Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening Full『LiSA – ADAMAS』【ENG Sub】

Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening Full『LiSA – ADAMAS』【ENG Sub】

Trying to justify things has made us numb, Caught in bitter darkness and a whirlpool of roars… But loneliness accompanies every new beginning. Even if we’re surrounded on all sides, smash through the walls! If the direction of the wind doesn’t suit you, then stir it up! Pay close attention to the beat of the accelerating magma, moving ever onward. A grinning god of death is calling to me, “Do you believe yourself?” I’ve begun. Because I want to see the glory of this goal! SHiNY SWORD MY DiAMOND, A crystallization of my sorrows and desires. We each declare our duty, proceeding toward our respective lights. I’ve made it to today by taking a stand again and again. It’s TiME. A single prayer will confirm the revolution. So shine! Sweat and tears, mistakes… they seem to taste of honey On a slimy road covered in the drool of hyenas. I carefully crafted a glass charm, With a 100-karat shine (FAKER!!) But the world is waiting for a dazzling miracle to take its breath away! SHiNY SWORD MY DiAMOND, A crystallization of my purity and hopes. OH SHiNE ON MY TEARS! They shelter the light of my strength. I don’t have time to waste with imitations. Not until the symbol of my strength, the polished jewel of my efforts, burns out. No way to prove just follow through! (DON’T BLOCK MY WAY!!) Don’t break it now! (NO!!) Breaking (NO!!) (MAKE ME BRAVE!!) When you pull out the sword the end begins ( BLESS YOU) I’ll simply protect what I want to protect! No way to prove just follow through! (DON’T BLOCK MY WAY!!) So I will keep on (GO)ing! ! keep on (GO)ing!! (ViCTORY!!) Raising our “cores” to the sky: ”SHiNY SWORD MY DiAMOND” SHiNY SWORD MY DiAMOND, A crystallization of my sorrows and desires. We each declare our duty, proceeding toward our respective lights. Taking a stand again and again, we’ll go on into tomorrow. It’s TiME. A single prayer will confirm the revolution. So shine! Shine in this moment! It’s TiME It’s TiME “ADAMAS” https://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/lisa/adamas/

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening Full『LiSA – ADAMAS』【ENG Sub】

  1. Melodic Star says:

    LiSA's new single ''Gurenge'' is now out! It's opening song for Kimetsu no Yaiba. LiSA + Ufotable greatness! –

  2. Kuroneko Chan says:

    LiSA is the queen of anime opening songs, I don't think anyone can argue this 😍

  3. Elza Pallo says:


  4. lnw moons says:


  5. Yami Givo says:

    I’m starting to like this one as much as Courage

  6. Pax the fox.-. says:


  7. Ruel Tapanan says:

    Overrated Singer tbh

  8. BESTTV GGK says:

    I love sao

  9. Eric Ong says:

    nice viral video i'd expect it since it's from an SAO anime #Anime4Life

  10. M0r1t2 _ 03 says:

    26 m Views , Not bad

  11. Wolf Hound says:

    Alice is now new Waifu just go for the head Kirito, but don't use the sword if you know what i mean : P

  12. 천호연 says:

    "Stay cool….Kirito…."

  13. l'innocence says:

    If anyone likes playing Beat Saber and has a pretty good level (at least hard, but expert is better), there is Adamas and it's really fun !
    Love the song and the anime btw :3

  14. moo n says:

    다이기 메이분니 시비레 키라시떼
    뜻을 위해서 지켜야 할것들에 난 신물이났어

    쿠쥬우노 야미또 고우노 우즈노나까
    어둠의 고통과 업보의 회오리속

    하지마리니 고도쿠와 츠키모노사
    모든 시작에 고독은 뗄래야 뗄 수 없는 것

    시멘소카데모 카베오 부치야부레
    사면초가에 놓여진들 그 벽을 부수고

    期待外れ 風向きかき回せ
    기타이하즈레 카자무키 카키마와세
    내 뜻과 다르게 부는 바람을 휘저어라

    카소시떼유쿠 마구마노 코도우
    가속해 나가는 마그마의 고동

    確かめて 進め
    타시카메떼 스스메
    확인하고 앞으로 나아가

    ニヤついた 死神の呼ぶ声がする
    니야츠이따 시니가미노 요부 코에가 스루
    히죽거리는 사신의 꾀임소리가 들려

    “Do you believe yourself?”
    두유 빌리브 욜세프
    넌 자신을 믿니

    僕は始まった 栄光のゴールを見たいのさ
    보쿠와 하지맏따 에이코우노 고오루오 미따이노사
    나는 준비됬어 영광의 골을 볼 준비말이야

    샤이니 소드 마이 다이아몬드
    빛나는 검 내 다이아몬드

    카나시미또 네가이노 켇쇼우타이니
    슬픔과 원망(願望)의 결정체에

    보쿠라와 시메이오 치카우
    우리들의 사명을 맹새해

    소레조레노 히카리오 메자시떼이쿠
    각각의 빛을 목표로해 나아가

    何度だって 立ち上がって
    난도닫떼 타치아갇떼
    몇번이든 다시 일어난끝에

    보쿠와 쿄우마데 키탄다
    우리들은 오늘까지 온거야

    It’s time 一挙の祈りが
    잇츠 타임 읻쿄노 이노리가
    자 시간이야 한번의 기도가

    革命の確証 さあ、輝け!
    카쿠메이노 카쿠쇼우 사아 카가야케
    혁명의 증표 자 빛나리!

    汗と涙 Mistake 蜜の味
    아세또 나미다 미스테이크 미츠노 아지
    땀과 눈물의 실수 달콤한 경험

    이레누 타이키마미레 헤도로노 미치
    받아들여지지 않는 뒤숭숭한 마음뿐의 진흙투성이 길

    구라스 사이쿠 카타미니 호도코시따
    유리세공 유품에 새겨넣었던

    しゃっからって煌めけれ Fight Back!
    샫카랃떼 키라메케레 파이트 백
    반짝이며 밝게 빛나 돌아와 싸워라!

    토키메쿠 호도 마부시이 키세키오
    심장 뛸 정도의 눈부신 기적을

    세카이가 맏떼이루
    세계가 기다리고있어

    샤이니 소드 마이 다이아몬드
    빛나는 검 내 다이아몬드

    쥰스이또 키보운오 켇쇼우타이니

    오우 샤이니 올 마이 티얼스
    오우 빛나고있어 내 눈물

    츠요사노 히카리와 히메떼이루
    강함의 빛은 아직 모습을 드러내지 않아

    마텐로우또 타타카우 치카라와 보쿠니와 나이사
    닿지 않는 어둠(마천루) 와 싸울 힘은 내겐 없어

    코우신노 코우세키 미가이따
    희망의 미래를(행진의 광석) 갈고 닦아

    쿠쿄우노 쿤쇼우 모에츠키루마데
    역경의 훈장이 그 역할을 다할때 까지

    (영어 가사 생략하겠습니다)
    No way to burn it Just fight on through
    (To prove my way)
    Don’t break it now (No) Don’t break it
    (Don’t make me break)
    Waiting for the other side I’m up against (Miss you)
    마모리따이모노 이마다니 이노치다케
    지키고 싶은것 아직 목숨만은

    No way to burn Just fight on through
    (To prove my way)
    Somehow I keep on coming Keep on coming back (Victory)
    보쿠타치노 코와다까 아게떼
    우리들의 함성 힘껏 질러


    카나시미또 네가이노 켇쇼우타이니
    슬픔과 원망의 결정체에

    보쿠라와 시메이오 치카우
    우리들의 사명을 맹새해

    소레조레노 히카리오 메자시떼이쿠
    각각의 빛을 목표로해 나아가

    何度だって 立ち上がって
    난도닫떼 타치아갇떼
    몇번이든 다시 일어난끝에

    보쿠라와 아시따오 이쿤다
    우리들은 내일을 향해가

    It’s time 一挙の祈りが
    잇츠 타임 읻쿄노 이노리가
    자 시간이야 한번의 기도가

    革命の確証 さあ、輝け!
    혁명의 증표 자 빛나리

    이마오 카가야케!
    지금을 빛내라!

    It’s time
    It’s time, ADAMAS

  15. KaneTheBoom says:

    me and my sister: "Crossing Field is the best opening."
    Me: * watches Alicization *
    Me: Yo **insertsisternamehere**. The opening for Alicization is better than Crossing Field.
    Sister: how dare you
    Me: let me show it to you then
    Sister: k
    Adamas plays
    Sister: okay this is decent but not as good as crossing field.

    **2 HOURS LATER**
    Me, sister and the video in unison: SHINY SWORD MY DIAMOND!!!!

  16. JoSé.V Santiago says:

    Deve tá rico o cara agr kkkkkkk

  17. Michel Hanna says:


  18. Adbeljuñioaspicondori Lala says:


  19. G. Abrar says:

    Wew 26 M??attack on titan got nothing on this masterpiece

  20. Andreas Noveus says:

    the anime cut to much content but the song is perfect

  21. Kirk Patrick says:

    For those who want to see official music video here's the link https://youtu.be/OTXQYwlVZOY

  22. pew says:

    I fucking love this OP

  23. zombiespro Tempess says:

    That moment when you hook up your surround sound speakers and play this song only to have your mom yell at you 😂

  24. David Borcea says:

    And still some people think it sucks

  25. Pé Vé-L says:

    With opening of GATE, AKAME GA KILL is this one of the best opening songs ever,

  26. Hopper Games says:

    they should try to bring Eugeo back, here's how I would do alright so Eugeo is based off of a real person at rath right so how bought make it so that kirito finds this person and he talks about how he became friends with his copy and then they get on from there or you know when they die there program doesn't get erased which is the likely route they will take and I know he isn't in the books anymore but fuck it, SAO first arc was 14 episodes and there are 10 books about aincrade so who cares at this point have a fan fav come back

  27. อาชิ คุง says:


  28. Flash kami says:

    https://youtu.be/l5rcYw17I5M new channel check it out

  29. Kaneki Plays says:

    Sao ❤

  30. MeatyTaco says:

    one of the most well made beat saber maps ngl

  31. Raygener Joson says:

    This song rocks

  32. 시진강 says:

    소아온노래는 다좋아

  33. Mad Animator says:

    war of underworld is coming !!!!

  34. NEFI morais says:


  35. BeastModeDragon says:

    Love you Kirito, and both of his best friends 😢

  36. Ton Mai says:

    Love sword

  37. Yuuki Konno says:

    This is still one of my favorites 😍♥️🧡♥️🔥👍

  38. Game Zone says:


  39. Thedfectiveone :3 says:

    Rushed Second Season,Two Rape scenes ,MC character overpowered and not in a good way,Third Season made to make everyone forget the anime is doodoo

  40. fallback deadfire says:

    The art work

  41. Nguyên Khôi Trần Tiễn says:

    2:15 – 2:34 Gold! An image of knights in shiny armor returning from battle with glory actually appears in my mind every time I listen to this part lol

  42. Justin Wei says:

    Best and Worst Anime Ending Ever

  43. Isaiahmeeks671 says:

    Is it odd to say, I’m starting to like this opening more than the others in SAO 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  44. Isaiahmeeks671 says:

    In all honesty season 3 probably the best season with amazing plot and lovable characters and the interaction as if it was a real place with people, who don’t truly see the corrupt world behind the scenes, only knowing what the rules tell them and obeying without any doubt 🤷🏽‍♂️ overall I don’t understand the hate around SAO and the music always is amazing

  45. kiritaux 31 says:

    Résister or adamas

  46. beipong Toph says:

    이거지~~소름이 쫙 돋을정도의 고음 지리구연~

  47. Stephen Osiemi says:

    2:34 is the best part

  48. Sanctum Kaltzifer says:

    2:20 = Pokemon Swort and Shield a remix, with Trailer 0:54

  49. ZaarTaRo says:


  50. Faruk Yancı says:

    Türkçeye çevirenin ellerine sağlık

  51. klance4life says:

    Stay cool

  52. violette moreno says:

    I love sao

  53. OofBloxTV says:


  54. Himeragi Kojou says:

    Lisa back at it with another banger
    Damn that is a lot

  55. Enitakii says:

    um why does it sound different to the sao op? like at 0:06 the guitar and everything is in a lower pitch and sounds different.

  56. Kirigaya Kazuto says:

    S W O R D A R T O N L I N E

  57. Ted Brodhead says:

    Honestly it’s kinda weird how the office video of this song has less the 1/27th of the fan video

  58. Wait Till Marriage says:

    Shit anime lol

  59. Angry Mc says:

    why almost 50% of the comments here comment only about how great the op is and how the anime sucks even other arcs only exept the aincrad arc? all seems good to me especially the phantom bullet arc.

  60. Fabian Alonzo Melgarejo Arriagada says:

    Pene verde la pelicula solo en Netflix también en cines

  61. ikxro says:

    I didn't like this song very much..

    third time listening: SHINY SWORD MY DIAMOND

  62. 1012 wogy says:

    유지오 살려라!>!!!!

  63. Asukaa. says:

    mettez une animation svp.

  64. Alda Mendoza says:

    Temazo csmr, tanto que hasta el kirito-kun se quedó vegetal de la impresión :v

  65. 1. Thou Shant Lewd Kaori says:

    bad opening, sao is getting worse

  66. ShadowZ says:

    System Call Generate Cryogenic Element Crying Nibba

  67. Rex U`s says:

    0:55 my fucking heart her voice is so poweful…

  68. Natrian says:

    SHINY SWORD my diamond!

  69. Anon Anonymous says:

    I watched this entire arc yesterday. It's one of the better ones.

  70. Edgar Fonseca says:

    Que pedo homosexuales

  71. Wendy Hille says:

    my favorite part 2:34

  72. Asuna says:

    kirito: RAHHHHH
    Alice: Im so cool
    Eugeo: about to eat tree

  73. Ernestasアーネスト says:

    One of the most powerful song in anime world!

  74. Sodo Ato Onrain says:

    kirito was here

  75. Maynard Hearns says:

    I literally had to listen to this.

  76. guanhong Chen says:


  77. Yanuar Saputra Nugroho says:

    Dapat salam dari INDO

  78. Math Boi says:

    Anybody else got a little scared at chanting at the end lol

  79. Sara Raquel Moraes says:

    Só tem eu de BR?? To triste😪

  80. Seha ÇALIŞKAN says:

    Kirito'nun haremi büyüsün diye Eugeo muzu harcadılar ya başka da bişey demeye gerek yok

  81. Zachary Blank says:

    I don’t like the anime, but I decided to check out the opening since I liked some songs LiSA put out.

  82. Krustieng Games says:

    Dasar wibu

  83. Adriana Sanabria says:

    Esta si es música no como el regueton

  84. OmegaAngelWarrior582 says:


  85. [] says:

    Eugeo looked like he was chewing the flower in the background

  86. Filip Majchrzak says:


  87. 420 hrs says:

    This anime trash lol

  88. Joaquim Jose Joestar says:

    The only fact that you need to know about SAO:
    The only two good parts of SAO are made by the same person, and it is definitely not Reki Kawahara

  89. Okami says:

    S H I N Y S W O R D M Y D I A M O N D

  90. aman duggal says:


    期待外れ 風向きかき回せ
    確かめて 進め

    ニヤついた 死神の呼ぶ声がする
    “Do you believe yourself?”
    僕は始まった 栄光のゴールを見たいのさ

    僕ら使命を誓う それぞれの光を目指していく
    何度だって立ち上がって 僕は今日まで来たんだ
    It’s TiME 一個の祈りが 革命の確証
    さぁ 輝け

    汗と涙 Mistake 蜜の味

    100カラット煌めきに (FAKER!!)

  91. TheMercifulGuard says:

    SAO Season 4 in a few weeks WOOOOOOO

  92. Lui says:

    When the opening is better than the actual show

  93. Moseng Teroosss says:


  94. Nebtop Fx says:

    she also does that of kimetsu no yaiba

  95. Vhal Cabugayan says:

    And Alice the Holy Knight looks like a cheap mix of Saber and Jeanne from Fate

  96. Britton Griffin says:

    Help I’ve been listening to this for an hour now and I can’t stop.

  97. Symion says:

    Two more days till War of Underworld drops people.

  98. Hiroto Sato says:

    1:58 oj on my juice lmao

  99. Joel M says:

    If there's one thing sao does right, its the waifus ☻

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