SUPERHERO FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make The Best Giant DIY Edible Avengers Movie Art

SUPERHERO FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make The Best Giant DIY Edible Avengers Movie Art

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “SUPERHERO FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make The Best Giant DIY Edible Avengers Movie Art

  1. can't think right now says:

    You did a bad job with everything

  2. The PinkDiamond says:

    I got a great chall

  3. Blanca Mendoza J says:


  4. Rachel A0305 says:

    how did colins get those circles almost perfect? this conserns me…

  5. Vsco Man says:

    Collins shield was better

  6. Hotdog789 jeffers says:

    This is awesome

  7. Jessica Oballa says:

    this is is going to take them to clean up is like 3 million years

  8. Bryce Sam music says:

    Try to make eye Addams family

  9. Kevin Hillaby says:

    Keeper squad

  10. #1 pewdiepie Fan says:

    Hey I entered the giveaway

  11. Archer Bourdage says:

    I think green kollin

  12. Archer Bourdage says:


  13. Brianna Rodriguez says:

    How did Collins key get so good cooking 🥘

  14. Reyna Reyes says:

    Hey guys can you do a challenge that you have to put on a blindfold and try to guess what you are tasting

  15. Kym Frazier says:

    How did U do that pumpkin

  16. Kristen Langevin says:


  17. MyFOXlife says:

    Who thinks there channel should call Collin and devin

  18. Culture-flag Aurora says:

    At 14:51 it reminded me of the neko neko new song/meme lol XD

  19. nirleppannu12 says:

    Your bro

  20. Austin Hefferon says:

    Keyper squad.

  21. Kimberly Capps says:

    Yes it will

  22. nirleppannu12 says:

    Your bro

  23. eholland925 says:


  24. nirleppannu12 says:

    Your bro

  25. Well hello UwU says:


  26. Melissa Coulby says:

    Can u make pancakes of super heros to

  27. Melissa Coulby says:

    On captain America I thing the one on the left won

  28. Verchelle Chin says:

    Kepper squad

  29. hi whatspopping says:

    4:49 :O

  30. Verchelle Chin says:

    # Kickbump

  31. Taymane Carter says:

    Inner circle

  32. Verchelle Chin says:

    # artchallenge

  33. JCPG 2 says:

    Inner circle

  34. EL - 06SK - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549) says:

    Devan: *yeets Collins over Mount Everest*

    Collins: WHEeEeEEeeEeEe

  35. Michelle Baun says:

    78910 DON,T PRESS

  36. Yolanda Harvey says:

    collins is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. supplyal says:


  38. xXlunakitty xX says:


  39. Alexis Weaver says:

    Who else is waiting for them to post more an wondering why they aren't

  40. David_Tube CH says:

    SUPER to 81800

  41. Japheth Pacheco says:


  42. KogaiWorldz says:

    You guys should make a side ways yeet into a sleet lol

  43. Roberto Torralba says:

    Super 81800

  44. LaZy SqUaD says:

    I want people to know in art challenges everybody votes for Devon and almost no one votes for Collins

    P.S. I know this is not a art video

  45. Emerson Rogers says:

    ive been watching sence you started i love your channelcould i pls get a shout out

  46. Emerson Rogers says:

    love anamay and i made you guys in anamy once i love you guys

  47. Nina Adams says:

    I dare you to eat poop

  48. It’s babyshawn Baby says:

    Both of you guys won you guys are perfusional artists

  49. Kyree Williams says:

    Hi guys

  50. Rizel Managbanag says:

    i love videos

  51. Keith Seymour says:

    this is keith,s cosin and when you made the captinamerica shield i tink collins did more better

  52. Aidan Ortega says:

    Inner Circle

  53. chiranjath sshakthi says:

    Keyper squad

  54. Lovely Amber says:

    "inner circle" I have your number

  55. Leony Jevonma says:

    1 devan
    2 collins
    3 devan


    I'm impressed collin

  57. Ithama Mirvil says:

    So satasfing

  58. lx_ Gacha Caramel _xl says:

    4:43 I like thatttttt

  59. virginia pace says:

    This is how many times Collins said "Holy Cow"

  60. Gabriella Unicorn says:

    omg i had a heart attack when they got pop every where

  61. All dude Chanel Sol says:


  62. Som Clatworth says:

    Did Collins swear before he cut the teseract

  63. Adrian the Dog lover says:

    Deven makes good art but bad food

  64. London Zelaya says:


  65. Jisvital says:

    Devan won all he's so care Collin is uncared for the projects

  66. Finz productions :D says:

    Old Devon:good boy of the household)new Devon:second troublemaker of the household

  67. ritalina burgos says:

    my asshole is burning

  68. Iroam_TooGood says:

    can you peeps do another pancake art challenge plzzzzzz

  69. Tammy Hernandez says:

    you both did it

  70. Angela Banks says:


  71. Jessica Moore says:

    inner circle

  72. Iroam_TooGood says:

    and keyper squad

  73. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    For the video can yall do an scp fondation plz

  74. Jomar Platan says:

    hey how is login

  75. Lauren Turner says:

    Ha ha awesome😍😂!

  76. J.D. GREEN says:

    Who thinks Collins and deven switched roles for the first round

  77. Erin Bruce says:

    You should doe a hide and seek game .who or less mouny ever dosent get found gets 1,000 dollers

  78. Leonardo Garcia says:


  79. art with SENNY says:

    1:17 Collins?! Are you ok you were wanting to grab something in a normal fashion! THAT IS NOT YOU!!

  80. Sophie Headrick says:

    Keyper sqaud

  81. xAmelia Skyex says:

    Literally I remember when they were decorating pancakes now look at them LMAO

  82. D1ski808 says:

    FINALLY VIDEO❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂

  83. psycho aminal girl says:

    I think Collins Captain America shield looks better

  84. Preston Carey says:

    I think Devin is better and I liked and subscribed

  85. Hayden Nguyen says:

    1: deven
    2: Collins
    2: deven

  86. Preston Carey says:

    Keeper Squad and for the 3rd round I think Devin was better and he’s really good

  87. Preston Carey says:

    3rd round: I would eat Devin I’m sorry Collin your now as good,better luck next time probably

  88. Preston Carey says:

    2nd round: Collin I know for a fact that your was waaaaaaay better

  89. marytapara says:


  90. Kieran Chau says:


  91. Ari Theodoropoulos says:


  92. Victoria Slyman says:

    They didn't even punch the shield

  93. **Warrior Cat Lover** says:

    Keeper scwod

  94. Anthony Luna says:

    Collins key sheld

  95. Kyton p and p the good one P says:

    Hi can I talk to you on Instagram my name is kp

  96. GazelleCas_44 says:

    Wow Sience in the kitchen

  97. Valarie Simmons says:

    both shields are good

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