Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening  2 – RESISTER / ASCA [Full]

Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening 2 – RESISTER / ASCA [Full]

In a place your voice doesn’t reach Is a twisted rule that no one taught me When you were young, you had dreams you wished for with all your heart The journey to find where they are has only just begun I no longer need the time I mourned So break the wall of limitations, right now! Pride that shines within strong, unwilting emotions Recollections that never change, no matter what pain we experience Embracing the vow I found as I broadened my sight Because this road I chose with unclouded eyes
Will connect me to you Let your voice echo
Resist destiny! I have no wish to keep living while forever holding my breath Continuing to glare at an unchanging future Gather up your tattered heart And leap into the sea of passion, right now! GO TO THE OUTSIDE OF DAYDREAM BREAK YOUR LIMITS Pride I want to attain, carried within my weak self Hopes that never change, no matter how they’re swallowed by waves of loneliness Embracing the hopes I found as I bore my ideals Because I’ll be able to reach you, smiling in a yet-unseen tomorrow Until your voice reaches me
Resist destiny! Holding my trembling shoulders close and laughing You’re here, and so I can keep singing Pride that shines within strong, unwilting emotions Recollections that never change, no matter what pain we experience Embracing the vow I found as I broadened my sight Because this road I chose with unclouded eyes
Will connect me to you Let your voice echo
Cut through all adversity Resist destiny! PROUD OF MYSELF Translated by Toria, visit him at: https://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/asca/resister/

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening 2 – RESISTER / ASCA [Full]

  1. Justin Y. says:

    Kirito could defeat Kirito even under frozen time

  2. Chuanhai says:

    Art is from the current menu art of SAO MD, the game

  3. Ei Boi says:

    I like this season of SAO coz not much asuna

  4. -_ Noah _- says:


  5. -_ Noah _- says:

    best moment 1:43

  6. jheannehmaie says:

    ADAMAS was better though

  7. Peanutalex says:

    No asuna…………………………….

  8. Protocol Sama Music says:

    Illustration Link pls???

  9. LMS Productions says:

    anyone know where I can find the image used in the video

  10. Yumiki says:

    Similar just like rising hope

  11. Mashiru says:

    if i were to comment on every vid i see i would probaly be another justin y.

  12. XeN*0 says:

    is it bad that i prefer asca over lisa?

  13. Yonglin Du says:

    Howd u able to post without copyright

  14. brendon stephen says:

    Euego is just a blonde Kirito

  15. giang tran says:

    Kirito could defeat Kirito even under frozen time

  16. FS Nightcore says:


  17. 박환성 says:

    한국인은 나밖에 없나봐.. 노래 개좋다ㄹㅇ ㄷㄷ

  18. 정시다 says:

    Who is this somenale's right person? The administrater's childhood features?

  19. luisi4567 says:

    how did you did the effect on the image? the shake effect looks really smooth! nice video!

  20. SilverS Gaming says:

    Thought this was an ending wtf?

  21. Satsuki- says:

    Wallpaper link please

  22. Elfrancomc Adanes says:


  23. Aiha says:

    Welcome to SAO family ASCA

  24. Happy Smile says:

    Oh seems like i missclicked and i'm listening to mahouka koukou no rettousei opening :))))))))))))))))))

  25. Mai Boondol says:

    I love it

  26. 謝騏農 says:

    I think her song is as good as lisa

  27. Zerotwo official says:

    My fav song anime 😍😍😍

  28. Capitão Levi says:

    SAO nunca desaponta nas openings. E essa é simplesmente incrível. Já é minha favorita!!!

  29. B J says:

    이거 일러 어디서 다운함

  30. kyuketsuki says:

    Good song,i love it

  31. Fagner Jacob says:

    Cardinal has UMU voice actress. Such cutie :3

  32. 123 456 says:

    What's with the Discord notification sound at 3:31 lmao.

  33. Meister Novus says:

    I thought A-1 just going to hire LiSA, Aoi Eir, and Tomatsu Haruka as the singer for OP or ED. Didn't expect ASCA to sing the OP.

  34. Astral Codex says:

    REGISTER this song in my head

  35. Kaka Mojon says:

    Eugeo muere

  36. Phantomhive says:

    better than adamas

  37. Kuze Hibiki [THE LAST] says:

    have a promotion on my channel account, thank you.

  38. Fatoumata Jallow says:


  39. Marcellius Ari Christy says:

    The violin is so cool….

  40. A Hungry King says:

    0:49 🙂

  41. 택트. says:

    소류 아스카 랑그레이
    Soryu Asuka Langley

  42. Mxtt says:

    Beginning sounds like Catch The Moment.

  43. Việt Ngô says:

    hello i am from Vietnam music is very good

  44. Officer Jaco says:

    generate nerf element
    Eugeo appears???

  45. Anime Vitamin says:

    Irregular Magic vibe.

  46. xXx_AVENGER_520_xXx says:

    Better than adamas

  47. Emir Eksi says:

    Alicization is going to better than Aincrad arc have my word

  48. Scar M says:

    I love sword art online

  49. mambole Emeric Baka san says:

    Why is the title of the song in french

  50. WOOWOOWOO WOO says:

    That girl looks like ruler from fate

  51. Josue Bermudez says:

    I needed to turn the brightness up because I couldn't hear the smells properly.

  52. Random Cat On The Internet says:

    Oof Asuna and kirito. Harem are not the main lead it quite a nice change pass

  53. Catherine Park says:

    Ah!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  54. Irizaki Mei says:

    Alice show dem panti…e…ss

  55. Andres Fernando Hio Mulcue says:

    Esperando con ansias el cap 20

  56. Axel Nilsson says:

    Is the beginning of the intro something they just added since I don’t hear it at all before music starts playing

  57. jazmin Soto says:

    I love this song 😍😍😍

  58. Dawid Gabriel says:

    quem pula as opening SAO não sabe o que é bom

  59. RichterfanReborn89 says:

    System call: Remove ….Thot…. protection.

    Me; EUGEO NO!!!!! You don't know what you're saying, STOP!!!!!!!!

  60. C. I.A says:

    All Sao ops are absolutely good!

  61. A Hungry King says:

    SHINY SWORD MY DIAMOND!! but wait wrong song

  62. Brigith Brit says:

    LIKE si crees que esta temporada revivio SAO.

  63. Rafa Yuda says:

    sao good op

  64. Ivan Diaz says:

    Thx sub en español

  65. Jorex Calamba says:

    SAO used to be my favourite :')

  66. The Supreme Sultan says:


  67. Ivan Arturo says:

    El Arco Alicization es la historia más oscura de SAO.

  68. Miyuki Naragawa says:

    at first I don't like this song because of the influence of ADAMAS, but now ILOVEIT!

  69. Seu Madruguinha says:

    É doer o coração! Sao!

  70. Tyke Encarnacion says:

    Yugioh's a wimp

  71. xdds GT says:


  72. Cristian Avila says:

    Who's the little girl next to Cardinal?

  73. Jonathan Tavares says:

    I FINALLY figured it out. This song's violin reminds me of Soul Eater's 3rd ending: Bakusou Yumeuta.

  74. Axel Nilsson says:

    I wish we got to see the other 26 integrity knights

  75. ツOtaku baiano says:


  76. Sempai GVD says:

    The best sao season ever

    But it’s sao so that doesn’t mean much😅

  77. Aleksandar Subic says:

    Sao is a really good anime i love the opening #fuckAllHaters

  78. Omni says:

    What a shame such an amazing song went to use in a mediocrely unfaithful adaptation.

  79. J. Deku says:

    Blonde Kirito doesn’t have the same big dick as not blonde Kirito has.

  80. Himiko Takeo says:

    u say Justin Bieber, I say Skillet

    u say Bruno Mars, I say Five Finger Death Punch

    u say Lady Gaga, I say Breaking Benjamin

    u say Miley Cyrus, I say Evanescence

    u say T-Pain, I say Three Days Grace

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    u say Daft Punk, I say Green Day

    u say Flowers, I say Nine Lashes

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  81. Faaizah Farhat says:

    I just realised, the chorus sounds similar to LiSA's 'Rising Hope' and Eir Aoi's 'Cynthia no Hikari', both great songs. Am I the only one?

  82. 黃奕傑 黃奕傑 says:

    The more I listen to this song ,the more I love it.
    Just amazing! And rip Adamas HaHa!

  83. PY L says:

    Resister >>>>>>>> Adamas

  84. Thien Nhi Son says:

    Ariato swort art onliean

  85. Young Madara says:

    Like this more than Adamas.

  86. Violet Nova says:

    A reminder that Blonde Kirito died for your sins.

  87. Joel Otavalo says:

    Definitivamente este anime no tiene ni una mala canción, sea cual sea como la utilicen

  88. TheMr.8181 says:

    link of the image? pls

  89. Luis cunillera says:

    Eugeo is the best SAO character.

  90. Jonaa kuya says:

    Season 3 part two will be in October <3

  91. Hiro 016 says:

    Donde encuentro esa imagen en 4k full hd?

  92. Jaruto says:

    Kirito the best

  93. Jaruto says:

    Kirito the best

  94. HaxuraMAD says:

    Quien es la chica que esta al lado izquierdo de quinella, la de cabello como blanco azulado que no recuerdo haberla visto en el anime

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