Take Stunning Product Photos

Take Stunning Product Photos

Hi there! How’s it going? Do you sell stuff online? Or maybe you design
eCom shops for clients! A beautiful online store inspires trust, and
can create the illusion of a big brand. So, the images on your website need to be
stunning. In this video, we’re going to talk about taking product photos to the next
level. Dig it? With a physical store location, you can see
items up close, and turn them over in your hands. Being able to examine them made
you buy it. Online, you’re not able to hold the product in your hands…
Or smell the pastry. Ok. We’ve got that out of the way, so let’s
get to the nitty gritty. Photos should be crisp and clear, perfectly in focus and with
no shadows obscuring the product. Take photos against a solid backdrop, alone
and close up. Easily create a studio in your home or workspace
with five simple steps. Find an open area, preferably in room with
a lot of natural light. Affix a sheet of paper against the wall
and the floor, letting it curve against the corner, don’t fold it. The paper could be
white, another color, or a pattern. Place the item in the middle of the paper
on the floor. Place a lamp on each side of the product.
Set up your smartphone – or digital camera if you have one – on a tripod in front of
your new homemade studio. Shoot away! As you’re taking photos, preview them to
judge lighting. You might notice shadows here and there. Moving the lamps back and forth
and side to side will help you prevent them. There are no hard and fast rules here, so
you can try lots of different angles and lighting. Zoom in to get photos close up, and from several
angles. Have fun with it! Taking pictures can be a
blast. Now that you’ve got photos that show your
product in all it’s glory, you’ll take “real life” images. What is the product’s
use? What is its natural habitat? So to speak. If it’s clothing, show it on a model.
If it’s jewelry, you can do the same. If it’s pottery, plates or mugs for example, show it with some
silverware. Placing the product in a contextual setting demonstrates its usefulness.
It will also show scale. Take photos in natural light, with no clutter.
You can be playful or humorous with the objects you show in the photos. A bouquet of flowers,
perhaps, or a sleeping dog. This is a great opportunity to take a short,
10-second video. It will portray an even more complete image. Use your phone to record a
360 degree span of the product. You can add the video somewhere on your site or share
on social media. Back up all images, even if you took them
with your phone! You really don’t want to lose the work you’ve done. And you want
to keep product photos clearly organized, in dedicated folders, so they’re easy to
find and ready to be edited or used. It doesn’t have to be too difficult.
Experiment, practice! The more you practice, the better you’ll get.
And most of all, have fun! Once you’ve taken photos, you’re ready
to upload them to your Wix store and show off those beautiful products. Head over to
your Store Manager and click the Add a Product button. Fill in its name, description and
pricing. Then upload photos. Recommended size is 800 by 800 pixels. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Share links to online stores you’ve built in the comments below. Thanks for watching, bye for now!

Dereck Turner

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