Sub) How to draw happily / My own little room and little happiness / Pencil & iPad drawing

Sub) How to draw happily / My own little room and little happiness / Pencil & iPad drawing

HI, I’m Chommang. Today…well.. Did I draw something special? No Of course, I’ve got some pressure to show you a new and something special drawing every time but, I don’t have the time or the capacity to do that. Well, I also want to be good at drawing faster, learn new things faster, and show them. But, I know it’s not easy. And also I know, that’s not the only thing that I want. I just draw once or twice a week, And I’ve been doing this for a year, as usual. In my little room, when everyone was asleep, I am holding a pencil and drawing with a small sketchbook. I think drawing is… a lonely task in a way. Of course, there could be some projects that we work together to complete. But what I’m talking to you now is… just drawing on my own. It’s lonely, but it’s not too hard. If you have your own little space and pencil and paper, It’s something that anyone can draw. So, how do you feel when you are drawing? Do you study to draw better? Do you draw a story you want to tell? Do you try to express the emotions you want? Or are you drawing without thinking now? Yes, It doesn’t matter. No matter how you draw it, I can’t say that it’s good or bad. Maybe you are drawing alone in a quiet place like me. So what do I want to talk about? I’m not talking about something special. I just want to tell you that people who draw are taking their own time and drawing in their own space. While drawing, you’re drawing in your own time and space. Okay, so to put it simply, am I saying that you should cherish that time? You could say that. But, I think this story is not that simple but also It’s not difficult, either. It’s a common story, but have you ever experienced something different when you put it out of your mouth? I want you to say this way. with your own mouth. “I’m drawing a picture I wanted to draw in my little room.” Can you try talking to yourself like this. Are you a little embarrassed? Let me tell you my case. When I say this to myself, I feel happy. Suddenly? Yes, I feel suddenly happy. I’m not an optimistic person, so when I do my daily life, There are many worries and worries all the time. And those worries remain with me because they are difficult to solve easily. I’m upset because it’s hard to solve these problems, and it makes me more incapable of things that I really want to do. But like I said, When I say, “I’m drawing a picture I wanted to draw in my little room.” I’m happy as if I’m imagining what I like, away from other worries. Imagining is the best way to do it, because it doesn’t cost you money, and it doesn’t restrict time and space. But the imagination comes and goes quickly, and I get another thinking. But if you’re drawing, at least the set time is guaranteed until you finish it. And as soon as you finish it, the imagination becomes a real thing. Isn’t it so cool? But someone would say it’s hard for me to start drawing. No, I don’t think so. Anyone can start drawing without difficulty. You know how to do it. We all drew very naturally when we were kids. We already know how to do it. We’ve already done it a lot. You can remember that. If you expect too much to yourself, you might think it’s hard to start with that expectation. That’s also true. That’s possible. Then start from putting a pencil on the paper first. It’s not really a hard job, right? Unless your arm is broken. If you think you can’t draw well, then you can try writing something. And try say it again. “I’m drawing a picture I wanted to draw in my little room.” This sentence has two meanings. “My little room” means that anyone can do it easily. And the sentence “I’m drawing a picture I wanted to draw” tells me that I can try something I like without difficulty through the small room. The reason I can say that I am happy is Because I’m doing what I want to do. And It’s not difficult. If what you want to do now is very difficult with big goals. It’s going to be hard to do right away. I know that, too. But I’m just holding a pencil and scribbling. I’m just drawing what I want to draw. Of course there are times when it doesn’t draw well. But, I’m doing it now that I want. Should it be a little room? Well, that’s because my room is small, actually. But I just want you to say a little happiness. I hope you can draw happily. Bye.

Dereck Turner

24 thoughts on “Sub) How to draw happily / My own little room and little happiness / Pencil & iPad drawing

  1. Beemer063 says:

    chommang, what is your way of simplifying what you see in your references when you draw? I am struggling with which way (of which there are many) ways to simplify references and how to simplify them. any words of advice?

  2. jello wow says:

    i use watercolor but im not the best is there any tips u have qwq

  3. Arewecompeting says:

    I relate more to this man than others that look like me and are the same gender as me lol

  4. 디자인학과18학번 says:


  5. 카툰 톡TV cartoon tocTV says:


  6. Elle G says:

    your words have inspired me to draw something now… thank you! ♡

  7. Renato Lopes says:

    Lovely drawing! Really like your style!

  8. Damian Sarjudas says:


  9. Lenny Kilay says:

    Lovely little happiness, well done👍👍👍

  10. fly dro says:

    우와 너무 예뻐요..! 연필로 종이에 그림그리고 사진찍은다음에 아이패드로 색칠하는 건 생각도 못해봤는데 너무 좋은 아이디어인것 같아요👍👍

  11. 모그남 says:

    마지막에 잠시 뭔가하고 눈을 의심했네요
    방금전까지 종이에 그리고있었는데하고 ㅋㅋ
    새로운 접근 이시네요
    오늘도 편안한 그림 잘 봤습니다

  12. 병철 says:

    이번 영상 너무 좋아요🥺🥺💖💖잘 보고 갑니다💕💕

  13. 블언 says:

    악…..망할 나자신… 조맹넴 그림을 이제 보다니 뭐하는거야….. 오늘도 사랑합니다 조맹님♡♡♡

  14. msh1ri / مشاري says:


  15. Draw So Fun says:

    Lovely drawing!

  16. arton says:

    조맹님 그림은 참 편하게 보기 좋은것 같아요^^

  17. Eight Way says:

    Wow! I am embarrassed by your 'little room', but thank you so much, that's what I am trying to do with my drawing process now

  18. sofi says:

    Sometimes to me hearing people say that they only draw for fun and for themselves is a little frustrating because they don’t have to worry about being good or bad because they’re already great artists! It’s especially frustrating because i cant say the same. I always try to draw for myself and not let my opinion about my art change just because i saw someone better, but its hard to do that when you end up wanting to cry every time you draw something. I don’t know if I’m making any sense but this is how i feel. Chommang, have you ever gone throw an art block like this? I feel like giving up art because i don’t feel good enough. How do you get out of a block such as this? Ahh.. its very difficult to enjoy art when you’re insecure. Sorry for the rant but every time i feel this way i look at your videos and i feel better after watching them.

  19. 미술작가 오쿄미TV says:

    목소리 너무 좋으시다 ㅠㅠㅠ
    목소리 맛집인가오 ㅠㅠ💛

  20. Wyatt Bernal says:

    Where do you find your references?

  21. P zz 주혜일 says:


  22. shy shy says:

    This is so soothing! And your drawing is so Amazing!!😍also the way you speak is very beautiful also!

  23. 琳雅 says:

    This red is so beautiful

  24. Artemisa Uchija says:

    Me encanta tu fluidez 💜

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