Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Ending Full『LiSA – unlasting』

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Ending Full『LiSA – unlasting』

I’m fine, even if I’m alone My pretense of strength is scattered with that declaration To think that the dazzling days we had together Could be this heartbreaking. If I have to live alone I will not love anyone else Your scent and the way you talk Even now, fragments of your love remain inside me My wish, my only wish Is that somewhere, you’re crying as well Every new step I take is always Heavy and lonely If I happen to be reborn I would love to meet you again. Midsummer’s sunshine Midwinter’s white snow In the middle of the changing seasons fragments of love are fluttering down I am happy, but also somehow lonely Because my love is stronger than yours With the key in your hands You left this canary which lost it’s reason to sing Alone in it’s dark cage Your scent and the way you talk Even now, fragments of your love remain inside me My wish, my only wish Is that you’ve also found happiness now Unlasting love The course of love Forever dreaming of you Not gonna give myself a callout here, I just love the song, enjoy the subs, cheers.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Ending Full『LiSA – unlasting』

  1. HQ Melody says:

    Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld ending theme by LiSA is now available on digital stores. –
    Physical copy: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VVCL-1582 (Dec 11 release)
    Illustration by ''riooo''.

  2. Robbie P says:

    They played this song when eugeo “remove core protection”

  3. รวมพลคนรัก ANIME says:

    คนไทย​ มาทางนี้

  4. Tama Kuro says:

    His wife is coming..
    Alice : Hitori kiri demo..

  5. Noah Jones says:

    😣😣😣😣 Lisa's songs make me cry 😢😢

  6. Alexandre Silvamendes says:

    Que música linda já ouvi mais d 90 vezes hoje

  7. Configuracion Celular says:

    Seré honesto, esta canción es una obra maestra
    Enserio es tan bella la forma en que canta

  8. Tran Tran Pham says:

    LiSA of SAO and Aimer of Fate 💕

  9. Arms KameHameha says:

    Best Opening 2019 kimetsu no yaiba
    Best Ending 2019 sword art online alicization war of underworld ed
    LiSA 💞

  10. Tenpers Universe says:

    This ending is so powerful!

  11. KITO KRAFT says:

    Puta que SAD !!!!

  12. アビル says:


    /▌ Best ending


  13. Go FK Yourself. says:

    What are these fking edgy pictures?

  14. Regal xd says:

    This ending always got me… 🙁

  15. Rezo Exe says:

    I keep play it again and again bcs I inside underworld

  16. NonT_T [NPZ] says:


  17. Dimm R says:


  18. 평범하지 않은고1 says:

    This channel has the best sound quality.

  19. Ghiffarynn says:


  20. Charlie NightBlade says:

    Another Master Piece by LiSA

  21. Bako Ku says:

    i know japanese and this song made me cry. It's too sad for me :((

  22. SEA SERVER says:

    I feel like everyone goes to die ( Reset ) in the underworld expect her

    can anyone ( manga reader ) tell what will happen?

  23. Glitcher Player says:

    Hello World Plz

  24. John Earl says:

    eyes nutted so much on the ED's sexy visuals. the shots in the forest is mythical.

  25. Mega Haru says:

    this is just so beautiful

  26. iTylox :D says:

    Let’s be real Asuna best Waifu Fight me

  27. Eclypse Art & Films says:

    OMG this is beautiful song ever !

  28. animation is anime anime says:

    It hit you so hard

  29. AK-31 says:

    Looking at the lyrics this can only really be from Kirito's perspective during volume 18.

  30. if I died says:


  31. The Sharingan x says:

    I want this after some tragic death so i can cry

  32. Clementine the walking dead says:

    Poor kirito 😭

  33. Edenbulte says:

    Oh god, the lyrics are so good

  34. amar 5saga says:

    Seeing.the subs while heariing this makes me cryyy..

  35. Neko Komori says:

    Romaji lyric

    hitorikiri demo
    heiki to koboreochita tsuyogari
    futari no mabushi sugita hi ga
    konna ni kanashii

    hitori de ikirareru nara
    dareka wo aishitari shinai kara

    anata no kaori anata no hanashi kata
    ima mo karadajuu ni ai no kakera ga nokotteru yo
    watashi no negai watashi no negai wa tada
    dou ka anata mo dokoka de naite imasu you ni

    itsumo atarashii ippo wa
    omokute sabishii

    moshi umarekawattemo
    mou ichido anata ni deaitai

    manatsu no hizashi mafuyu no shiroi yuki
    meguru kisetsujuu ni ai no kakera ga maiochite
    shiawase na no ni dokoka de sabishii no wa
    anata yori mo ookina watashi no ai no sei

    kagi wa anata ga motta mama
    utau imi wo nakushita kanaria
    kurai torikago no naka de

    anata no kaori anata no hanashi kata
    ima mo karadajuu ni ai no kakera ga nokotteru yo
    watashi no negai watashi no negai wa tada
    dou ka anata ga shiawase de arimasu you ni

    Unlasting world
    The course of love
    From everything think of you…

    Download my app many anime song you can play + lyric https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=site.nekokomori.nekonimesong

  36. Liam Chuen says:

    way better then op

  37. Gustta says:

    The truth is … If LiSA's Opening or ending is always the best!

  38. chilfang says:

    This ED reminds me of the tune from ‘A Thousand Years’

  39. Precious Gomez says:


  40. Rasoul Zekrgoo says:

    Saddest and most emotional ending is (Aska, Koe )fate apocrypha first ending

  41. ZerΘ TwΦ says:

    I really really ♥ this Ending

  42. Асуна love says:

    Эммммм….. я одна здесь русская

  43. Sarawut Unla says:

    This song makes me need to cry… So Beautiful..

  44. Felix Cardos says:

    wtf what just happened to alice face

  45. Raining Fantasies says:

    I haven't watched the new season but that bass drop hit me hard I shed a couple tears.

  46. Vincent says:

    Coño, no puede ser que ya paso tanto tiempo y no supero la muerte de Eugeo

  47. Shibani Mandal says:

    Love you melodic star
    Always refreshes me and makes me all fired up ( best songs)

  48. Shibani Mandal says:

    Hey guys do you know how can I download you tube subtitles

  49. Grim Reaper says:

    Ed 1. Eugeo to Alice
    Ed 2. Eugeo to Kirito
    Ed 3. Alice to Kirito

  50. Haibah Arifqi says:

    Best music ever after kokoronashi

  51. ThePROTOBee says:

    For all the shit SAO gets, the Alicization arc is really making up for it, and this ED is just perfect

  52. IRONSid Knight says:

    Sword Art Online “Unlasting” Ed: The song is all about how alice struggle in his life while vegetable kirito with him.

    Cautions Hero “Be perfect plz”Ed: The song is all about how ristarte want seiya to be perfect person.

    But…. I think if I pick in this two is the ed of Sword Art Online because how emotional this song is to all and I know all people will pick this song hahhahahaha

  53. super mtag animations says:

    Esse encerramento me faz chorar

  54. HootYedZ says:

    La traductiin fr y a plein de fautes .. comme " anata no hanashikata " qui est traduit "tes histoires " mais c est "ta facon de parler "

  55. WaysofPeace says:

    Got to know LiSA through Angel Beats back in 2010, now this song closes the first decade of her career.
    Felt like a breeze.

  56. Hikigaya Hachiman says:

    Doesn't "anata no hanashikata" means "The way you talk" here?

  57. ciao J says:

    Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Full Opening + Ending [Resolution][unlasting]

  58. Xin Zhe Lee says:

    I somehow have this thought that all those people who hate Asuna haven't seen Goddess Stacia yet.

  59. DarkSlidGamer says:

    LiSA all the way!

  60. 함예람 says:

    와 처음에는 같이 울어줬으면 좋겠다고 하다가 마지막엔 그냥 행복했으면 좋겠다고 말하네

    순서를 바꿧으면 더 좋지 않았을까 생각해봅니다

  61. Liam Izach Tanuan says:

    Guys The voice actor of alice is lisa right? They have similar voice

  62. OnlyRusseLLHD says:

    LiSA poppin' off this year, god damn.

  63. Hoàng Long says:

    Cảm ơn vì đã vietsub một siêu phẩm

  64. Sip My Tea says:

    That moment when the ending song is actually better than the opening one.

  65. lazychino2 says:

    I love this song but damn that it makes me depressed for some reasons. Now that I'm reading the lyrics, everything makes sense lol

  66. anime MAV says:


  67. buryzenek002 says:

    LiSA recently puts a shade on most of my favourite anime music… whenever I hear music I immediately adore I also know straight away who made it without checking. Seems like very soon She'll be my no1 Japanese singer on my Japanese playlists. Good Job!

  68. Eugeo Yu-kun! says:

    El Capitulo 5 Demostro, Que Alice Vale Mucho … Y Este Ending Es Su Recuerdo Que Nos Deja.

    Y Que Forget-me-not Es El Ending De Eugeo … 😪

  69. Kurosava Nightcore says:

    First time when i hear this song.i love it so much.

  70. Florecita Bermudez says:

    The Best Eding 2019 😀

  71. Neko Mafu says:

    Yo bro
    Eps 6 will be real hype 😀

  72. Mega And Sapphire says:

    "Tell me Kirito… What should I do?" 😭

  73. Angel_ Heaven says:

    Kirito x Alice <3 love <3 love <3

  74. Nik says:

    Love you LiSA. You never disappoint. What a great song.

  75. αster frisk says:

    Gurenge’s Unlasting Adamas.

  76. Edlin Siput says:

    that part……

  77. gordon bergentsen says:

    I just find it so damn epic when episode 5 ended with this song

  78. Nguyên Nguyễn Hữu Đặng says:

    ohhhh 1.25x

  79. Hoàng Trẩu Vlog says:

    Cảm ơn bạn dịch vsub nhé , cảm ơn bạn nhiều

  80. RRGAMING Champion says:

    Kirito. 😫😫😫

  81. Tiến Nguyễn Văn says:


  82. Lord Rizaki says:

    LiSA=Easy win Opening+Ending songs

  83. Anthony Solis says:

    :3 love

  84. YhelloWish says:

    Based on this song I think this song will play in the last EP when Alice gone/died/uninstalled

  85. ざとみ says:

    พอแปลออกมาทำไมน้ำตาผมไหลนะ คนไทย ยกมือขึ้น

  86. Ima Snow says:

    00:00 Alice expresses her feelings to Kirito

    01:54 Eugeo expresses his feelings to Alice.

    03:14 Alice refers to Kirito.

    03:49 Kirito answers him.

    04:25 Lisa comments

  87. Giyuu- says:

    this is the 10th times i listen to this song and it still makes me shiver

  88. Noom Sahapon says:


  89. Al-eem Ahmed says:

    i just listened to this with the subtitles, WOW that was emotional song

  90. Alex HD says:

    The Best OP ED 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. minato namikaze says:

    No es el mejor endong del 2019 pero si es uno de los mejores las cosas como son

  92. yessica machaca vilca says:

    The best ♡♡˖

  93. Ihsan Andi Nugroho says:

    Kirito deserve a break from everything he sent through,instead he got his soul fried with his brain still active

  94. Nicolas Vargas says:

    This music put me in a big sad vibes, but its so good :C

  95. Pieseluuu12 says:

    Best ending ever

  96. drap13 says:

    Ese ojo .

  97. Mysto says:

    Man i feel free and sadness through this ending of sao alicization wou 🙂 <3

  98. Biniata says:

    The auto-tune at the end was killing me bro, it's so fitting.

  99. Muh Abu Rizal Akbar says:

    goosebumps 👍👍👍👍

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