Sundale AD801 Digital Picture Frame

Sundale AD801 Digital Picture Frame

Other birthday gifts
not going to hold a candle to this one. Don’t go anywhere. I’m going to tell you all about
this digital picture frame. Are you looking for the perfect gift? Do you have a birthday party coming up? How about a wedding or
an anniversary party? Well, let me tell you something. Digital picture frames,
they make great gifts. And this one right here,
This is the Sundale AD801 Digital Picture Frame. It’s affordable,
it’s expensive-looking. Look at this wood frame.
This looks expensive-looking. Ok? And it will go great in
any living-room, any bedroom. It will go great
on an office desk as well. Now this right here,
this is an 8-inch TFT LCD screen, with an 800X600 resolution,
at 4:3 aspect ratio. You have 256 megs
of internal memory, but it accepts all of the card formats:
SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick Pro. Even CF cards. Ok? You can load not just movies on here. You can load your photos,
your movies, you can have this as a calendar,
a clock, an alarm. You can easily create slideshows
and put them to music. And you can also
load some e-books on here as well. And it’s very very easy
to navigate around the menu. It comes with a remote control. And all you’ve got to do is stick in your
SD Card directly out of your digital camera, plug it in here,
and your slideshow will automatically start. It’s really that easy. So let’s take a look around this thing. So, as you can see,
this Sundale comes in a nice wood finish, and this right here is
for your remote sensor. Kind of looks like it could have been
a webcam, but it’s not. It’s for your remote. Let’s turn it over to the side. And you’ll see right here
you have your card readers: You have your CF card reader,
and your multi-card reader for your SD, your MMC, your Memory Stick,
and your XD cards. Turning around you’ll see
you have this removable stand. And if you don’t want to have this on a desk,
or on a table somewhere, you can also mount it on the wall.
Here’s your wall mount right here. And now you have one-touch access buttons for your photos, your music, your movies,
your menu, and right here is your power. Let’s turn it on to the other side. And right here
you have your power as well. This right here is for a pair of headphones. You have your mini USB port
to plug into the computer and just take your files off of your
computer and onto the frame. Or you can plug in a Flash drive.
You have a USB port right here so you can plug in a Flash drive and get all
your files onto your frame that way as well. So let’s get started
by going into our menu. We’re going to use
the remote control that actually came
with this digital picture frame. And now you have the choice to go into your
photos, your music, your movies, your e-book files,
or play with the settings a bit. But we’re going to start
in the photo department. And here you can choose
where to grab your photos from. Whether it’s your memory card,
Whether it’s from a USB flash device, or Whether it’s from your computer. But let’s get out of here,
and let’s go into ‘Movies’. And here, again, you can choose
where to pull the files from. And this digital picture frame
came preloaded with one movie. We’re going to show you
how great it looks on this frame right now. When selecting it…
This is from a movie called ‘House of Flying Daggers’. Looks pretty good.
Got that 800X600 resolution. So let’s get out of here by clicking ‘Exit’. And you just have to keep pushing ‘Exit’
and it’ll act as a ‘Back’ button to get to your main menu. And let’s go on down to ‘Music’. There we go. We’re in Music. And again, the menu is going to work
just how we were in ‘Movies’. You just have to choose your source. We’re going to choose the frame
as our source. And let’s listen to this demo. And you can actually set
your pictures in a slideshow and have this song or any song you load
onto the frame be your background music. So let’s get out of here by clicking ‘Exit’, and it will take us back,
and we just have to go our main menu. And let’s go into e-book.
This is actually something I’ve never seen before
on a digital picture frame. You can actually load your
e-books on here, and if you don’t know this,
Google has thousands of titles that you can download for free. You can put them on
your digital picture frame. You don’t even need
to go get an Ereader. You can have them right here.
on your frame. And, again, it works just like
the other music and movie menus did. You just have to choose your source. Now, I really like that this frame comes
with a remote control, because you can automatically start your
slideshow at any time. So if your friends come over,
and you weren’t expecting them, you can just put on your slideshow,
like that. There you go. And have all of your pictures displayed from
all of your trips and all of your memories and parties and events.
Right there in your living room, or on your office desk. So makes for a great gift. Right?
Right. This is the Sundale AD801,
and buy a bunch of them for the holidays,
they’re not that expensive anymore, and I’m telling you,
they will be loved. I’m Sam. See you guys next time. For more information on the Sundale AD801 Digital Picture Frame,
just visit any f these major retailers, and type in S243-1004
into the search box. For Computertv, I’m Sam.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Richard Baxter says:

    You guys need to get a teleprompter so you dont keep looking at your notes all the time…. make it look a bit more professional and like you know what you are talking about.

  2. ipohor says:

    why do you need something like this what for…
    not so cool any more

  3. xtom1973 says:

    2 amps by 5 volt?

  4. AdamDiddy says:

    Agreed !

  5. Mibmu says:

    Tuffing… not.

  6. Mibmu says:

    "Digital Photo Frames" are old news… I can't wait until the HD 58xx-series vid reviews!

  7. strandwolf says:

    I'd like a date.

  8. Brendan Matsuyama says:

    "this looks expensive looking"

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