Subaru Edition!? | From The Gallery EP.26 | The Community

Subaru Edition!? | From The Gallery EP.26 | The Community

– I’m sick of wood floor trunk set-ups. I’m sick of it, I’ve
seen it a million times. It was cool for the first 10. Now everybody’s got a god (bleep) kitchen in their back trunk. And I’m just over it. Like I feel you could eat
dinner back there or something, or your dog could piss on it so you could easily
clean it up or something. I don’t know, I’m (laughs)
over the wood trunk set-up. I’m sorry, it still looks good but– – What did the man do to you? (laughing) – Hey guys what’s going on, it’s Alex from Fitment Industries and I am with, – Gels from Fitment Industries. – And, – Dakota from Fitment Industries. (laughing) – [Alex] Another another
episode of From the Gallery, but this time we are doing Subaru Edition because, why not, right? You own a Subaru? – Sort of. – What do you mean sort of? – It’s got a Subaru engine. – All right, do you have a Subaru? – I did and I hated it. Anyways.
(laughing) – I also had an STI and
I also did not enjoy it, so we’re off to a great start. (laughing) This is gonna be a great episode. If you guys are wondering
how to get your car in the next episode of Friendly Gather, all you have to do is add your after market car to and then once you finish that you’re gonna get a link to your gallery page. You’re gonna copy that link, you’re gonna email us at
[email protected] with the subject line, Review My Car. From there we will get
it added into the series where we will review your car out of 10 in a very strictly
professional business manner. – Definitely. – With nothing more than
straight facts to back it up. – That’s true. – And when I say facts
I mean an AX, not a CTS. All right, let’s get started. (laughing) 2004 Subaru WRX on some SSR SP3’s 1811 +19 Toyo Proxes R888’s, 315 30 on airlift air suspension. We are looking at CH3486’s Subaru WRX, so very fun, very fun and exciting name. – What, is he a (bleep) robot? (laughing) – Over-fendered and wide body
cut fenders for fender flares. To start it off, I like the
fact that they don’t have the, it doesn’t have the rear wing. I like the setup, the
stance, it’s very aggressive, it’s very angry. I also like the fact that it just has a very clean front end. The SSR’s are a super nice touch. I think they’re very functional looking, they don’t look too showy. The gasket over the over fender is definitely a unique
thing, not many people do it. I like it, I just don’t, I can’t see it really from too close. It looks like it gets a little hairy once you get closer to the seam lines, but otherwise it looks pretty sharp. So, if that’s your thing, super cool. Looks like he kinda got
rid of the center piece. He’s got like a half-diffuser
system thing going on. – Are you done yet? – Overall I like it. – Thanks. Okay I want to get into this. – It’s silver. (laughing) – I like it because it’s silver. – I’m not big into silver cars, but this one seems to pull
it off pretty decently. – Because it’s a silver car, it was purple cars last time. – I don’t know why but in the front grill without the Subaru badge
it’s looking weird to me. I like the hood scoops, the hood scoops off of this one, but it looks like he was kinda going for just a clean, sleek look with no wing and no hood scoop, so I can respect that. Put some respect on it. Anyways. All right, I love the SSR’s,
those look great on there, and I love this fitment. I’m really getting into the
less of the tire stretch fitment even though that’s
what I currently run. I love this meaty, aggressive fitment and then airing out where
it lines up perfectly. I think like that’s the next big thing. It looks so good, he’s got the R888’s on there, so I don’t know if he’s doing
any track time with this, or what his plans is and yeah I know he’s on air, but you can still track it on air and I’d like to see that. I guess I’m done now. (laughing) I was cut off. Yours was like ten times longer than mine. – I like the fact that like
for the overfenders and stuff, he didn’t go with anything
like too crazy, or too wild. It was just like a nice
subtle arch over fender. So I mean overall, it’s
like a very clean design that he’s going with. He’s got the window
vents in the back there. It’s like pretty subtle and I like it. – It looks like a track setup, and I wanna see if he tracks it ’cause if it’s on air and
he’s tracking it that’s cool. That’s awesome. – [Alex] Shall we rate it? On three, ready? You don’t look ready – Ready. – Processing you know. One, two, three. 7 1/2.
– [Gels And Dakota] Seven. – Okay cool. All right, so we have a 2013 Subaru WRX, on Whistler SK1’s 18 by 9.5 +35 on, what the (bleep) is this? – [Alex] Oh, so now you need my help. – Yeah, (laughing) Dad? Taurus engines? – [Alex] I’m pretty sure
those are eBay tires. – Alright, so again with the grill delete, it throws me off. I’m not about it, it’s weird. Okay, another thing
throwing me off, it has the license plate mount on the
front, but it’s mounted to the side of it, that’s a little weird. All right, I like his air
tank setup in the back, Even though, I’m gonna say it. – [Alex] What would you
put in it’s place, tile? – Just some vinyl tile, I don’t know. Like what do people do? Pour some concrete back there. I don’t know, what do you wanna do? (bleep) Someone’s gotta– – He’s gonna like guard
up the whole trunk, put some pebble in there. – No, okay, has someone done this? Has someone grown grass in the back, I seen a car that they
grew grass on the outside. What if you put a lawn back there? So, continuing on. Getting past the trunk setup. I’m not hating guy, I like the car. It’s pretty clean. – You realize– – I’m not saying, it’s not a, like a, it’s a bad car, it’s just. – You know there’s a person
that owns this, right? – Not anymore. – It’s like a weird year for the WRX’s. They had like a funky shape going on to it but I think like the execution
of everything that he did with the color and everything,
I know that was like a huge thing with the color shift. Like a couple years ago it’s starting to kinda
find it’s way out now. – Look at that, see Gels is just saying the same exact things
I said but in a nicer way. I just tell it how it is. – The Fitment itself
though looks really good, like he can get it really
low when it is aired out. So like, that looks really awesome. With the wood trunk, or like
with the wood in the trunk I probably would of went
with like a darker– – Ooh there it is. – A darker wood, rather
than a brighter wood but I’m just a fan of like
more of the like ash colored. – It looks like ash. (celebratory screaming) – So here’s what I really enjoy about it. I like the fact that it’s a
clean setup, it’s very simple. I like the wheels, definitely different than what I’m usually
used to on this platform. In terms of what I’m not a huge fan of, I’m not a huge fan of the imagine all people living in
peace, or living life in peace. That’s a liberty lock thing, feel like it should stay
a liberty lock thing. I think that’s the whole point of it. But then at the same end, liberty lock kind of stands for doing whatever the (bleep) you want. That’s the only thing. – I agree with him. – That’s the only thing
I’m not a huge fan of. I do like it’s a clean setup,
it’s a tight, clean setup, which means that he probably
drives it more often than not, more daily drives it. Interestingly enough,
even though I feel like the color shift stuff
may be on its way out, I still really do enjoy seeing it. I think it’s neat especially
if you can keep it clean, keep it nice. ‘Cause it’s just an
interesting thing to do. – I would like to know if it
is a wrap or if it is dip. – Yeah, it looks like, it looks like dip, but I’m completely guessing. The front bumper is nice, I like the I think it’s like the LED
dots that you put in there and then having LED strips on there too, I think it’s a nice touch for people to see that lighting lit up. Overall, I enjoy it. Nothing too crazy, so shall we rate it? – I like the diffuser and the exhaust. I really like the diffuser and the exhaust looking back at it so I just. – All right let’s rate this car on three. One, two, three. Six.
– 6 1/2. – 6.85. – So this is FozzyWRX’s
2001 Subaru Forester so he’s got, like I said all the wheels, tires, and suspensions. He’s got a SS exhaust,
upgraded turbo supporting mods, custom cluster lighting and headliner. – [Alex] 15 mil spacers all around. – CF and TI carbon fiber and
titanium strut tower bar. And full audio speakers and subs. And he’s got all of the under glow which is absolutely awesome. – [Alex] It’s coming back.
– It’s coming back. – [Alex] Go ahead, tell us what you like. – I wish it would never left. So that’s kind of cool he’s got like a, he’s got like a before and after picture. – Oh I like that. – When it was stock and
then like how it is now. – I’d like to see more of those. – [Alex] Before and afters?
– The stock and yeah. That’s cool. – I wanna, so the exterior
looks pretty clean. I think the 3 SDN 005 is a
little bit of a different choice to go, especially on like a Forester but like I feel like
that’s more like European. Euro car kind of styling so it’s kind of interesting
to see those on a Subaru. Let’s see the interior look
’cause it said custom headliner. – Holy (bleep). (laughing) – So he’s got the Galaxy
headliner, has all the gauges. – [Alex] That’s out of this world. – Stop. (laughing) – It’s cool, it’s
different, it’s out there. I like it. – [Alex] There you go. – All right, overall, I
think it looks pretty cool. I really dig Foresters,
pretty much anything with a hatch I really like. I would like to, I’ve
never ridden in a Forester but they look cool and with
like a upgraded turbo and stuff I feel like this thing would
be fun as (bleep) to drive. The interior has a lot going on. It’s cool. I’d like to see it in person to see how it like really looks. All the lighting is pretty crazy. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m indifferent about the wheel choice. I’m not sure how I feel about that. – All righty, here’s what I do enjoy besides the fact that it’s probably one of my favorite hot hatches, and that generation is one
of my favorite generations for the Forester, is I do
enjoy the fact that it’s like, it’s just teetering on old. Old styling and new styling. – That’s true. – ‘Cause it’s got like
the clear headlights that are kinda tinted and then he’s got the neon under glow. And it’s just a little
extra, but I dig it. I like the fact that
it’s right hand drive. It looks like it’s an automatic so you don’t have to deal
with the super sloppy manual transmission that is in them. You can actually swap them out
I think for WRX transmissions or shifter tightens it up a lot. Really just enjoy the
fact that it is a Subaru but it is not a typical Subaru. It really just kind of defines the whole doing something different. And even though it’s, you don’t see 3SDM’s on a Subaru often, I do think it fits this body style very well. It’s a blocky car with a blocky wheel. And I think that that
matches really well, so. And he has a sticker on the
back that says send nudes. So, let’s rate it. – Lost points. – Yeah, ready? – Yep. – One, two, three. – Six.
– 7 1/2. – 6.75. – Six and .75. – We have a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek baby! Going off road up in this (bleep). You know what it is. VTX off road rally 15 by 7’s. 15 by 7’s I have. – Those are some narrow bowls. – [Alex] I have some plates
in my kitchen cupboard that are about that big,
plus 15 for an offset. BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A
KO2’s, 23575’s Eibach lifted. – (bleep) Yeah. – [Alex] We are looking at
a slight rub at full turn, 1-inch lift. – You’ll have that. – [Alex] Element LED ditch lights and premium auto styling
headlight tail lights. – Here give me, it’s my turn first. Back camper, you have
the tent on top is sick. This thing looks awesome, like– – [Alex] You wanted all of it too? – Yeah, look at this, he’s
three wheeling rock climbing. – (bleep) – This is like what this car is meant for. I feel like it looks so cool lifted with those meaty tires on there. It looks like it would
just be a bunch of fun. Like I would drive the
(bleep) out of this. Like I would make a point
to avoid the pavement. Like you’d catch me like driving, like on the ditch and stuff. Like going down the median in the highway not giving a (bleep) because I can ’cause it’s all lifted and stuff but it does rub a little bit so I’d have to be a little bit careful. But yeah I really like this thing. I think it’d be a blast to drive. I love how the wheels look on it. I like the white with the bronze. That looks super good. It’s probably one of the coolest Crosstrek’s I’ve seen honestly. – [Alex] All righty, would you like it? – Nah you’re good. – [Alex] Do you want it? Here I’ll give it to you. – So me and lifted cars
have had a little– – Oh no. – A rough past. Fitment Industries (laughing). – Well I want you to be
honest right now okay. – Okay, I will be honest then. – I don’t know what happened last time. – With the 350, he ripped it apart and then the internet hates him. – But that 350 was so cool. I’m like, okay, I’m sorry. – Sorry.
– Sorry. – Sorry. – I will be honest though. – Okay. – I do kind of like it. I do kind of like it. Because like, to me this makes sense. The fact that he’s just got
this tent at a car show, like kind of sitting off the roof and the ladder going up
to it is kind of wild. That little bit of lift
and just the meaty tires and everything I think just kind of adds that aggressiveness to
it, it just makes it look a little bigger. I think it’s pretty
cool, I think it’s cool that he actually has a lot of fun with it. Pictures show that. I can get with it. – You can get with it? – I can get with it. – All right, let me tell you what I enjoy about this frigging thing. I love everything about it. I love the fact that there’s
light pods on the front of it, on top of the headlights. So you got more light. I can tell that he upgraded
his headlights even more. So he’s got more light when
he’s doing all that off roading. Not just only that, but he goes in places that you’re not supposed to go. (laughing) Okay, I know California. I know they don’t like that. Not only that, he stays there with a tent. He literally is like you know what, I’m going to this off road place that you’re not allowing me
to and I’m sleeping there. That is just, that is the neatest,
tightest, coolest thing. I love the, I love the lifting
that we got going on here. A clean setup that is just
about perfect in my opinion. I love the wheels. Definitely went good with the tires too. I know the KO2s I believe they are, in the truck world not, they’re kind of, they’re still really
popular in certain states but they’re not popular in other states. A lot of people are going to like the bigger truck tires and stuff. The KO2s definitely still have a life expectancy and I
think it’s super cool to see them on this setup. It would be really neat to
see just a little bit more, I don’t know, UTV/ATV style stuff on it. Like if you had some
stuff strapped to the top or maybe you had some sort of, I guess I’m not really sure. Just more utility. – Maybe like some kind of
roll bar or like a back bar. – [Alex] Yeah. It’s definitely– – A snorkle. – I like it. I think it’s very cool to
see something different and I think everybody
will always appreciate, for the most part, a lifted vehicle in the appropriate setup. So, shall we rate it? – Keyword. – I’m not saying lift everything though. Don’t do that. – Lift a Ferrari. Send it. Ready? On three.
– Someone will do it. – One, two, three. Eight. – 8.5. (laughing) I thought everyone else was gonna go right there on two but
I was the only one, so. – All right, well that was cool. If you guys want to add
your cars to our gallery for another episode. Let us know if you want
us to do another trend for the next episode. You can let us know in the
comments section below, but if you’re looking to
add your car to the gallery, all you need to do is go to Add your car out. Once you get the email, you get a link that has your gallery in it. You can email that to us. Email the link to
[email protected] Hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Let us know in the comment
section below what you think and if you want to still roast Gels for not liking lift cars,
you can certainly do that. – Yeah just don’t roast us
for dressing the exact same. That hurts my feelings. – You’re not supposed to tell them again. – But you can roast Dakota for just completely flaming that
one guy’s car because. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. – I’m Dakota. – And I’m Gels. – And we will see you guys later, peace. You’re supposed to wave. Oh there it is.

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