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This Alicization Explained is brought to you
by the people asking who the person in purple is, in a story post where I explicitly explained
who he is. Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld
Episode 11 was absolutely mesmerizing in all the right ways. Bercouli’s dream, Iskahn’s pain, Yui’s sadness,
Klein and Agil screentime which they’ll get even more of, and an incredible ending with
Lisbeth putting everything on the line with an incredible performance by her Voice Actor
and her speech about their differences as SAO Survivors, as well as why Virtual does
not mean “Not Real”. Our guests from Ordinal Scale have arrived
and the Opening has changed into Alicization Awakening to reflect our progression into
Volume 17 of the Light Novels! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk, your
most reliable source of Sword Art Online information, with Alicization Explained featuring War of
Underworld Episode 11, Hearless Choice! As always, Timestamps to individual plotpoints
are down below for easy navigation with an overview, but to give you a quick rundown,
that was once again an Episode that would anger that vocal minority of toxic fanboys
because “Hurr Durr no action boring”, but an absolutely wonderful episode for the rest
of us here! Great adaptation, and Anime Original, possibly
even plot changing stuff, actually has many of us Light Novel readers excited. Having Eiji and YUNA being involved after
Cordial Chords is a bold move, but a move that is definitely welcome. How can players with AmuSphere log into Underworld? How did Rath not realize something was wrong? Those are simple question that we’ll get to
in a bit, among the actual meatier stuff. But if you are new to my Explained Series,
what I do here is essentially provide you all the vital information on Characters, Events,
Action, Lore from the source material, Light Novels, things that the anime did not convey
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the description and the knowledge of Stacia awaits you there! Detailed summary, Episode 11 finished off
the remaining bits of Volume 16 Alicization Exploding, and has started with the first
10 pages of Volume 17 Alicization Awakening, Chapter 20 Part 1. Since we will go on a break after Episode
12, which you can learn more about by checking out my Episode 3 Q&A and save yourself the
trouble of asking questions and waiting for answers about that break and schedule, I know
you will also have questions as to where you should start reading the books when the break
hits in and you are stuck with a major cliffhanger. Luckily, I provide what the anime has covered
in every single episode of my Explained series, but to re-iterate, regardless of how much
the next Episode covers and which cliffhanger it decides to end on, you are looking for
Sword Art Online Volume 17 Alicization Awakening to read forward once the break comes. I will be more specific regarding which exact
chapter and part next week once we actually see how much the episode has covered, but
if you want to switch over to Light Novels, get your books now, it will take a week to
be delivered anyways, so you can start the moment anime ends. Again, links below, I strongly recommend Book
Depository because they are more reliable than Amazon. But yeah, going back to summary, both V16
and 17 combined, we covered around 35-40 pages, the perfect amount for a perfect adaptation
and it just shows. Not a single skip in fact in terms of content,
not even minor skips that stand out. The first half felt a bit faster paced than
it should have been, but again, everything was covered perfectly fine, so it would be
stupid of me to complain about the fast pacing. But especially the second half, when Lisbeth
started her speech, it just all went into “perfect” territory. And for once, an Anime Adaptation change has
us all excited for what is to come with Eiji and YUNA, so now, let’s get into all of that
and more! Starting with Bercouli’s dream, that was a
good one. The scene is not there to humanize Quinella
at all, don’t get it wrong, it’s all about Bercouli himself. How he perceives the world, how he perceives
Quinella, what does he know about both etc. He knows Quinella is deleting his memories
for stabilization, he openly talks to Quinella about that, but he doesn’t mind. He is fine with what he is doing and what
is being done to him to achieve it. And this memory of his, talking with Quinella,
he doesn’t even remember when it’s from, how long has it been since that day, but it is
one of the memories he never forgets. A seemingly unkillable being, sensing its
death despite the odds. Quinella mentions that there are still things
she can’t control, that there is always a chance for new enemies to appear. She isn’t talking about the Dark Territory,
she is talking about the world she never managed to transcend to of course. Bercouli didn’t know the outside world until
the day before, so now, he finally understands what she was talking about. There is something out there that is greater
than any of them and that their demise is inevitable. You will see more of this narrative thread
with Bercouli if the anime decides to adapt some more inner monologues in the future,
but even if they don’t, this scene is not a throwaway, one-off scene, it will come back
full circle even without those inner monologues. Obligatory mention of the Opening Title Text
changing into Alicization Awakening now that we are adapting some V17 content as well. We start with Alice’s shitpost and everyone
having a major cringe moment aaaand Then we start with the actual episode, Vecta’s
orders to cross the ravine. The first question you may have is “How the
fuck did they set up the ropes without crossing the ravine first?”. Simple. They got Dark Knights with Dragons. Some of them crossed the ravine, hammered
the anchors tied to the ropes. That’s pretty much it. It’s explained in the novels, it doesn’t bring
anything if it was shown in the anime in terms of context, so it was dropped. It kinda feels out of place in the Anime when
Bercouli throws shade at Asuna about not wanting to kill any Fluctlight if possible. It did have a lot of ground in the Novels
where Asuna was consistently conflicted about when she was killing actual living beings
stored in a digital medium. The Anime had none of those worries so far
so when Bercouli mentions it, I feel like… Why you do dis Daddy, why do you throw shade
when she didn’t even say anything in this version? Iskahn starting to question the Emperor was
great. He isn’t even denying his role within the
Dark Territory, he is committed to the prophecy of the Dark Territory which is to invade the
Human Empire, so his disobedient thought are all coming from the fact that Vecta is sacrificing
forces without hesitation just to chase the “Priestess of Light” that he is obsessed with,
rather than actually invading the Human Empire. Regardless of their goal however, a Dark Territory
member has to obey those with higher authority and thus questioning said authority brings
out the Seal of the Right Eye, similar to how Lilpilin the Chief of the Orcs had it
a couple episodes ago when his race was sacrificed for the spell. Keep your eyes on Iskahn, next week he will
have a whole lot more scenes with great focus on him specifically. But this brings us to the first major question
you have, when Critter brings the Fluctlight Accelaration to 1x and starts logging in the
Americans. Eh, sure I’ll give it to you, this scene does
not work as well without a narration explaining you what exactly is happening. And also, the way it was adapted in terms
of chronology should confuse you as well, from an Anime perspective, it looks like Critter
just instantly dropped the FLA to 1x a minute before Higa says “Should have been a year
already”. And how Sinon and Leafa were already walking
to the STL Units at Roppongi when Kiku had just received the call etc. So I’ll get things back on track one by one. First off, I hinted at this a loooong long
time ago in Alicization Explained, somewhere during the Human Realm Arc. The main feature of STL is the fact that it
is directly connecting to your Fluctlight and thus allows you to take advantage of the
Fluctlight Acceleration. It comes with the benefit of proper Incarnate
capabilities, but that’s more of a side effect than an actual intended feature. If you take away the STL, Project Alicization
is just another virtual world built with the Seed Package, directly compatible with all
the other software and hardware that utilizes the Seed Nexus. Remember all that time ago, during my Alicization
Lycoris news coverage when SAO Gameverse Lead Yousuke Futami answered a question about other
game characters appearing in Lycoris with a “Oh but there aren’t enough STLs” and I
said it was a PR lie? This is exactly why, that excuse was bullshit,
so that he wouldn’t inadvertantly spoil the anime contents so early on just to promote
the game. And that is why Critter has been lowering
the FLA to 1x, not instantly to not suddenly trigger a warning to Subcon where Kiku and
Higa were, but gradually, over time, since Gabriel Miller had contacted him from the
System Console in the Obsidia Palace before the war even began. At midnight Japan, the FLA had already been
lowered to 1x, more than 4 hours before Yui recognized the connections being made to the
Ocean Turtle from the US and sent Shino and Suguha to the Roppongi office. Now the reason for this is also very deliberate
in the novels. Since the Anime decided to involve everybody
early on back in Episode 5 of the Human Realm arc, it appears idiotic that Yui just sent
2 teens, instead of the 2 responsible adults, Klein and Agil, who have faced life or death
situations for 2 years, being one of the most reliable people of the Clearers back in Aincrad. Anime did an oopsie, it’s up to me to clear
it up. In the main canon, it is only Shino and Suguha
who know about Kirito’s condition. Sugu was told because obviously, Kazuto is
her brother. And Asuna had decided to tell Shino, because
she was with them the night this had happened. She never told this to Rika and Keiko (that’s
Liz and Silica’s real names for you), because she did not want them to worry and lose focus
of their schoolwork. So, Yui made the only logical conclusion to
the event unraveling in front of her. Sent the two people who roughly knew the circumstances
straight to the source to respond with haste, since they wouldn’t need an elaborate explanation,
so that they would save time, and only then called the rest of the crew to meet up in
ALO to provide a major debrief to them to get them up to speed, so they would request
the help of others in ALO and spread the news to other VR Worlds in the process. When Shino and Suguha arrived at Roppongi,
obviously, they were held in the reception until Kiku confirmed they could go beyond. The Anime in those scenes mainly tried to
keep the pace going when it showcased them reaching the STL Units when Kiku was still
on the phone. And well, why does the ALO players have a
major advantage against the Americans, despite possibly being undernumbered? Because Critter focused on achieving the biggest
number count to use as an army. What he did was to advertise a brand new game,
so he made people create brand new accounts. Everyone on the American side, would log in
with basically a default account. However, having been created with the Seed
package, Project Alicization has an inherent connection to the Seed Nexus itself. And the main feature of the Seed Nexus is
the Character Conversion Feature. You have seen this in a lot of different places. Fairy Dance, Kirito entered with his SAO Data
since ALO recognized the save file, although some bits and pieces were corrupted because
the Seed was not a thing back then, it was just the same save format. Then in Phantom Bullet, Kirito was superior
in many cases, because he had converted his account, the account he spent just as much
time as every other pro player if not more, to increase his stats. We’ve seen it in Alternative GGO, when Fukaziroh
converted from ALO to GGO, which gave her a superior Strength stat that allowed her
to instantly dual wield two top tier grenade launchers and to have a large health pool
etc. And with that, you can imagine what kind of
an advantage players would have, if they were to simply convert their top tier ALO, GGO
and other game avatars, instead of using default accounts to dive in. However, that is a double edged sword and
that is the point of Lisbeth’s entire speech. I love Lisbeth’s speech. It’s a powerful one. There is gonna be those haters who’ll claim
it’s cringe and there is gonna be those who do not play video games that will find the
speech stupid. I am going to be blunt and say they are ignorant. Well, not the blind haters, they are just
idiots, but the people who claim the speech is stupid. And the most important thing here is that,
whether you find something relateable or not, well, that doesn’t mean it’s stupid at all. 15 years ago, I used to play football -that’s
soccer for you Americans- on the street with my friends. I interacted with my friends, I scored goals,
I conceded goals. My perception of the event? I had fun. My perception was that I had fun interacting
with my friends. 15 years into the future, the same friends,
are at best 20 minutes away from my home, at worst, on the other side of the world beyond
oceans and other continents. However, even 15 years later, I log into my
Playstation, launch Destiny, go into the Crucible, shoot them in the face and get shot in the
face. My perception of this event? I have fun. My perception is that I have fun interacting
with my friends. Does it make a single difference that it is
all happening as data inside my Playstation 4 that is humming as hard as a chopper trying
to take off because Destiny is becoming more and more unoptimized Bungo pls fix? It doesn’t. Whether the event is happening on the street
or in a virtual world does not make the fun I have interacting with my friends any less
real than the other. Whether I am on the street or in Shores of
Time on Venus is irrelevant. Because the experience I have, the fun I have,
that is real. And that is the point. Reality is not the medium, reality is the
experience itself. And whether you can relate to virtual things
or not, does not change that fact. And unsurprisingly, it’s the SAO Survivors
that understand this better than anyone. Look at their reactions, Klein doesn’t even
give it a second thought that once he converts his character, there is a chance he’s very
likely to lose the character forever. Klein knows, the SAO Survivor know that sure,
they invested time and effort into the characters they have, but the real thing that matters
is not the digital avatar, it’s not the jersey of a football player, skis of a skier, bat
of a baseball player. It’s the experience they had through that
tool and thus the tool itself is replaceable, expendable. For the non-Survivor Hardcore players though,
it is mostly a status symbol. They have never properly lived in a virtual
world to understand that their avatars are no different than any other tool they have. It’s part of the divide between the Survivors
and non-Survivors. One of the many many reasons. And that is why Lisbeth’s speech is beautiful. It doesn’t only address the ALO players, it
also addresses the audience, you, the viewer or the reader. The series, naturally, follows these characters
in the interesting and compelling bits of their lives. As Kirito said back in Aincrad, it’s the most
boring thing to watch some people grind otherwise, if nothing interesting is going on. You naturally don’t experience the full lives
of this people. Alternative GGO comes close, but it still
isn’t it, because that, would be boring. But that doesn’t mean these people don’t have
bad times, it doesn’t mean these guys are perfectly fine, it doesn’t mean they never
get to suffer for being trapped in a game for 2 years that left them traumatized and
destroyed their lives. It’s kinda sad that they couldn’t add some
placeholder people for the other races and stuck with Sylphs, Cait Siths, Salamanders
and… Sleeping Knights and randos, having a bunch
more armies somewhat represented would be a good touch, and the novels also mentioned
that the place was so packed that other fairies were floating around because they couldn’t
find space, but I don’t want to downplay the scene, it has been done absolutely wonderfully. Having Sleeping Knights there and then tying
in Ordinal Scale movie even further with Eiji and YUNA as his Navigation Pixie is a wonderful
choice. Now, there is obviously more to Eiji that
you do not know, first off, his entire past back in Aincrad, which was covered in Hopeful
Chant, and then his time shortly after Ordinal Scale along with what ends up happening to
YUNA in Cordial Chords. So I guess that means my Ordinal Scale Recap,
as well as Hopeful Chant and Cordial Chords summaries just received a major boost in priority
when we enter the break next week! So please look forward to those! I can talk about so much more, about how Alice
feels after using a nuke and then destroying the mages before heading out to cut the ropes
of defenseless humans, how Bercouli is slowly preparing himself to meet his end, how Yui
is acting much more like a human than she ever did before, and that gorgeous and intimidating
visual at the very end with all the Dark Knights, but I don’t think I need to. The episode was absolutely great. I don’t think I need an additional opinion
segment this week, I made my opinions quite clear during the episode. Even the Extra’s had incredible voice acting. But there are more to talk about regarding
the American Knights next week, the title is “A Ray of Light”, Crunchyroll dropped the
“A” implying that it is specifically a single Ray of Light, but that dash you see at the
beginning is the Kanji for the number “One”, so it is specifically referring to a single
one, and with that, the knowledgeable people already can guess where next episode will
end on, and take us into the break with that cliffhanger. But yeah, since I gotta tease you with vague
things in order to not spoil you, all I gotta say is a shining beacon of light will descend
from the heavens! But as mentioned, don’t get too hyped, I expect
this to be the cliffhanger, so we won’t get a lot of action from the beacon. And it’s highly likely that the God that is
responsible for a jar of dirt probably won’t appear until after the break, just set your
expectations accordingly. It’s better to be surprised than to be let
down. Next Episode will focus highly on Emperor’s
decision and how that decision affected his own army. Iskahn had already started to trigger his
Seal of the Right Eye, it would be a shame if these new people were to cause further
complications. But hey, you have seen time and time again
that Gabriel Miller has no care for lives, artificial or real, so think of what his objective
may be by inserting 20000 gamers into a simulation, when he already has quite a lot of Elite Soldiers
that he is throwing straight to their deaths on the ravine. Or don’t, next Saturday you’ll see the answer
for yourselves anyways and then we’ll head on to the break! But if you made it this far, do comment “Time
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Dereck Turner

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