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(upbeat music) – [David] I just let my
subconscious speak for me. Try to lead your viewer
into an adventure by creating an image that
may take a second to see, but a lifetime to understand. – [John] The strange
and absurd stuff, it’s just an
appreciation for things that are out of the norm. – [Joey] A lot of it comes
from a dream-like state, where you are creating things that are just coming
from inside of you. – [Jesse] The whole
purpose of art is to make you feel something,
how the universe works, why we’re all here,
what we’re all made of, kinda breaking away and showing
the subconscious within. – I started gravitating
towards realism in high school, seeing works by Dolly
and M. C. Escher, taking the realistic
elements and putting them in situations where maybe
they wouldn’t normally exist. So, I bought a tattoo kit,
started tattooing friends in the basement and it
kinda grew from there. – I mean my background was
carpentry and construction and doing whatever I
had to do in order to help my habit of
wanting to make art. I just like making weird things that look like
they’re out of dreams. – I was about 19, and I was
in graphic design college. I just decided to learn
about surrealism tattooing. It’s the non-conformity of it, it’s the fact that I
can incorporate elements that are not part of our
reality that we can perceive. It’s really a way of making
people look at an object in a second way, making people see their
realities differently. – Well, I just like
surrealist tattoos, you know, they’re very playful. You can get way more loose and you can add
different aspects to it, just to see if
people would get it. – The word surrealism itself
is like something that people talk about today when they
can’t really describe something. Like, “That was a moment
that was surreal.” What is surrealism? It’s just the idea of mixing
together odd components, things that are gonna
make a dream-like reality. – Surrealism started
post-World War I. It was a movement
to kind of link the subconscious with
the conscious world. So trying to use writings and
imagery to represent that. – People were like, “We
should just try new things. “Try to blend things that are
not supposed to be together. “Let’s take an apple, “and make it levitate
in front of a man.” which became this
very famous painting, The Son of Man from Magritte. It’s just taking things and bringing them to
another perspective. Dali would take a clock,
and why would it be melting? Have you ever seen
a melting clock? But the reason why
he came up with it, was probably ’cause he
was not thinking too much, he was just going with the flow. Letting the ideas just flow down and probably just
paint with the brush and come up with
things on the spot. – The kind of symbols
that are usually associated with
surrealism, it would be: hands, faces, screaming faces, bricks, brick patterns, televisions, these are things that you
can kind of put a twist on. Everyone wants a girl
head for a tattoo. They make great tattoos, but to make it surrealist, maybe I use two girl
heads inside of itself. (upbeat music) – With the tattoos I’m creating, I’m trying to represent
that mindset when you enter, you know, into like a REM
sleep, or that dream-like state. Those walls start to break down and your subconscious
comes to the forefront. – I definitely hope that
people relate to my tattoos, ’cause I’m creating these
out of my imagination. What they mean, I
don’t really know, but usually there’s someone somewhere that can say,
“Oh, I love that image!” and then, there’s a
communication there, so now you’re communicating
through images. – We don’t really
think when we create. It’s just this part of the
brain that creates right away. I just let my
subconscious speak for me, like, “What would happen if
gravity changes right now? “What would I be doing? “What if I put it into art, “maybe it’ll be a
way of people taking “a different perspective
on classic object.” (upbeat music) – I think that color use
in surrealist tattooing is important
because with colors, you can evoke different
feelings in people, but with the colors, that’s
when you don’t necessarily get a psychedelic look, would
you get more of a dreamy look, would you get more of these
different realms of thought that people go into, because
color always evokes thought. – Instead of just putting
colors everywhere, I wanna have like small,
little contained areas, where there’s a lot of
really bright color, almost in like a
rainbow spectrum and then I’ll kind of frame
it out with heavy black. – What I want to bring with my
colors is sort of a feeling, so I would use a lot of
purples and teals together. Purple is spooky, teal is
more like of a calm color, so what if I blend
the two of them, it gives sort of a
feeling to the viewer, and then you add a
lot of black to it. The display of those two
colors tells a story. I tattoo some people and they
start crying after the tattoo because they’ve rarely seen
those colors work together. (upbeat music) – Think that surrealist
tattoos are gonna continue to evolve and go
places and be popular because people’s acceptance
of what a tattoo is, is becoming way more broad. You know, people wanna see
different things and as artists are creating more tattoo
flash that look different, more people want to try that
out and get that tattoo. – [Jesse] Think the
reaction I’m hoping for when people look at my tattoos
is the initial wow factor, and then maybe
have some memories of being somewhere that
brings them to that place. – In terms of my own art, I just kind of want
it to keep evolving. I want the style to
keep solidifying, and that’s what gets
me up every morning. Like, “I have five ideas that
have to get done right now.” – Surrealism tattooing
is such a new thing, people tend to bash on it
a lot, people tend to say, “Okay, it’s not the
proper way of doing things “because you guys should
put outlines everywhere, “you guys should put this
and do this and that.” and we’ve been told what
to do our all lives, and we just don’t want
to be part of a movement, we want to be the movement. We wanna be our own selves
and just be able to create something without really
having to be told what to do. (upbeat music)

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