booth where you get to put on those
old-time Wild West costumes. Pew-pew! – I call “train robber”! – I call “Lonely Prospector
who loves to dance “but has a mule who
never lets him lead”. – Um. Yes, I will dress
as a saloon owner who invents the first
robotic bartender. – Um… – Okay. That’s, uh, not bad. – Oh, yeah, that’s a great one. – Ha-ha! Alright. – Hello and welcome
to the Fun Museum, the Museum of fun. – Hey, you look really familiar. – Yeah, where’ve we met? – (clears his
throat) We have not. Now, when the doors open, you will safely enter
exhibit number one, the Whitewater
Rafting Experience. – No, no, no, no, no, no water. I will wait for
you in the Fun Bus. – No way, Ben. You’re having fun whether
you like it or not. – Oh-oh. – [Everyone] Ha-ha-ha-ha! Wow! Whoa! – Some people say
– Yes! – That whitewater rafting is the most exciting of
all the water sports. But the key to maximizing
your rafting fun is preparation. – Preparation? – [Tour Guide] Here is
recommended supply list for whitewater rafting
experience that is fun. – Interesting. – One, a life vest. Two, a whistle. – [Ben] Correct! – [Tour Guide] Tree,
sturdy footwear. – I’ve read instruction
manuals that are more fun than this guy. – Well, at least it
can only get better. – Now, are you ready to learn
how fast this raft can go? – [Everyone] Yeah! Woo! – Okay, okay. Let us assume our water
velocity measuring instrument travels 10 meters in 32 seconds. To find the time it took
to travel one meter, we just divide the
distance we measured into the traveled, 10
meters in 32 seconds. By the time– – Point-three-one-two-five
meters per second. Wooo! Nailed it! – Correct. And for this, now you are
designated King of Fun. – Hey, look! I’m the King of Fun! – Say cheese. – [Tour Guide]
Pictures are forbidden! – Sorry! – I’m the only one around here who even knows how to have fun. When I try, someone always says, “Ginger, that’s not a toy!” That doesn’t even make sense. See this cable? Now it’s an electric snake. See this stapler? Now it’s a dragon that spits
metal at deadly cable-snakes. Ben’s desk chair is
now a trampoline. Woo-woo! Whoa! Aw! Woohoo! “Do not touch, Ginger.” I don’t take orders from a box. – Wow! Those pie charts
in the Circus Room were mind-blowing. And the Hall of Puzzles? Wow! Did you guys know there
were that many ways to win a sudoku? – Nope. And I still don’t. – You were right, Tom. A trip to the Fun Museum
is just what I needed. – What? This place isn’t fun at all. – Sure, it is. It says right on the tickets
it’s “fun for everyone”. (Tour guide clears his throat) – By now you’re asking, “What is origin of fun?” – Uh, no. – Opposite of fun. – Well, the first
recorded instance of fun occurred during the reign
of King Ramses the Eighth in the year 1129
Before Common Era. – Ancient fun. The best! – Okay. That’s it. We’re leaving. – No way! Are you crazy? – Uh-uh, oh, oh. You must complete
the tour to exit. – Yeah! – Wow! Ben’s Sonic Surfboard. Now this is definitely a toy, which I will prove right now! (bright music) – So boring, I’m so
bored, bo-bo-bo-bo-boring. – If fun gets out of control you may find yourself laughing. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. (Angela laughs) – Heehee. – But what is laughter? And is it safe? – Good question. – Laughter involves the
forceful exhalation of breath. At times, the breathing
muscles can work so hard that laughing can make your
heart beat as fast as exercise. – Hey Tom, catch! – So boring. Oh! Ha-ha! Angela! Yes! – Argh! – [Tour Guide] But, but. Mein Herz, mein Herz. (alarm signal turns on) – [Alarm Voice] Unauthorized
fun in the Laughter Room. – Your unauthorized play is in violation of
Fun Museum rules. – Stop it, Tom! You’re breaking the
Fun Museum rules. Give me that unpredictably
bouncy educational heart. Give it. Before. Ow! – I want to get kicked out. – [Alarm Voice] Commencing
removal protocol. – Ah, finally. Ciao! (everyone shouting) (Ginger shouting and laughing)
(bright energetic music) (Tom shouting) – This is awesome! (bright energetic music) – Again, again. – That was so fun! – Aaaaa! My heart is racing! – I know, right, mine too! – That was awesome! Getting kicked out was
the best ride ever. – It wasn’t a ride. It was punishment for
breaking museum rules. – Why are you so angry? I mean, no one was having fun
until I got us kicked out. – Tom, you obviously don’t
even know what fun is. (Tom sighs) Wha-uh. Hey, you guys were there. I mean, that place was forcing
its boring idea of fun on us. – Yeah. Just like you did to Ben. – But… I’m sorry, what? – You told Ben that fun is the
most important thing in life. So you forced him go
to the Fun Museum. But since it wasn’t fun for you, you thought it wasn’t
fun for anyone. I-uh, I did, didn’t I? – She’s right, Tom. But hey, it wasn’t a total loss. Plus, we got us a sou-fun-ir. – Gross. (bright music)
(Ginger laughing) – What’s all that
noise in there? – Uh-oh. – Alright, fun’s over. Show yourselves so I can evict
you for this noise violation. Oh, hehehe. So, you want to play the
hide-and-the seek, eh? Found you! Aha! No, not there. Where are you? Come out, come out,
wherever you are. I will turn this place
upside right outside down and inside up if I have to, but I will find you, oh
yeah, I will find you. – Someone’s in there! – Oh, no!
– No! – Oh-oh. (Tom his clears throat) – Aha! There you are. – Hey! My Sonic Surfboard! – Uh, ah, I hear
noise, you know. So I come to
investigate and then maybe evict you, I don’t know. But I could not find
you, so you know. – Nice try, but no one was here. We were at the Fun Museum. – No, but I heard, I know I hear a noise. – Oh please. At least try to come up
with a better lie than that. – It’s true, it’s true. I, I was, uh… Hey! Fun idea I’m having. Let’s forget our problems
with a game of hide and seek. Okay? I seek first. – What? But you just
destroyed our place. – 10. Nine. Better go hide! Eight, seven, six.
– Hide! Five. – [Tom] Okay. Out of my way. – No, guys! He is trying to make us leave. – Someone will be easy to find. Five, four. – Look at ’em. Running. Laughing. So cheerful. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe they do know
how to have fun. – Three, two, one, zero. Ready or not, here
comes landlord! – Or maybe a spontaneous
game of hide-and-seek really is the one thing
that’s fun for everyone. – Boo! – You are it. Hehehe. (cheerful music)

Dereck Turner

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