Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris New Character & Battle System Trailer | PS4

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris New Character & Battle System Trailer | PS4

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Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris New Character & Battle System Trailer | PS4

  1. Irtwange Iorwase says:

    Would have been excited for this if the season 2 of anime wasn't so disappointing.

  2. Jeremy Argely says:

    1:52 Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris. Coming May 22nd to PlayStation®4.

  3. LiquidSnake268 says:

    Create own character but its like we playing a kirito story? Its it like FB that i like a lot not being like this

  4. Let's Play says:

    Very beautiful !

  5. Daniel no importa says:

    It looks like a mobile game

  6. Sir_Noopers_of_the_81st says:

    Can't wait

  7. Костя888 says:

    Как в такую херню можно играть?? Игра для девочек не старше 12 лет

  8. lonely wolf says:

    Wow it looks gorgeous and breathtaking I wanna buy it

  9. Saber Pencil says:

    Will this game have the war of underworld arc too ?

  10. Nat Geo says:

    I really wish anime games didn't look like early mid ps3 era graphics.

  11. Smit Patel says:

    Looks stupid

  12. Nat Geo says:

    There's so much you could do with a Sao game and we get the same game everytimr re-skinned

  13. BrokenSword says:

    Pass! 🥱

  14. Arya Mahendra says:

    The multiplayer gameplay looks like GBF Relink, i will wait GBF tho

  15. YosefXxGamer says:

    Just go and start your own story on archeage unchaind (: it is really better than sao world itself

  16. Medi Core says:

    Own Char Creation.
    Thank you Bandai Namco.
    22.May…and there my Money goes.

  17. CLT says:

    I want to use Alice, why so hard making the characters switchable???

  18. Miguel Figueroa says:

    So no local…

  19. Genoxerse says:

    Tales of sword art online 😂😂😂

  20. Fate Wielder says:

    Another one?

  21. gmdb- says:

    kirito 😭 i miss you

  22. Rose Punch says:


    Oops wrong YouTube channel

  23. Ghost says:

    this looks really confusing

  24. MzAbbyxz says:

    Looks like previous games, pass.

  25. Dog • 10 years ago says:

    The gameplay looks so slow compared to the anime

  26. messquiz says:

    Wow, this actually looks a bit impressive for a jrpg. Usually environments in jrpgs look so boring because of how empty and bland they tend to always be, you know kinda like ps2 graphics. But this actually looks like it got it's foot in current gen technology. I would love to play a jrpg in the same level as GoW but I know that's somewhat impossible. 😔

  27. King Knight is best Knight says:


  28. Shiro Satsuma says:

    Can't wait for next year's dragonball game

  29. ItaChu 787 says:

    stupid useless game lol

  30. Liam G. says:

    Please put in more effects during fights, I don't want to see any of the enemies while I mash random buttons.

  31. JoeLad9 says:

    only beater's asking for demo

  32. あみAmii64 says:


  33. Ya3gubi-Art says:

    I really wish if they make a sequel to fatal bullet 💕

  34. Tenlizard44 says:

    Xenoblade Chronicles who???


    Will I be able to kill kirito and take his waifus? If not no thank you.

  36. KingBlaze 9000 says:

    Looks a lot like Final Fantasy XV

  37. Aziz Ahmed says:

    Man i hate those games were you get hit and you just have to wait to him to finsh his combo😡

  38. Trayton Vanderecken says:

    Can't to play this on Ps4 in May.

  39. Cephalon Skynet says:

    Nah, I'll stick with my Final Fantasy Online

  40. bacd 1990 says:

    No Pre-order option for EU. 😟

  41. Long Jawn Silva says:

    Amazing how they get away with ps2-3 graphics in 2020 and still sell millions of copies

  42. Janu Putra says:

    Tolong adakan versi bahasa Indonesia 🙏

  43. Mike wolf says:

    este pobre titulo del anime sword art online esta siendo explotado al maximo sin darle un respito algo mas creativo.

  44. Sexy Unykorn says:

    Xbox tho?

  45. GameGlaive says:

    Would have liked to see this game on the PlayStation Vita, but since won't be releasing it on the Vita I won't be buying it.

  46. Cococrash11 says:

    Awesome Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris New Character & Battle System Trailer.

  47. King Dee_420 says:

    Add me on ps4 gamertag KingDee_420

  48. Ethan with a Camera says:

    game looks like every other awful sao game

  49. Dereck Turner says:


  50. Six1Eye says:

    Well it have English 😅 voices, I dnt mind the Japanese voices but gets annoying while in battle like FB, sounds like to many lewd stuff happening as we battle 😂😂, English voice pack please😊.

  51. jase276 says:

    Already got a game out for it, eh?

  52. Maximum Joy says:

    Can they please update Fatal Bullet… it should be running at 4k 60fps on XB1X, but its 720p 30fps

  53. Crimson Beast says:

    finally character creation and i hope we get a lot of weapons or we can make weapons from the world like the anime (like from a vulcan, sunlight, mamuth-tree, lake, flowers, etc)

  54. SirWorlBoss says:

    Dont be fooled people it's another cash grab failure of a game I've been burnt too many times by SAO games

  55. Ryo zero says:

    Soo this is just Hollow Realization Combat wise?

  56. Bethanne Stewart says:

    Oh goodie we’re doing another character creation of our own but we’re still Kirito (I think)

  57. Carolin De Paula says:

    soy el unico que habla espanol

  58. Carolin De Paula says:

    like todos los que tienen PS3

  59. Carolin De Paula says:

    Por que no saquan Juego de PS3

  60. عالم الانمي says:

    وين العرب

  61. Senpai Hikka says:

    Ну хер знает… Графика (в плане Рисовки не лучше и не хуже чем в Wow Тупа одно и тоже)… Как-то всё сыровато…, но если это не окончательный вариант… То ля задумка классная! Буду ждать.

  62. Kirito says:

    What time this have start?
    How much money?
    And…how to play?
    How to buy?
    Who made this game?
    Pls say me know!

  63. Kirito says:

    誰がそのゲームを作ったのですか? そのゲームはどこから来たのですか? いつだった 教えてください!

  64. W S says:


  65. Lorddiabout says:

    They say it has character customization but it look like you still playing as kirito

  66. Smoke The Joke says:

    I might get this one.

  67. I I says:

    Those frames

  68. Gungrave says:

    When the PC Steam release?

  69. ShadowFlareY says:

    No please i dont want to relive eugeos death

  70. DK_Panos says:

    is this an update or the official realise trailer ?

  71. Sol Spite says:

    This makes me think of xenoblade too much

  72. Derick Lust says:

    How about just port integral factor to pc and console? Either that or rename it to Sword Art Offline

  73. Lykhän says:

    In other words, More of the same :/

  74. キノコ太郎 [ロコモコ] says:


  75. X Dirty Star X says:

    Is the game finally an mmo like the show?

  76. Sidney Speedpaints says:

    Will this be on the Switch as well?

  77. Giuseppe Castellese says:

    I think that people who stay behind SAO games don't know about VR or maybe they are stupid.

    This Is a message full of love.

  78. Franklyn Watts says:

    Mhwiceborne, Dbkakarot,SWJFO and SAO my games for 2020💪🏽💪🏽

  79. Bulooo Mister says:

    It would be a great game if its quality is 3A

  80. SoulHeartRS says:

    The character creation is for online multiplayer only. The story will have you play as Kirito.

  81. ThatKid Kay says:

    Are we ever going to get a SAO mmo? Where you can make your own character, choose a class, guild, & go online with thousands of players, do the story, side quests, guild battles, and such like the anime? It could really blow up knowing how popular sao is

  82. Buddy The Saiyan says:

    I miss our protag from Fatal Bullet.

  83. Andrey Ribeiro GfpM_ says:

    Como sempre falta o suporte Br.


    When this game come out who wana form a party? Comment if u wana know my psn. I play trove and dauntless

  85. [Eiyū-Ō] Kuroryokan says:

    But is character creation only for MP.
    Cause i would love a Fatall Bullet type of SAO game, were i have my own character and my own story and i find Kirito and the others during it, it's not as much fun when i am Kirito.
    Fatal Bullet was amazing cause of that.

  86. Victor Stefano says:

    Is just for PS4? or they'll launch to PC?

  87. Doom Miller says:

    Little Big Planet new ps4

  88. Robert Carlson says:

    They just need to make a MMORPG of SAO and have it similar to either ESO or FFXIV

  89. brandon says:

    Will this also come with the Alice Pre order avatar for US? says it in the japan version

  90. Reaper Rai says:

    Is this going to be open world

  91. Nicolai J says:

    Swordo arto onlinereh: Alice eats a licoroce

  92. Seth Gower says:

    When will we be able to preorder SAO AL? Like on Playstation.

  93. Austin Thompson says:

    😤😡 WHERE IS ASUNA! Don't get me wrong I like alice but with out Asuna Kirito will not survive. They are like peanut butter and Jelly

  94. alfonso helix says:

    At last a REAL Sword Online game.. am I right guys?

  95. Bika Ridjalluddin says:

    Why is that i feel like they’ve just released fatal bullet week ago? It’s just the same old sao only with AI🤷‍♂️
    I had enough.

  96. Char Aznable says:

    Stuck playing as Kirito AGAIN. Also framerate dips in your trailer is awful.

  97. MrLurchi1991 says:

    Sortiliena Serlut please too 🤔

  98. Jimmy Z says:

    Hope its not all "talks" like Sword Art Online Hollow Realization

  99. billieamos1 says:

    Here's to hoping we can get his sub and dub one day.

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