hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you a very simple no why am I saying it’s simple? it’s nice rich dal but we’re going to give a smoke to it, think about it we all love that
smoke flavor even a simple dish like Baingan bharta or bagara baingan, in fact we are supposed to smoke otherwise you burn it on the charcoal so
you get that smoky flavor and we love it and whether it is meat smoked or anything the appropriate kind of smoking gives a
very nice flavor to the dish. The dish what we’re making is Dal Sultani, for this
we’re going to use tuvar dal and tuval dal all i did is just added water and boiled so now let’s go ahead and make the dish for this i’m going to take butter and along with that i’m going to add little bit ghee so that you know butter doesn’t burn, when the butter and everything is melting we are going to add cardamom and clove
you know I told you this dish is with Mughlai influence and they make it you
know with little bit of garam masala we added clove and cardamomn but at the end we’re also going to add little garam masala powder in this we’re going to add cumin seeds this
dish is going to be rich we’re going to add cream we’re going to add milk and
also yogurt so when the cumin seeds also slightly sizzles, add some chopped garlic and slightly cooked we’re going to add some chopped onion also some salt and turmeric you know the onions look slightly colored but that is because of
the butter that is slightly colored not the onions we just going to sweat the
onions and in this we’re going to add green chilli and we’re also going to use betel leaf
in making this dal so now you guys must be little bit excited what crazy dal we’re going to make but watch out how i’m going to use
betel leaf and also a piece of charcoal will get into the
dal keep watching and I’ll show you how now we’re going to add the boiled dal into this now this may look like a simple tadka dal with some green chillies
but this is where the nice Mughlai rich the style of sultani is going to get in
once this dal is slightly boiling this is when we’re going to add milk, half a
cup of milk and we’re going to add beaten yogurt okay haha ah now it’s getting you know
interesting now we’re going to add mix all of this and now we’re going to let
this come to a boil but when is betel leaf when is this charcoal going to be
used keep watching just we’re going to put
the lid on and let it boil, now once it starts simmering we’re going
to check the salt and we’re going to adjust the seasoning and also we’re going to add small amount of sugar, mix this and in this we’re going to add saffron water just
put saffron in some hot water and pour inside this that gives a nice aroma this
is all boiling in this we’re gonna add cream ok in the last we’re going to add cream and keep mixing it and this is how this dal becomes nice and rich typically we
love dals you know just with little bit tadka or things like that but this dal is very special it is made for kings and very very tasty especially you have to enjoy this dal
with naan or any of the leaven breads and also you can enjoy with rich pulaos even with biryani’s this kind of dal goes perfect now we’re going to use the betel leaf
and the charcoal finally going to add some finely chopped spring onion that
will give a nice aroma and betel leaf you put it in a small steel kind of
vessel and put this floating how will the flavor get in this is when our charcoal will get in and the piece of charcoal hot you know put it on top of this betel leaf now we’re going to sprinkle little bit of garam
masala powder and while it is smoking little bit we’re going to add some ghee
on this hot charcoal and cover it up and switch off the flame and let this dal sit in with this smoke till all the smoke is absorbed this may take around 10 minutes by the time the dal will be nice smoky, the smoky flavor of betel leaf, ghee and little garam masala if you don’t have betel leaf you can also use bay
leaf but if you want a different flavor you know I have smoked leaves I have smoked with coriander leaves but the best flavor comes when you use the paan leaf that is the betel leaf this is Dal Sultani and we’re going to
wait for a few minutes and we’re going to taste it you all know that the Nawabs and the Moghul rulers they loved hookah and also they love to smoke their lot of dishes that’s how you know even in bagara baingan and you do give baghar on hot charcoal and that’s when you get real good flavor but now this is all done look at this the betel leaf is all slightly burnt out and this may be really hot oh I’m going to remove it and now we’re going to taste this smoky dal very rich very nice and the dal suitable for kings haha oh nice smoky flavor even that
spring onions give added flavor to this and now i’m going to enjoy this creamy
with all the richness in it and my favorite dal, mmm i’m telling you this is so good so good we you pour it on top of any pulao biryanis when you have very
special guest especially you know even Indians lot of people they don’t
know this dal when you have special guests bring them in do this hot charcoal thing in front of them and you see how they will really really enjoy it hmm just outstanding amazing flavors, dear friends do not forget vahrehvah is all about
inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking wow wow this is just outstanding super yummy yum yum yum zzz ahh

Dereck Turner

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  1. Jazna Jalil says:

    Simplistically brilliant! Will try this weekend…thank you!

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    Very nice

  3. anwar uddin says:

    Very nice

  4. kpanupama says:

    What if there is no Char coal? Any other tadka is possible?

  5. Denis Ri says:

    I'm from Russia, and I love Indian food. Be sure to prepare this masterpiece. Thanks for the recipe!

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    Wow !! Amazing.

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    can you put the ingredients on please? =/

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    Amazing, amazing, amazing! !!.be sure I Will do it. I ' m in love of your chics.Best regards

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    will try this for sure and post my experience

  10. Kohan Killetz says:

    I remember my first Vah Chef video… Goat Brain Fry. Every recipe of his I've ever used is wonderful, I particularly love the curd cake

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    Just mindblowing, just wonderful!

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